Best Programming Language to Learn

Best Programming Language to Learn in 2020

This blog will going to help you to find the best programming language to learn in 2020. In this digital era where the technological advancements are expanding rapidly, learning programming gets increased too. Basically, it is classified into small categories along with system programming such as web programming, mobile application programming, game programming and database programming. 

Every aspect of them is imperative for the technological advancement these days. In case you are interested inweb programming servicesthen you should know about its reliable development languages at first! A number of web application development programming languages are available worldwide. 

As 2020 is going to be a vital year for technology and innovation, here you can come to know only about top 5 programming language to learn in 2020. So, read on to know them!   

Best Programming Language to Learn in 2020


Python was developed near about 30 years ago in 1989. Over time it has gained much popularity and now it is considered as the leading language with highest community. The leading functional abilities such as Robotics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and lots more are entirely depended on Python. 

In fact the biggest challenge of the world ever such as Cyber Security is also run by Python. Now it is tagged as the web development introductory language and included in syllabus of many universities as well. 


  • It has short syntax, clear structure and bright form
  • Available on every OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, MS-DOS, UNIX and other similar operating systems
  • It is totally friendly with hardware, UNIX and other 3rd-party software with large library  
  • Due to its high processing speed it is able to create programs even from tiny script to immense software
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  • Lacks from the features like public, private and protected
  • Although it is faster than PHP but much slower in contrary to that of C++ and Java


Being introduced in 1991, it is globally renowned web application development language and the highest-paid one too. This platform is important to write the applications and software to make it successful and efficient for the business. Recently, it holds an account of 20.79% of 50 top web application development programming language. 


  • It is regarded as the open source
  • Though it is totally separated from HTML interface yet it is concise
  • Visual Studio generates code to save the time from writing the code again and again
  • Once you know C+ and HTML it can be known easily
  • It is entirely based on Tomcat + XAMP plugin (for easy configuaration)
  • It works efficiently on IIS, Linux- Windows
  • Compatible to every platform 


  • Due to a number of configurations it can be beignet easily
  • Slightly slower speed


JavaScript is regarded as the top web application development programming language for pulling requests. A number of newly emerged and modern websites perfectly run with the help of JavaScript. It eliminates the necessity of downloading any other software while it is running optimally in the web browser. 

Moreover, it is much easier and accessible for novice web app developers as well. Today it is the ultimate companion for web application development to many tech businesses, startups and web development services of India just because of its fast speed and simplicity.   


  • It can be learnt easily
  • Designing can be done independently of the OS
  • Control and interaction facility are much easier 
  • It runs only to the OS that fully supports a browser
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  • Security is poor and cost can’t be covered
  • With it some web applications become more cumbersome
  • It optimally runs on the browser that supports this web programming framework and lacks from its respective compiler


It is another famous programming language almost every developer prefers throughout the world. This programming language is very interesting and possesses a history of about 30 years which is why it must be learnt by the web developers to enhance their skills and versatility. C++ greatly contributes in writing many applications including PDFReader, Photoshop, Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows are only name to a few! 

In fact, it is prioritized as the main web programming language which is why the developer with its skill can able to lead a luxurious lifestyle and get prestigious job in leading companies. Still, its large community of developers is putting effort to improve it much more. Already it has come with numerous updates like upcoming C++20, C++17, C++ 14 and others. 


  • A number of libraries are there to include more functions
  • As it comprises of a few keywords it can be learnt easily
  • Object-related and strong programming language
  • It has inherited the antique powers of C web development language such as compatibility and flexibility to hardware devices
  • Multiple subroutines are allowed by its module structures for optimal function 
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  • It runs much slower in contrary to other C web development programming language including slow interaction with other C programming frameworks 


C# is object-related programming language meticulously designed by Microsoft. It perfectly runs on .NET platform and mainly used for developing games and applications for Windows. Despite of its development with the cooperation of C++ and C it is quite easy to use. The operation logic of this programming language is much identical to that of the C++ and syntax is identical to that of Java.  

As its command line is tested for pre-run it can be your ideal option for programming to obtain the performing ability like C++ if you are well-versed with Java. Even Xamarin is written on the basis of the C# and is reliable for designing apps which are compatible on varied devices like iOS and android. Primarily, it is used for 3D, 2D and Virtual Reality gaming. 


  • iOS and Android application development
  • It can tailor cross-platform software
  • C# is easy to learn
  • It possesses highly crowded online developer community

These are some of the best programming language to learn in 2020 which must be known by the versatile app developers. Some other notable names of web development frameworks which should be learnt for designing web apps are Visual Basic, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SQL and much more. 

Every web development programming languages is helpful as per the requirement and convenience. In fact, it is also imperative to know the latest technological trends for successful development of efficient web applications by the developers in no time!

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