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Top 200+ Business Listing Sites In India

Business listing sites in India are playing a crucial role in the early stages of the business websites. These sites usually have high authority in Google and major search engines. Nowadays, we use Google search rather than searching for a website in the website directory.

But when we try to find out the business services we don’t do the same. We still believe in these business listing sites to search for any business. It is quite natural for businesses to list their business in these sites. These sites help them to get valuable customers and their feedback.

Do you know that business listing sites in India plays a crucial role in the local SEO? In other words, without a local listing, you can’t do local SEO. As I mentioned before, business listing sites help the customers to find out your business.

Some of the business listing sites also help you to make your business more visible to the customers. Today I am going to share with you the most effective yet powerful business listing sites in India.

Business Listing Sites in India

There are plenty of business listing sites available over the internet. But only a few are having Indian traffic. As an Indian business perspective, the business wants to get on those sites which are holding the Indian traffic. They should also create the data on their website in a way that anyone can find the business.

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Benefits of Business Listing sites in SEO

Business listing sites in India are not the sites to register your business. It is providing various benefits to the business to leverage their marketing efforts to the next level. Here are the best advantages of business listing sites in India:-

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1. Originality

All these websites provide authentic business details to the customers. That’s why the business must list with authentic business details i.e., name, contact details, and address. Most of the business listing sites also showcase the map location of your business.

2. Reputable

Most of the business listing sites in India are highly reputed. If you list your business in these sites, it means that your credibility also boosted. If you provide accurate details of your business on these sites.

Then it will make an excellent impression on the customers’ mind. If you don’t list your business on these sites. Then you may not increase your business credibility.

3. Accuracy

These websites are accurate enough. In other words, there may not be any chance of duplicity. When you fill-up your business details inside these sites.

Then this site checks all the details of your business and matches it with the records. In this way, it provides accurate business details to the customers without any duplicates. The customers can compare the businesses inside these websites.

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4. Local SEO

SEO has become more competitive than ever before. That’s why the businesses are switching to local SEO. Because the business can rank high for local keywords more quickly, than the global one. Business listing sites in India helps the business to make their local SEO more effective.

Suppose that you want to rank your sweet shop on top of Google local listing. Then all you need to do is create some listing of your business on the business listing sites in India. automatically rank on the top for sweet shop keyword in your locality.

5. Be Found

From the previous point, you can get an idea that business listing sites help you in local SEO rankings. It means that anyone can find your business information easily.

Even some of the business listing sites offer you the services to register your business as featured listings. It means that whenever someone visits their website and search for the services you provide, then it will show at the top of the listing.

6. Non Spammy Websites

Nowadays, Google has banned all spammy websites. It means that there are only those business listing sites which offer you the best services. The best part of the non spammy websites is that if you earn a backlink from those websites, then you don’t have any chance to receive the spam from these websites.

7. Good Domain Authority

These websites have high domain authority. It means that Google loves these business listing sites. If you get a backlink from these websites, then it will also increase your website domain authority. You can check the domain authority of your website with the help of Moz bar or Moz official website.

8. Increases your online authority

Business listing sites not just help you in improving your domain authority, but it also helps you to increase your authority among your customer. Whenever the customers see your business listing on these sites.

Then it sends a message to them that your business is also legitimate. Users rating and reviews on these websites about your business also help you to increase your online authority.

9. Do-follow Links

Most of the business listing sites provide the do-follow backlinks that help your website to increase the backlink count. The backlinks provided by these websites are the high authority and easy to create.

10. Connects you to local customers

Local listing helps you to connect with the local customers. Majority to local customers access these websites to search for the local services within their locality. It creates an opportunity for the business to get connected with their targeted audience.

These websites categories the business into various categories. So that the customer can easily find your business. That’s why you need to choose the right category of your business while listing on these websites.

11. Cost-effective

Business listing sites in India are almost free to use and list your business. You can create a single-page website and then register your business inside these directories.

But make sure you are filling up the precise details along with your business logo and images. You can also list your business in multiple locations with the help of these sites.


Use these high authority business listing sites in India today. And start improving your local SEO like a pro.

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