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Top 7 Best Ways to Learn Programming From The Scratch

Programming is one of the most popular professions in the world. Almost one-fourth of students around the world are trying to be a programmer. There are lots of ways to learn programming on a free or paid basis. You can either join a university course, or an online course to learn programming.

But if you don’t know the best ways to learn programming, you can’t grasp the good command over programming. Here in this blog post, we will share the most advanced and best ways to learn programming with you. Even if you are already a working professional, these ways will let you cover something you may have missed. Let’s start to explore the best ways:-

Best Ways to Learn Programming

Play with code while learning 

Play with code; does it sound awkward for you? Maybe yes, because most beginners find programming a complex task. Then how can they play with it? But, trust me, you should start playing with code to learn programming faster and more effectively. Because when we find the fun element in something, then we start enjoying the work. The same philosophy is applied to programming too.

Here at this point, I would like to share my experience with you. I have joined a course in Udacity for Python programming. And their instructors taught me the loop in python in a funny way. And after that, they tested me with the help of a short quiz. It would help if you started implementing whatever you have learned from the courses. I would like you to suggest that when you finish a module of programming, then you should implement it within your project.

Get strong command over fundamentals for long-term benefits

Whenever you learn something new and want to work with it for a lifetime, you should work on its fundamentals. If you start to focus on the advanced things without clearing the fundamentals of programming, you won’t succeed. Therefore you should start from the fundamental and try to get a strong command over the fundamental.

The more you have good command over fundamentals, then you can also learn the advanced concepts easily. In most programming, the basics are all about keywords, syntax, and logic. I would like you to recommend learning all the keywords of the programming language. It would be best if you covered some of the most used keywords first.

Handwritten code For proficiency

Why am I saying handwritten code if there are many digital mediums where you need not write a single word by hand. You can type a lot of words on your computer screen easily without damaging your eyes. Apart from that, keyboards are becoming more powerful with minimum key traveling distance. The advancement of technology allows you to code a lot more.

But why do you still need handwritten code? The reason is that if we write something by hand, then it increases the chance that we memorize that thing more effectively than we watch and listen. You can either use your notebook and whiteboard to start writing the code by hand. It helps you to get the caution and intent behind every line of code. It is an old school practice, and the 90s generation loves it this way.

Most professional developers and programmers have skills like writing the code in their notebooks first. In many universities and colleges, the students still like to write the code by hand, not to type the code into the computer.

 Always ask for help when needed

Most of the beginners try to avoid help from the experts. But it would help if you did not do that; there are still some tricks and techniques that you may not learn from the books or online courses. If you want to learn faster and more effectively, you should take the mentors’ help. Sometimes the programmer is stuck into the major problems, i.e., a bug within their program.

They spend lots of time fixing that bug but aren’t able to fix it. In this case the programmers should contact the experts to help them out in fixing the bug. The more you take the experts’ help, the more likely you get to know more about the topic. For this, you can either join the programming language community or use some of the popular online community for programmers such as StackOverflow.

Seek out more online resources

Now the world is moving online. Nowadays, we can find more content online as compared to offline sources. Therefore the internet has a huge amount of programming-related content that you may find in any textbooks, class lecture, or other offline sources. The internet is the treasure of resources for programming and other stuff.

Sometimes, the programmer is stuck in a problem and doesn’t get the textbook’s desired solution. In this case, they should use the internet to find a solution. The internet can help them to find plenty of different ways to solve the same programming problems. It also helps you to explore new ways to solve problems. You can either read a blog post, watch a video, or get involved in the community, as I have mentioned earlier.

Don’t just read the sample code. Tinker with it!

The beginners in programming often look at the code and start reading it without understanding the code. It is not the best approach for them because understanding the code may not help you be a good programmer. I would like you to recommend that you should run the code and tinker with it. The more you run the code, the more you can understand how it works.

Whenever you learn something new, then you should try to write the code and run it. It would be best if you also tried to write the code with your logic and then run it. It will help you to improve your logic in programming too.

Take breaks when debugging

Taking a break during debugging is also helpful for the programmers. When the programmers debug the code, it takes a lot of time, and sometimes the programmers get frustrated while debugging the code. It takes hours and hours to fix the problem. To avoid such issues, the programmer should take a break during debugging. If you take a break, you get some refreshments.

And this refreshment helps you to build a new perspective to solve the problem. It not only helps you to fix the problem but also helps you to save your time. It is the best way to improve the productivity of programmers. And more than 90% of programs around the world use this approach while debugging their code. 


There are a lot more other best ways to learn programming. But in this blog, we have mentioned those which can be work for anyone, and you need not pay anyone to try these ways. In my opinion, if you have a passion for learning programming, then you should deserve free programming training.

There are millions of free resources available online that can help you to be a better programmer. It will take some time and effort to be an expert in programming. If you follow these best ways to learn programming, you can be one of the world’s good programmers.

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