There are hundred of programming languages in the world. But only a few best programming languages to learn in 2022. Let’s find out them

Technology has become an invincible part of our life, and therefore it is hard for us to live without technology. Even Gen Z can’t spend even a second without technology. And we also know that programming languages are the foundation of almost every technology. That is why most students are looking for the best programming languages to learn in 2022 and beyond. 

Almost every technology is based on a single programming language or a combination of programming languages. Although in today’s scenario, it is hard to achieve technological perfection by using a single programming language. That is why engineers and developers use the combination of programming languages to make things work on the internet of things.

Therefore it is the need of an hour to learn a couple of programming languages simultaneously. You should also focus on the best programming languages to learn in 2022. For this, we will uncover all the programming languages that are dominating the world and will help you to have a great career.

Keep in mind that many programming languages are developing every year. But the programming languages we are going to share are evergreen and have the great extension and integration features to work with modern technologies.  Have a look on some of the key questions related to best programming languages to learn.

Is Python the best programming language to learn?

Undoubtedly, Python is the fastest-growing programming language in the world. It is a high-level, interpreted, object-oriented, multi-paradigm programming language. That is why it is the ideal choice in most tech solutions. And the best part of the Python programming language is that its code can be integrated with other languages. It means that a programmer can develop a piece or section of software in Python and then integrate it with other code with ease. 

Which is most powerful programming language?

If we talk about a powerful programming language, then it is JavaScipt. It is in almost every website and web application. More than 97% of websites and web apps use JavaScript as one of the core technologies.

Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021


Python is the only programming language requiring no in-depth introduction to anyone. It is one of the ancient programming languages developed almost 30 years ago, in 1989. But it is even more popular than most modern and fast programming languages. Most Python haters think that Python is an overhyped programming language.

But in reality, it is the only programming language that fulfills almost every need of a programmer, coder, developer, or software engineer. It is also a go-through language for data scientists and data analysts. The simplicity level of Python makes it stand out in the competition, even if it is one of the sluggish programming languages. 

Apart from that, it has one of the most significant community support globally. Therefore, you will have little to no chance that no one will help you. There are thousands of developers available online to help you solve your problems in a fraction of seconds. It is not like any other community where you need to deal with amateurs.

As Python is an open-source programming language, experienced developers and programmers contribute to making Python more powerful, versatile, and future-ready. That is also one of the most significant reasons Python has not lost its charm yet. 

Python is everywhere you need to turn your head around. And you will find Python everywhere, such as your music app Spotify is using Python, Netflix also relies on Python. Other than these popular cloud-based services, Python is also working with Google search, macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

You can even find that lots of modern-day tools also use Python. You can’t even run from Python 🤣🤣🤣. Jokes apart, but yes, Python has become a critical aspect of our life. It is also working with future technologies such as Robotics, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, and more. It is the best programming languages to learn for almost anyone.

Every programming language has its pros and cons. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Python. 


  • It has short syntax, clear structure, and bright form
  • Available on every OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and other similar operating systems
  • It is compatible with almost every piece of hardware, even if you run it on RaspberryPi hardware. 
  • Great integration facility, can integrate with ancient and modern-day programming languages and technologies. 
  • It offers a massive number of libraries and packages to fulfill almost every need of the programmers and developers. 
  • Due to its high processing speed, it can create programs even from tiny scripts to immense software. 


  • Lacks the features like public, private, and protected
  • Although it is faster than PHP, it is much slower than C++ and Java.
  • It is one of the most challenging programming languages to perform some operations. 

Python Can be used for:-

  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence


Java is another legendary programming language that doesn’t require any introduction. In the past few years, it has lost its stardom to be the #1 programming language in the world. But it has made a remarkable comeback when the developers found it the most suitable programming language to develop data warehouses like Hadoop. It is one of the ancient programming languages that has changed the world.

In its initial days, it was one of the best programming languages to develop desktop softwares. The reason was that the internet was not so common at that moment. But after the expansion of the internet Java has become one of the most acceptable languages for web application development.

It is also one of the highest-paid programming languages in the world. The best part of Java is that it works on WORA. It means writing once and running anywhere because almost every operating system supports Java programming. More than 3 billion devices are running on Java. It is one of the best programming languages to learn by desktop developer


  • It is regarded as open-source.
  • Though it is totally separated from the HTML interface yet, it is concise
  • Visual Studio generates code to save the time from writing the code again and again
  • Once you know C++ and HTML, it can be known easily
  • It is entirely based on Tomcat + XAMPP plugin (for easy configuration)
  • It works efficiently on IIS, Linux- Windows
  • Compatible with every platform 


  • Due to several configurations, it can be beignet easily.
  • Slightly slower speed

Java Can be Used For

  • Website Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Data warehouse development
  • Games Development
  • Embedded System Development


JavaScript is one of the most potent scripting languages in the world. It is regarded as the top web application development programming language. Or we can say that it is in almost every web application and website. In the initial days of JavaScript, it was considered a client-side scripting language. But with the development in the past few years, JavaScript has become a full-fledged scripting language.

We can even say that it has become a full-fledged programming language capable of building an entire website and web applications. JavaScript has many frameworks such as Node, Angular, React, Backbone, and lots more. Likewise, with the help of React, you can develop the front end of the website and web applications. And with the help of Node, you can develop the backend of the website and web application.

Plenty of modern websites is running with the help of JavaScript. It has become the most popular language for high-end web applications and websites. That is why many tech giants are using javascript as one of their major scripting languages for the backend. Even some tech unicorns are using Node.js and react.js. It eliminates the necessity of downloading any other software while it is running optimally in the web browser.

Web designers and Web developers can efficiently work with JavaScript. If you understand the core part of JavaScript, it can be pretty easy for you to get a good command over any of its frameworks. The simplicity and versatility make it one of the best programming languages to learn in 2022.


  • It can be learned quickly.
  • Designing can be done independently of the OS.
  • Control and interaction facility are much more accessible. 
  • It runs only to the OS that fully supports a browser.


  • Security is poor, and costs can’t be covered.
  • With it, some web applications become more cumbersome.
  • It optimally runs on the browser that supports this web programming framework and lacks its respective compiler.

JavaScript Used For

  • Website Development
  • Web Applications
  • Games
  • Web Servers
  • Mobile Applications


It is another famous programming language almost every developer prefers throughout the world. This programming language is fascinating and possesses a history of about 30 years, so web developers must learn it to enhance their skills and versatility. C++ significantly contributes to writing many applications, including PDFReader, Photoshop, Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows are only names to a few! 

In fact, it is prioritized as the primary web programming language, which is why the developer can lead a luxurious lifestyle and get a prestigious job in leading companies with its skill. Still, its large community of developers is putting effort to improve it much more. Already it has come with numerous updates like upcoming C++20, C++17, C++ 14, and others.  It is one of the best programming languages to learn by system application developer.


  • Several libraries are there to include more functions.
  • As it comprises a few keywords, it can be learned quickly.
  • Object-related and robust programming language
  • It has inherited the antique powers of C web development language, such as compatibility and flexibility to hardware devices.
  • Multiple subroutines are allowed by its module structures for optimal function. 


  • It runs much slower than other C web development programming languages, including slow interaction with other C programming frameworks. 

C++ Used For 

  • Machine Learning tools
  • AR/VR applications
  • Scientific research
  • Databases
  • IoT devices


C# is an object-related programming language meticulously designed by Microsoft. It perfectly runs on the .NET platform and is mainly used to develop games and Windows applications. Despite its development with the cooperation of C++ and C, it is quite easy to use. The operation logic of C# is much identical to that of C++, and syntax is identical to that of Java.  

As its command line is tested for pre-run, it can be your ideal option for programming to obtain the performing ability like C++ if you are well-versed with Java. Even Xamarin is written based on the C# and is reliable for designing apps compatible with various devices like iOS and Android. Primarily, it is used for 3D, 2D, and Virtual Reality gaming.  It is one of the best programming languages to learn by Windows developer


  • iOS and Android application development
  • It can tailor cross-platform software.
  • C# is easy to learn.
  • It possesses a highly crowded online developer community.

C# Used For

  • Web applications
  • Windows applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud-based services
  • Desktop-based applications for Windows


Go, or Golang, is the original programming language that has changed the world. Nowadays, almost every website and web application uses Go as its primary language. It is a statically typed compiled programming language. That is why it is pretty faster than most modern and high-end programming languages. And the best part of this language is that it is designed and developed by Google.

That is why it is the most reliable programming language in the world. It was invented by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Go has inherited its syntax from C programming, But it is an advanced version of C language with memory safety, garbage collector, structural typing, and many more. The best part of Go is that it can work with most of the database with ease. Along with that, it can also integrate with modern technologies and traditional programming languages. It is one of the best programming languages to learn by web developers and software engineers.

Pros of Go

  • Smart standard libraries
  • Build in security
  • Best in the class documentation
  • Easy to use

Cons of Go

  • Still is in its development phase
  • Not provide any virtual machine
  • Go is not centric to any technology
  • Still lacking GUI library

Go used for

  • Full-stack web development
  • Mobile development
  • Desktop development
  • Embedded application development
  • Backend web development


Kotlin is an excellent alternative to Java to create android apps. Android also declared Kotlin as their official language to develop android apps. It is a general-purpose, cross-platform, statically typed programming language. Apart from that, it also has type inference. Although it is pretty similar to Java in JVM and standard libraries, Kotlin has concise Java syntax.

It allows more flexibility to develop mobile applications in less time. Likewise, Java is also one of the most secure programming languages globally. It works seamlessly with the Java ecosystem, frameworks, and libraries. It also allows the development of cross platforms applications. It is one of the best programming languages to learn by Android developer.

Pros of Kotlin

  • Kotlin allows us to write less code
  • Most secure programming language
  • Fully compatible with Java
  • It imposes no runtime overhead
  • Strong community support

Cons of Kotlin

  • Slow compilation speed
  • Limited sources to learn
  • Still not as powerful as Java
  • Fewer kotlin experts
  • Less talent to hire

Kotlin Used For

  • Android development
  • Backend web development
  • Full-stack web development
  • Data science
  • Cross-platform mobile development


PHP is an open-source, multi-programming language created in 1990. It is one of the leading scripting languages for web development, and that is why it is used by the leading tech giants Facebook, WordPress, Lyft, Slack, etc. Although Php is not a primary scripting language for developers, there are many alternatives to Php. But still, PHP is in use on a large scale because of its frameworks.

If we talk about the web development domain, almost 80% of websites use Php as one of their technologies. There are plenty of frameworks associated with PHP, i.e., Cake, Codeigniter, Zend, and lots more. Php is also one of the most secure programming languages in the world.  It is one of the best programming languages to learn by web developers.

Pros of Php

  • Millions of specialists are available
  • Best in the class documentation
  • Wide selection of database
  • Open-source software
  • Flexibility with other languages

Cons of Php

  • Declining popularity day by day
  • Lack of libraries to fulfill modern needs
  • Not suitable with content based web applications
  • Lack of error handling capability
  • Poor performance with modern technologies

Php used for

  • Content management system
  • Web development
  • Generating PDF files
  • Parsing XML files
  • Image processing and generation


Swift is a general-purpose multi-paradigm compiled programming language. It is also an open-source programming language with the best community support. In the initial days of Apple, they were using objective C. But due to the evolution in the technologies, objective C lacked modern features.

It forced Apple to develop its own programming language. Swift is the leading programming language to develop iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. It is specially created by Apple for their ecosystem. It has become one of the leading programming languages in the world.

The best part of this programming language is that it is pretty easy compared to most programming languages. It is quite a fun activity to code in swift because of its modern features. Swift is used to developing ultra-fast software. It also offers clean syntax; therefore, it is easy to write, read, and maintain code.

Swift offers the most straightforward syntax; you don’t even need semicolons while programming with Swift. Thus there are fewer chances of making mistakes while coding with it. It also has the best in class support for international languages.

It also has the best in class memory management using tight and deterministic reference counting. It also eliminates the overhead of garbage collection.  It is one of the best programming languages to learn by Apple developers.

Pros of Swift

  • As fast as C language
  • One of the safest programming language
  • Efficient memory management
  • Low maintenance
  • Simplest programming languages

Cons of Swift

  • A new programming language with limited libraries
  • Lack of community support
  • Not having any alternative language
  • Binary compatibility sometimes sucks

Uses of Swift

  • iPhone and iPad App Development
  • macOS app development
  • Apple watch development
  • Apple tv development


R is the most powerful statistical programming language created by statisticians. It is the leading programming language for statistical computing and graphics. That is why it is the primary language for data science and analytics. Although it is an excellent language for data mining and statistical software developers, it is complex. You need to spend enough time learning R language concepts.

But once you get a good command over R, you will find it relatively easy for you to experiment with R. A few years back, R lost its charm for data science because of Python. But most companies prefer R for data science and data analytics purposes. It is also relatively easy for the experienced R developer to perform almost any data science operation.

The best part of R language is that it can extend itself. It means that R is not limited to any operation; you can extend its capabilities with lots of libraries and packages. Apart from that, R is an open-source programming language. That is why it has a vast community where the developers help each other and make it more powerful. It is one of the best programming languages to learn by statisticians.

Pros of R Programming

  • Open Source and free to use
  • The massive number of libraries and packages
  • A large number of data types
  • Powerful graphics
  • Massive community Support

Cons of R Programming

  • Poor memory management
  • Slow speed
  • Complex language
  • No dedicated support team
  • Decentralized package

R Language Used For

  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization


These are some of the best programming languages to learn in 2022, which must be known by versatile app developers. Some other notable names of web development frameworks which should be learned for designing web apps are Visual Basic, CSS, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and much more. 

Every web development programming language is helpful as per the requirement and convenience. In fact, it is also imperative to know the latest technological trends for the developers’ successful development of efficient web applications in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What programming language should I learn in 2022?

If you want to be future-ready, you should go with Python without any second opinion. It is also relatively easy to learn for beginners. After a few months of experience with Python, you will also solve complex problems with Python. That is why it is the most recommended programming language in 2022. 

Which is the No 1 programming language?

If we talk about No 1 programming language in the world. Then it should be Python because it is a general-purpose ad most powerful programming language, and it is also listed as the No 1 programming language in TIOBE and PYPL index.

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