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Top 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps to Stay And Eat Healthy

Calorie counter apps are becoming more popular. Because the obesity is one of the significant concerns of metro cities. Because we eat lots of junk and processed food in our daily life. In our busy lifestyle. We don’t have enough time to go to the gym regularly. But we all know that health is wealth. So how can we control the obesity level in our body? The best answer to this question is to eat a healthy diet and consume enough calories.

It is quite impossible to track the calories of everything that goes in our mouth. Majority of health nutrients say that oats are helpful to stay fit. But most of the time people eat oats more than 2 or 3 times in their breakfast. Is it still beneficial for them to keep healthy? Of Course not, because they are getting too many calories in their one-time meal.

So what should they do now? The best answer is to take the help of calorie counter apps. These apps will help them to get the exact analytic data of how many calories they are consuming and burning. Let’s explore the top 5 best calorie counter apps for mobile devices.

Top 5 Best Calorie Counting Apps

1. MyFitnessPal (Android and iOS)

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie and diet tracker apps. Even experts say that it is the king of calorie and diet tracker apps. It has more than 80 million users base. Apart from that, this app is also having more than 5 million foods and their calorie value. It helps you to ensure that you are getting the accurate data of the calories you are getting for the food you eat.

Moreover, you can also save your whole meal so that you can remember your favorite food. With this app, you can organize your meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also track your water intake level with this great app. MyFitnessPal allows you to organize your meals by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. It even allows you to track your water intake.

This app also has a barcode scanner. It is quite helpful to add the food detail into the app with just a barcode scan of the food package. This app also monitors your weight. It will also let you know that your weight could be that based on your eating habits if it remains the same for the whole day. You allows you to sync your website to the app.

In this way, you can also count your calories on cross-platform. You can also add many items immediately along with the recipe calculator. You can also view your homemade food nutrition with this calculator, as I mentioned above that this app is the king of fitness tracker and calorie counter apps. It also offers 350 strength and cardio exercise to make you fit.

More About MyFitnessPal

You can add your food in this app in two different ways. The first one is manually and the second one is using your phone camera. This app is available on both platforms, iOS, and Android. It also gets the latest updates regularly. You can too sync this app with more than 50 other apps and services. For iOS user, this app also allows Apple’s IMessage for sending meal data.

The worst part of this app is when you add the data into this app; it becomes global. It means that the food data entered by the other users may not be reliable. This app is free only when you want to use the calorie tracker feature. For other additional features, you need to require the membership of $9.99.

This app is offering a simple user interface to its users. The user needs to click on the day’s budget to go to the page where he can see the diary of the food eaten so far that day. This app also downloads the recipes directly and get estimates of calorie counts. Then it makes the list of the ingredients of that recipe and cross-checks the ingredients with the nutrition database. 

After that, it gives you the estimate of a calorie per serving of that recipe. You can upload any recipe in this app to see the calorie count of that recipe.

This app also shows the pie chart to breakdown the number of calories you’ve consumed for carbohydrates, fats, carbs, and proteins. With this pie chart, users can compare the diet goals of each day. You can import the data of your fitness gadgets on this app. 

4. Lose It! (Android and iOS)

The name of this app is telling everything about this app. This app helps you to lose your wright. It is having an excellent health tracker, exercise log, and user-friendly food diary. This app is having an inbuilt pedometer and also allow the connectivity with other fitness devices.

This app gives you the suggestion of your calorie intake based on your height, goals, weight, and age. This suggestion can be easily customized. You can see the customized calories on the home screen of this app. Along with that, you can also see your weight loss changes in a graph view. The chart shows data on a daily and weekly basis. 

More About Lose It!

Likewise MyFitnessPal it is also having an extensive food database as well as a list of grocery stores. It is also having the brand name foods and popular restaurants. You can also add the food in, and the cute little icon will represent it. It stores all the food you eat regularly.

You can also add the food with the help of the barcode scanner. You can also set reminders to add your meals and snacks in this app. This app also offers the premium feature i.e., hydration, sleep cycles, body fat, and more. You can also create your challenges to make weight loss.

You need to pay $39.99 for the premium package. With this, you can set more goals and more information, such as carbohydrate, fat, protein, and sodium content in your diet. 

7. MyPlate (iOS)

Although this app tracks exercise and calories, it also tracks your activity. MyPlate will monitor what you do during the day and automatically enters the calories you burn. However, MyPlate is a little different in that it follows what you eat in addition to how much.

This handy app also tracks the number of each product group. So when you’re on the go, you’ll know you’re on a balanced diet. You can view charts that will compare your customized MyPlate meal plan with what you eat. For example, you can easily see whether you should eat more fruits or vegetables rather than empty calories.

MyPlate allows you to enter into personal recipes. For example, if you found a recipe for chili peppers but changed it to make it your own. Then you can add it to your personal MyPlate nutrition plan. And you will get the right nutritional data for that particular recipe.

More About MyPlate

Unlike other calorie counters that provide a fixed calorie count for each exercise, MyPlate has a wide variety of exercises and levels. For example, say you want to do yoga; This app will introduce Bikram, Hatha, and power yoga as an option. By specifying a workout, you will get a more reliable calorie counter.

MyPlate is another calorie counting app. Made by Livestrong, you can keep track of what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! It has an extensive database of food products with more than 2 million food items.

It also helps to track water consumption, monitors your weight and progress over time, creates customized foods and meals, and even allows Use a barcode scanner to scan menu. MyPlate can also give you an individual calorie goal every day.

The app is worth considering because it allows you to add to exercises and even sync with services like Google Fit.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

FatSecret’s calorie counter is an iOS and Android app that lets you count calories in your products. It also allows you to access charts that display your data in a way that’s convenient for you.

Many of these apps require built-in purchases to unlock such features, but FatSecret’s Calorie Counter offers everything for free. It provides a colorful table that splits calories during a meal. It contains all the fantastic features for free.

Next, we look at fatSecret’s calorie counter. One of the advantages of fatSecret’s calorie counter is its design. It has an easy to use user interface with bright colors. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to access most of the app’s features, making it less confusing than, say, Lose It! and MyFitnessPal.

More About FatSecret

It has the most basic function you can expect from a calorie counter – the ability to track your food, exercise (workouts), and your weight. You can regularly update your weight, which will show you a handy graph of how much you have lost or gained over time.

FatSecret takes advantage of the world’s best food and nutrition database, making it easy to track and add your products to your app.

One of the main advantages of FatSecret Calorie Counter is that there is a community to which you have quick access. If you have questions, problems, or you need support in your journey, there are hundreds of people in the community to help you!

MyNetDiary: Calorie Counting App With Flair

MyNetDiary Calorie Tracking is a beautifully designed app with a simple and easy user interface. It is offering clear icons in the food database and colorful control panels. These panels display all your latest data about calories in one place.

MyNetDiary’s calorie list contains more than 600,000 food and beverages. You can also add food records for free on the MyNetDiary website. 

It gives you the option of quick-cooking – for all three meals as well as snacks. There is even tracking carbohydrates and nutrition available with this app. The only thing it does uniquely is that you can also track medications. It’s useful for those who rely on insulin and other medicines for their health. Check it out for yourself below!

More About MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter and Food Diary is an excellent basic calorie counter. You can also get the MyNetDiary Pro at $3.99 on iOS and Android). The Pro update offers a high-quality barcode scanner, as well as more opportunities to track health-related measurements such as sleep time and blood pressure.

Users can also track the lack of vitamins or minerals can monitor the intake of up to 30 nutrients, including calcium, fiber, and iron. There are graphs to track long-term trends and even a section to track medications. The Food Check feature allows you to read facts about nutrition and food to compare options before eating.


 This apps will help you to stay fit and healthy. So what are you waiting for? Download these calorie best counter apps on your phone. And start your journey now to stay fit with these best calorie counter apps

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