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Top 5 Best Power Banks In India at Best Prices

Measuring Phone battery mAh might be easy for some geek, but for normal user battery life means,” How long it will last?” Many companies tend to fool their costumer that the phone will last n no. Of hours. But there are hidden technical aspects which normal user can’t understand easily. So, at the end normal customer becomes fool. He then searches the market for good and reliable Power Banks. So, if you are also looking for reliable and high capacity Power Banks read our Reviews of some good Power Banks available right now. Today I am going to share with you the best power banks in India.

Most power banks are not at all reliable. I recommend you to only buy genuine products either from their website or authorized partner. Poor quality power banks will affect you phone performance.

Best Power Banks In India

1) Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i
Price: Rs. 899

It has 2 Models one of 2018 and another of 2019. Newer version comes with 18W fast charging It supports 5V/2A, 9V/ 2A and 12V/1.5A charging outputs that ensures efficient and quick charging for your devices. With this power bank you can fast charge you device and the power bank also. The only disappointment from Xiaomi is that their bestselling device Redmi Note 7 features a Type-C port but their present Power Banks doesn’t have one.

  • 10000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • 18W Fast Charging
  • Stylish Aluminum Casing
  • Protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge & discharge, etc
  • Dual USB Output with smart charging
  • Two-way Quick Charge
  • Made in India

Syska Power Core 100 P1015B-BK 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Price: 849 Rs.

After trying several Power Banks of like Mi, Ambrane etc I have fallen love with this power bank , other power banks also do well but then with the upgrading age of iPhones and USB-C powered Android smartphones, it gets boring and tedious to carry devices which still support Micro-USB. And that was the major reason why half of my power banks would stay uncharged when I need them the most cause finding old cables and charging them got annoying.

But this Syska Power bank completely changes the situation as it comes with a USB C support and I can charge it with the same charger when my phone is charged and keep it for whenever I need it next.


  • 10000mAH Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Dual input-type c input and micro USB input DC5V-2A
  • Dual USB output port1 + port2: DC 5V-2.4A
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Battery indicator
  • Intelligent-multi-protection circuits
  • Advanced current shunt/overcharging and discharging protection

3) Ambrane PP-11 10000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Price: 699Rs

This power bank from Ambrane features a sleek design with a lithium polymer body and can be used to charge devices with USB outputs. It features two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously on the go. The power bank features an ergonomic design making it easier to carry and hold. It features a smart charging technology along with an LED battery indicator and is light weight with a weight of 249 grams. 

It is yet another Power Bank featuring 2 inputs for charging Micro-USB and Type-C. 

4) Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

Price: 1565 Rs.

Next in the list is one by Samsung. A good looking, sleek power bank. It is not only stylish but its performance it also good. But the only disappointment here it that it does not have a Type-C input.

Not having a Type-C input makes it little inferior to other Power Banks in the list. 


  • Multiple fast charge -in and out, dual port support
  • Metaling slim design charging points
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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All these best power banks in India are more than each others in terms of functionality and prices. You can buy anyone of them without having a second opinion. You will find value for money with these powerbanks.

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