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Best Ways to Learn Python Recommended by Experts


Python has become one of the leading programming languages in the world. It is dominating the world of programming. Nowadays, you can find Python everywhere, from websites to data science. It is also playing a major role in the latest and advanced technologies. Python is easily integrated with the next-generation programming languages.

That is why the majority of students are showing their interest in learning Python. However, Python has the simplest programming syntax in the world. It can be easy to read and implement by beginners. But it is not enough because if you don’t know the best ways to learn Python, you can’t be good at it. Here in this blog post, we will share the most prominent way to learn Python for absolute beginners. Let’s get started with the blog post.

Best Ways to Learn Python

Step 1: Figure Out Why You Want to Learn Python

The major step to learn almost any programming language is to find out why you want to learn a programming language. In other words, what you are going to make or do with the programming language. The same phenomena apply to Python programming. Thus, when you start learning Python, the first thing to ask yourself is why you want to learn Python and what you will do with it.

Python has many users, and you should decide what you will achieve with it in the initial stage. If you decide it at the initial stage, then you will always stay motivated to learn Python. Although Python is the simplest programming language, it is not the easiest. Therefore there can be a few moments in your learning when you will feel depressed. Thus you must have a clear goal in your mind to stay motivated. Here is the list of few Python areas in which you may interested

  • Data science 
  • Machine learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile apps
  • Websites
  • Games
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Hardware / Sensors / Robots
  • Scripts to automate your work

Step 2: Learn the Basic Syntax

Basics are the key to almost everything in the world. Thus if you want to master anything in the world, then you should focus on the basics. Therefore, it is recommended that you start with Python’s basics and the basics of Python are its basic syntax. The more you learn the basics, the more you can go easily for the advanced topics. It would be best if you implemented these basics syntax with the help of the programs.

And try to implement the basic syntaxes in different sorts of programs because it will allow you to explore more ways to use Python’s basics. Try to complete the basics within a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that you should learn Python 3. It has become simpler and more secure than Python 2. Python 3 is used by millions of Python developers around the world. 

Step 3: Make Structured Projects

As soon as you get started with your structured projects, you open the news ways to learn Python. When you start your project, don’t try to implement complex things too early, first cover Python’s basics within your projects, then step forward to go to the next step. The more you apply your knowledge, the more you can learn about your weaknesses and strengths in Python basics.


It also helps you memorize the basics more easily whenever you require it soon. You can also add your project to your portfolio so that the employer and clients see your potential. It would be best if you started with the basic project. Don’t ever try to get into complex projects at the beginning of your learnings. Because if you start with complex projects, you will get stuck in problems, and you need to refer to the documentation again and again.


Thus it is highly recommended for the learners to get started with the structural projects and then move to the complex projects created by you from scratch. Thousands of online courses of Python provide structural projects to the students that help them explore the interesting things in this area and help them prevent getting stuck from minor problems in Python.

Step 4: Work on Python Projects on Your Own

After getting a good command over structured projects in Python, it is time to start your Python projects from scratch to learn Python better. Whenever you get started with your projects in Python, you may require more consultation from Python’s different resources. Remember that you can’t use every Python concept within a single Python project.

Therefore you should remember only those concepts of Python that you will use in your Python projects. It is the most common scenario that most beginners in programming get frustrated in the debugging phase. Thus it is highly recommended that you feel more confident with errors debugging and problems in the program. You can get help for your Python project from StackOverflow.

The community of experts where you need to mention your problem and lots of Python experts will help you solve that problem in their ways. You can also Google your errors and get instant help. Apart from that, Python documentation is also the best place to learn the concepts and get the best reference for your Python project. Above all these, I would recommend that you join the Python community to learn and explore Python.


It would help if you first worked on the basic project to gain enough confidence to work on medium to high-level projects. Also, keep working on your debugging skills. The more you can work on your debugging skills, the more you get good command to face most of Python’s problems easily. Either you can work as an individual or make a team who can work with you on a project. You can find thousands of project ideas from the internet based on your preferred industry in Python.

Step 5: Keep working on harder projects

After working on the basic to medium level projects in Python, it is time to test your Python skills even harder. Yes, it would be best if you started working on harder projects. It is the best way to test your skills. Don’t stay in your comfort zone; try to explore new things in Python with harder projects.

It also helps you to enhance your skills in Python. While working on the harder project, you will be stuck in the major problems more often and spend more than enough time to get rid of the problems. But it is the best way because it can help you learn new ways to solve the problems and help you cover more in Python.


Learning should never stop! Yes, learning should never stop in this modern world, especially in programming like Python that keeps evolving with time. However, it is nearly impossible to learn a programming language completely by anyone. Only a few programmers in the world have complete knowledge of Python, i.e., its founders or creators. It would be best if you keep updating yourself with Python by learning new concepts.


You can work on the latest projects to keep learning python programming and implement new things. Don’t stop with Python, if you stop learning it, you will get out of the trend. Always try to work on those projects in which you are interested. I want to recommend that you work on your projects because you will always have the freedom to explore and implement things easily and never get bored. Stay motivated to learn Python and get good command over it.

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