C# vs JavaScript: Find Our The Best One For Your Carrier

C# is one of the best programming languages created by Google. It is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is a scripting language. But the students are still confused to choose the best one between C# vs JavaScript. But here in this blog post, we will clear all your doubts between C# vs JavaScipt.

C# is derived from the traditional C language. It has the capability of both object-oriented as well as procedural programming language. It is a plain and modern language and used for general purpose. C# can be used to develop a small application for large operating systems. It is strongly typed, imperative, declarative functional, and component-oriented. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is widely used for web browsers. It is also known as the cornerstone of the world wide web. It usually works at the client-server. It is widely used by all the major websites and modern web browsers. It works along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript is the multi-paradigm language with event-driven, functional, and imperative programming support. It also supports text, array, regular expression, dates, and document object model manipulation. 

C# vs JavaScript

C# is developed by Microsoft to overcome the limitation of C and C++ programming language. Andres Hejisberg developed it. It is a multi-paradigm programming language. It has a highly expressive syntax. Its syntax is quite similar to Java, C and C++, and Java. C# is the .Net framework oriented programming language. Thus the application created in C# programming language will work only on the .Net framework. As I have mentioned earlier, this language has overcome most of the limitations of the C++ language. It has also added some of the advanced programming features, i.e., null value types. Enumerations. Delegates., direct memory access, and many more. Apart from that, C# is also offering lots of features, i.e., Language Integrated query expression that makes it a strongly typed programming language. It is a completely object-oriented programming language. 


C# using System

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; namespace HelloWorldApplication


class HelloWorld


static void Main(string[] args)


/* my first program in C# */

Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);







Netscape developed JavaScript. Brenden Eich developed it in just ten days. Netscape wanted to launch it with the next Navigator update. Javascript is one of the most popular and widely used scripting languages. It is growing faster than any other scripting language in the world. You can find it in nearly every web browser. Apart from that, most tech giants, i.e., Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal, are also using JavaScript as their prior scripting language. JavaScipt is used in both the front end and the backend of the websites and web applications. Even nowadays, you can also develop mobile apps using Javascript. It is also well suited to create real-time networking apps, i.e., chats and video streaming. Some highly trained JavaScript programmers are also developing the games with JavaScipt. You can run javascript on any web browser. Almost every web browser provides support for JavaScript.




<p onclick=”myFunction(this, ‘red’)”>Click to change color.</p>

<script> function myFunction(element,colour) { element.style.color = colour; } </script>



Key Difference Between C# vs Javascript

Learning Curve

It is quite hard for beginners to start learning C#. It is the programming language created by microsoft for their purpose. That is why it has limited learning resources available for the new programmers. 

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On the other hand, Javascript is one of the most popular scripting languages. There are plenty of free online sources available for new programmers to start learning JavaScript. Apart from that, JavaScript also provides support to programming to learn things more effectively. 

Online Community

C# is offering one of the best online communities to programmers. It has the best in class peer networks. C# is created by Microsoft that is why C# has a vast community for the developer of windows. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is not offering the best community to the developer. There is not any official community of JavaScript for the developers. 

Line of Code

It requires a massive number of lines to perform some task with the help of C# coding language. On the other hand, you can do plenty of Javascript tasks with the help of a few lines of code. 


C# is not an extensive programming language. It has limited features and libraries. You can’t extend its functionality. On the other hand, Javascript is an extensive scripting language. Its functionality is not limited to the few libraries. There are a large number of free libraries available in the Javascript community to extend its functionality. 


C# is the best programming language to create a desktop application for Windows platforms. Because it runs on the .NET framework, on the other hand, JavaScript makes the website more dynamic. It is also used for making games and quizzes for web-based applications. Javascript is usually worked with the HTML documents.

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Front-end and Backend

C# is one of the best programming languages to create a desktop application; you can create a web-based application in C#. It is quite useful to create the front-end of the web application for windows. On the other hand, JavaScript is the best programming language for backend development. You can’t use it for front-end development. 


We need to know that C# is the strictly typed object-oriented programming language used to develop the console application, desktop application, and it depends on the .NET framework. Framework. On the other hand, JavaScript is the client-side scripting language used to create dynamic effects on websites. Javascript code can be executed in any browser. You need not have any special platform to run and execute JavaScript code. Both of these programming languages are supporting object-oriented programming concepts. C# also offers flexibility at the runtime. C# is the C programming language; that is why it has almost every functionality offered by the C language. It has all the features of a low-level programming language and some high-level programming features. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is the best scripting language that saves memory by its garbage collector system. It automatically deallocates the memory if the object is no longer in use. It also offers the automatic conversion primitives with the corresponding wrapper classes. At last, I would like you to suggest C# if you want to develop windows based applications. On the other hand, if you want to extend your web development limitations, you should go with JavaScript. It has plenty of frameworks widely used to create a solid backend of the most popular web applications.  It is end of C# vs JavaScript comparison.

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