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Top 5 Canva Alternatives That You Should Try Once


In this blog post, I am going to share with you the top 5 canva alternatives.

What is Canva?

Canva is an easy to use graphic design tool. Even a child can manage to learn this tool within days and provide some great graphic design. Everyone from beginners to professionals uses this tool to make various graphic designs. You can use their website or app also to design any graphic you like. 

It uses the simple format of drag and drops to make any graphic. You can access any type of photographs or vector images, graphics, and fonts.  

As informed earlier that this tool can be used by a beginner or a non-designer. You can download the graphics you make or you can print those media designs and you can use them anywhere you like. 


So, overall this tool is a great tool to use and it’s one of less time-consuming software which you can use to design any kind of graphics with a great user interface and easy to use drag and drop format. And the best thing about this tool is that most of the features of this software are free to use. So, you should use it to design graphic. 

But sometimes what happens is everyone has a different taste of using software or tools. likewise some people want to have a great UI of the software. And some want free features and different things, depends on the taste of the user. 

At that time we need to have an alternative of tools like canva or we can say alternative of graphic designing software. 


So, here’s the list of different canva alternative. Which we are going to share with you so that you can use the tool you like the most to design your graphics.


So, Top Canva Alternatives are: – 

Like the graphic designing tool “canva”. Here’s the list of best canva alternative, with which you can make different types of graphic designs. And that is without any knowledge of Photoshop and other professional designing software. Here are the best canva alternatives:-

1. Stencil

Stencil is a canva alternative. So, it should be obvious by now that it’s also a graphic design tool. But it mainly focuses on graphic design for bloggers and specifically focused on social media images like for facebook, Instagram and other social media websites. 

The main feature of the stencil is that it will help you to push out the graphics for social media as fast as possible. And it’s so much easy to use. That no one can’t even imagine that how easy it is to design a graphic on Stencil.

But the thing is that with being a graphic designing tool or we can say a canva alternative it also focuses on Marketing of different things.


Stencil has hundreds of templates to choose from and a lot more of other icons, images and features. 

Stencil has a free plan which can let you create around 10 images per month. And if you feel the need of using it’s paid features after using this tool. Then you can get the paid plan starting at just $9 per month.

2. DesignBold

DesignBold is also a graphic designing tool like canva, we can also say that it’s a canva alternative. Which we are looking for in this blog. So, this one is also a Canva alternative. 

Now, most of the things in DesignBold are similar to Canva. But a couple of things are different in this tool.


Some of the things which are differentiate from canva are that it has a larger stock of photos available in it. Which is a great thing. So, if you were having trouble with finding images in canva. Then this canva alternative is the best option for you. 

But it also has the option for getting paid plans to get access to mother tools provided by DesignBold. Likewise, Download PNG, and download PDF to Print and then custom colour palettes etc.  

3. Snappa

So, next on the list is Snappa and this one is also a canva alternative. And is another all-purpose graphic design tool. Which simplifies the way you were designing graphics. Snappa will help you design graphics with the simplest way possible. You can create graphics quickly enough to get your work done in minutes.

Like Canva, you can choose a frame for your graphics. And also you can choose custom dimension as per your requirement and you can quickly create the design. 


Snappa provides you more the 200 fonts and around 3000+ vectors images. And which is a great thing to help you design beautiful images and all. And one of the best thing about Snappa is that you can schedule the time to post the image on your social media.

Snappa’s free plan allows you to download only 5 images per month. After that, you have to get the paid subscription to get the images to download. And the paid subscription for Snappa is around $10 per month. 

4. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is another canva alternative and the thing about this tool is that this one is more focused on the picture editing side not on the full-on designed images. You can do basic things like adding text and adding vector images and other tools are mostly the ones which can help you adjust the brightness, colour and exposures and all.

SO, overall for editing any image this tools is good but if you need something to design a full-proof graphic from scratch then this might not be the best canva alternative. 


5. Adobe Spark

Okay, so this one is a mobile designing app and as the name suggests that this one is a product of Adobe. Yeah! The team behind all the great software. So, now you know how great this app is going to be.

This one is also a canva alternative and the best thing about this app is that this one is also easy to use and very much simplified. So, you can quickly design images for your social media and whip up a great variety of social media images and that is just by using your phone. 


So, these were the top 5 canva alternative which I personally like the most, there are so many other alternatives which you can also use. But these were my personal favourites. So, use these tools and design some great graphics and let us know in the comment section that which one did you liked the most.


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