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The Best Affiliate Programs To Generate High Amount of Revenue

Nowadays, best affiliate programs become the major sources to make easy money without too much hard work. There are millions of ways to do this. Especially if you’re a blogger, you would like to make massive amount from your blog.

Majority of bloggers have an opinion that ads generate more revenue for the bloggers as compared with others, but the reality is different. Yup, you can earn enough money through AdSense or any other ad publishing platforms.

But to utilize the full potential of your blog, you should try affiliate marketing. It is considered the most prominent way to make a massive amount of money online. 

There are a variety of affiliate programs available online. You can be associated with any affiliate program from online courses to business affiliate. You can pick any affiliate program for your blog.

But I would like you to recommend that you choose the relevant affiliate program for your blog. Most of the bloggers make the same mistake to list the affiliate deal of irrelevant programs within the blog.

It will not ruin your user experience along with also not restrict you to sell anything through the affiliate. So always choose the best affiliate program that is relevant to the content you provide to the online world.

If you’re a new blogger, you may not be aware of the affiliate programs. Let me explain to you first that what is an affiliate program

What is an Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is not rocket science, and it is a simple business model. In it, independent business or person agrees with each other through an agreement.

In this agreement, they mentioned that the company would pay someone a commission of basis of sales they made through sending his/her site traffic to the affiliate website. Affiliate marketing creates a win-win situation for both parties.

It is mandatory to have a website or blog to do affiliate marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing with the help of your social media profiles. Majority of users make a massive amount of revenue through the Pinterest profile. It’s all because of affiliate programs. 

How does the affiliate program work?

It works on pure phenomena. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, then it is considered as a unique link. It means the one the same person click the link again it will not be counted as unique until the product been sold. The affiliate programs track the links with the help of cookies. 

You should also check the cookies life of the affiliate programs. The cookie life is crucial because it is the time duration on which the site can track the user’s activity. Suppose that you have an affiliate program which offers 30 days cookies life.

In this case, your referral needs to purchase within the 30 days of clicking your affiliate link. If they don’t do that, you will not be able to get anything from the affiliate site.

Because you will often come across the terms “cookie length” or “cookie life,” which define how long the cookie will be tracking the user’s online activity.

Types of affiliate programs

B2B: B2B affiliate programs usually paid high commission on their product sale. If you’re a blogger, then you can have the affiliate programs of various B2B sites. These sites may sell website hostings, WordPress themes, plugins, email marketing software, SEO tools, and a lot more.

You know that some of the B2B affiliate programs pay you more than 10% of the commission. If you provide the regular sale to their website. Then they also offer you some additional benefits. There are some cons in B2B affiliate you may not get the higher sale as compared with B2C. 

B2C: B2C affiliates usually pay 2 to 4 percent of commission on the sale. Amazon Associates is one of the most extensive B2C affiliate programs. There is less payout on commission. But because of B2C in nature, you will get more chance to get more affiliate link clicks as compared with B2B.

It also depends on the price of the product you sell through your website. B2B products start from the little cost to the high one. So don’t you ever try to list cheap products on your affiliate link. 

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world. That’s the reason everyone trust amazon. Amazon sales almost everything from candy to the air conditioners.

Every blogging niche has its own space in Amazon. It is one of the significant reason why bloggers trust amazon associates a lot. If you would like to be an Amazon affiliate, then you can get the commission up to 1 to 10%. The commission depends on the products category.

Amazon offers a huge commission on clothes and luxury beauty products. If you have the tech blog, then you can give the link to the latest gadgets, smartphones, or any technical stuff.

Do you know the best part of Amazon Associates if someone purchases something else from your affiliate link? Then Amazon will still pay you the commission.

As mentioned above, cookie life is the key to success in affiliate programs. Amazon offers 24 hours of cookie life. Nowadays, Amazon has launched the Amazon Influencer Program for social media influencers.

To join the Amazon Influencer Program, you must have YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to qualify. Amazon will go through your follower’s numbers and some of the engagement matrices to approve your account. You can also try the Flipkart and eBay affiliate program that are similar to Amazon associates.

 2. Leadpages Partner Program

If you have a digital marketing blog, then you should try lead pages. Leadpages is one of the best landing page creator tools. Anyone can create the best landing page from this tool that converts.

As a digital marketer, I know the importance of a landing page for the ads. Without having the sturdy and attractive landing page, you cant generate high ROI with your ads.

All other digital marketers have the same opinion. If you have a right audience based on the digital marketer, then you can sell them lead pages packages with your affiliate account.

Leadpages also run some special offers for affiliates to motivate them. It offers you 30 days of cookie life, which is very good for you. You can also try some of the other landing page creator affiliates. I found it the best one among others.

3. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting in the world. The top bloggers and WordPress experts recommend it. It provides the most affordable prices and flexible packages.

It means anyone can purchase their hosting without investing a massive amount of money. Bluehost is also offering one of the leading customer support to their customers.

If you have a blog on digital marketing, websites or anything similar to this niche then you to be the part of Bluehost Affiliate Program. Bluehost is offering the most straightforward affiliate process.

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and sign up their self for Bluehost packages and after making their payment. You will get your commission instantly. Millions trust Bluehost.

It is also recommended by WordPress to host their platform. You need to have minimum 100$ commission to make a payout from Bluehost affiliate.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the leading company to provide various products to other business. It works in the B2B industry. They are helping millions of organization to grow better with their products.

HubSpot is offering some of the great tools such as Marketing hub, Sales Hub, Powerful free CRM, and many more. HubSpot’s award-winning platform and it is trusted by thousands of brands and companies.

Hubspot does not believe in percentages; it offers the round figure commission to the affiliates. Whenever someone purchases HubSpot through your affiliate link, then you earn like $250 for the starter, $500 for the professional and $1000 for the enterprises.

Like no other affiliate program in the world, HubSpot is pretty awesome. You will get plenty of stuff as an affiliate like their product demo videos, banners, copy examples, and a lot more creatives. You can also work along with HubSpot’s affiliate team. They have the best affiliate team in the world.

5. AWeber

The commission in Aweber is insane. You get a commission of 30% on a lifetime basis. And it also offers a one-year cookie life, which is quite impressive.

AWeber is one of the leading autoresponders in the world. One million business and entrepreneurs trust it. To by some of the top bloggers in the world. Aweber is a B2B affiliate program.

It is the most exceptional tool for email drip campaigns. As I mentioned earlier, it is offering a 30% lifetime commission. 

6. SEMRush

It is also offering 40% recurring commission which is also known as a lifetime commission. It is offering cookie life for up to 10 years. More then, any affiliate program in the world. SEMRush is a SaaS company. It is offering SEO tools for digital marketers.

Even some of the top digital marketer and brands are having their services. These companies believe in the data provided by SEMRush. That’s the reason SEMRush has become one of the leading SEO tools in the world.

As I mentioned above, there are offering 40% recurring commission. It is around $160/month if you sell their top packages. The best part of SEMRush is if your subscriber is going to discontinue their services and then sign up again for the services within ten years.

Then you will get a commission on their second subscription. SEMRush also provides excitement promotional content for the affiliates. Their content is available in five different languages.

7. Coursera

If you are having a learning-based or website for the students, then you should have the course affiliate. Coursera is offering a 20-45% commission to the affiliates, which is more than any other course-based affiliates.

It is also offering 30 days of cookie life. Coursera is one of the leading educational platforms. It is offering more than 1000 courses and specialization from digital marketing to applied data science.

If you do the best affiliate for Coursera, then you will get a bonus for your best performance. Coursera is also offering amazing promotional content to affiliates.

As an affiliate, you will get a professionally designed banner and monthly affiliate newsletter for better content curation with affiliate promotional content.

8. Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. It has more than 500,000 Shopify stores worldwide. No doubt, Shopify is the best platform for the drop shipping industry.

It is quite easy to set up your eCommerce store on Shopify. You will get almost everything that n E-commerce should have. From the website builders to the payment processing and much more.

If you have a technology website, then you should have a Shopify affiliate. You can earn up to 200% commission from the Shopify affiliates.

It is almost $2400 on a single monthly subscription. Whenever your referrals sign up on Shopify, you will get the $2000 instantly.


I’ve mentioned only a few affiliate programs in this blog. There are lots of other best affiliate programs to. But these affiliate programs work best for anyone. So be the one to generate more revenue with the help of these best affiliate programs.

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