Best Ways to Learn JavaScript With Interesting Methods

Nowadays the programmers want to know the best ways to learn JavaScript. Because it is getting more popular with every passing year. JavaScript is one of the widely used scripting languages in the world. In the initial days of JavaScript, it was used as a client-side scripting language. Nowadays, every single browser comes with the support of JavaScript. But you should know that it is not limited to client-side scripting.

Nowadays, it can be used for both the front end development and backend development. There are lots of JavaScript frameworks available online. All these frameworks are making it the most powerful scripting language in the world. Now you can have an idea that JavaScript has lots of use, and you should decide what you are going to implement with JavaScript. 

Best Ways to Learn JavaScript

Why do you want to learn JavaScript?

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before getting started with it. The first question is, why do you want to learn JavaScript? Keep in mind that learning JavaScript is never easy. If you are already good at an alternative language, then you should not go with it. Or do you want to learn it for a new job?

Do you want to learn it to get promoted in your job with the help of JavaScript? Or you want to learn it as a digital marketer to use it a little on your website. You can have any reason to learn this scripting language. But make it clear at the initial stages because it will help you cover JavaScript effectively and in a short period. 

Be Serious and Consistent About Learning JavaScript?

Due to JavaScript’s complexity, it is common that beginners get bored too early while learning JavaScript. They lose their interest in the early stages of JavaScript. That is why it becomes too complex for them to learn JavaScript. If you want to learn it more effectively, you must be consistent and serious about learning JavaScript. Be careful that you clear all the concepts in each stage. 

Start With An Online Course

Online courses are one of the crucial aspects of the best ways to learn JavaScript. There are millions of courses available online that help you to learn JavaScript for free or paid. You can also try YouTube videos for the same. If you have decent learning capabilities or learning power, you should enroll in any online course from your preferred sources.

These courses are quite flexible; you need not get into time boundation to learn. If someone has any physical problem, then they can also prefer online courses. These online courses are usually taught by experts who are also efficient in explaining the students’ concepts.

In this way, the students save lots of time and effort to command these topics. Thus when the students finish their courses, they will be more knowledgeable and skilled. I have mentioned earlier that there are both free and paid courses available to the students. Thus these courses are quite affordable for the students to learn JavaScript.

Choose Your Preferred learning style

Some learners are good at learning from the text based content, while others are good at learning from the videos. Now you need to decide which one is good for you. You can either prefer text-based tutorials or can go with the video tutorials. Some of the highly interactive online courses available online will let you implement what you have learned in your courses.

In other words, you can practice the concepts during the courses. You can learn the basic to advanced concepts of JavaScript easily. It will help you to write the code within the browser. You need not write the code in any code editor. Nowadays, most coding sites are offering interactive courses to learners. 

Via Physical Networking Events

Nowadays, many tech giants organize Physical networking events for the programmers where the programmers get together to share their views and opinions about the innovations. If you are a beginner in programming, then these kinds of events can benefit you. In these kinds of events, you can meet your domain experts who can clear your doubts on the spot.

Apart from that, you can also have a chance to make a few contacts in the industry who can help you shortly. These events are full of fun and excitements where you can learn so many things, and you can make your networks of beginners who are learning JavaScript. You can search on the Meetup websites about the events that will be placed near your area.

Practice More Often to Stay Confident

We have seen that most of the programmers, especially beginners, want to finish things off without getting a good command of these topics. But it is not a good approach anyhow because if you are not sure about the topic, you can implement it properly within your application or website. The best way to get good command over anything is practice.

Yes, it would be best if you practiced a lot to clear JavaScript concepts. It would be best if you allowed time for regular exercise. The more you practice, the more you can have a chance to get clear the concepts and even get good command over them. 

Take Part in JavaScript Challenges

After getting a decent command over JavaScript concepts, the next step is to take part in JavaScript challenges. There are millions of challenges available online that will help you test your programming skills and ability. I would not like you to suggest that you should try the advanced level challenges at your first attempt.

Even if you have practiced a lot, you should start with the basic challenges you need to write the programs with specific functions. In these challenges, you will get a set of simple instructions and guidelines to complete challenges. You can also try to fix the same problems with different methods, and it will help you explore the new possibilities with JavaScript.

Take Good Notes!

Notes are still the most potent way to memorize anything. Why am I talking about memorizing? JavaScript has lots of topics, keywords, and functions. That is why you need to memorize these things. To do so, you need to take good notes. Yes, good notes help you to learn more as compared with learning without notes.

It allows you to look back on whatever you have learned so far. Apart from that, it also helps you to reinforce new ideas and concepts. It would be best if you also mentioned that you need to add white space within your codes, write comments regularly, and write clean codes.

Start Writing Your Code As Soon As Possible

After all the steps mentioned above, the next step is to start implementing whatever you have learned and practiced so far. It would help if you started implementing a JavaScript program. It would help if you only had only a code editor and a browser to write and run your code. You can start with the basic program and then go to the intermediate and then go for the advanced ones.

While writing your code, you can face many challenges, but never give up and start implementing your code. Take the experts’ help as I have mentioned earlier to fix the problems as soon as possible. Also, learn the new trends and techniques in JavaScript with programming blogs and articles like ours. You can also explore the latest guide and tutorials on JavaScript to start learning new trends.


Learning JavaScript can be challenging for those who are not finding it an interesting scripting language. But it can be a fun experience for those who know the potential and techniques to use JavaScript effectively. JavaScript can be hard in the initial stages, but you can be unstoppable in JavaScript once you get a good command of basic concepts.

You need to make sure that you will use and implement these scripting languages in your working profession; otherwise, learning JavaScript may not work for you. You will start losing interest in the initial stages of learning JavaScript. If you have a clear mindset about what you will do with JavaScript, then there are thousands of resources available online that can help you understand these scripting languages.

There are lots of online forums where you can clear your doubts quickly. Ask questions to clear your doubts, take your fellow coders’ help, practice regularly, spend a few hours learning JavaScript concepts, and learn JavaScript.

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