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Top 100+ Classified Sites in India to Boost Your Sales

Do you know that classified sites in India are having a massive amount of traffic. Majority of internet users access classified sites daily. That’s why classified sites are still popular among users. We can see the classified newspaper, magazines, brochures, banners, holding on the market, and roads. But, classified sites have changed the way we of ads classification.

Classified sites in India provide us easy access to the ads within our comfort zone. These sites are not just user-friendly but also helpful for the business to advertise their products and services to the locals as well as national customers. Classifieds sites are not limited to the industry types.

Any industry can promote their products and services without any hassle. If you are a digital marketer and you are doing digital marketing for a business. Then you should do classified ads to advertise the business. Classified submission is one of the significant SEO activities. It is also helpful in Local SEO for the business.

Moreover, the company can also promote their event with the help of these sites. Classified sites are also getting more popular with businesses because classified sites are providing a cost-effective way of selling products and services.

The best part of classified sites is it is easy to use and mobile-friendly. These sites also help the business to attract potential customers to their sites. Let’s have a look on best classified sites in India

Top Classified Sites in India


Tips to use classified sites

To take full advantage of classified ads, then you have to use classified sites smartly. Success in classified ads depends on category and subcategory you select while doing the classified ads. If you choose the right category and subcategory for your business, then it will help you to earn lots of maximum exposure from the classified sites in India.

If you choose the wrong category for your classified ads – then some of the classified sites in India will not approve your ads. You also have to work hard on your copywriting skills. If you have the best copywriting skills, then you have to make sure that you are writing an attractive ad copy. If you do so, then your classified ads will get more views and clicks then your competitors. Besides, it will also get higher rankings in classified ads sites in India.

Benefits of Classified Sites

Help To Reach Potential customers

If you use classified sites wisely, then it will help you to reach potential customers. If you post your ad to the right category, then it will be beneficial for you. Here is an example when someone search for the business related to your selected category, then your post will also have the chance to get in front of the customers. You can also boost your classified ad post by using their premium services. It will help you to feature your post position in the top of the listings.

Help in Local SEO

If you do classified ads using your local business location. Then it also helps you to boost your local SEO. Classified sites in India are high authority sites, and some of the sites allow you to post your link in the classified ads section. It sends a signal to search engines that your services should be a list at the top of their local listings.

Helps to Get More Traffic

As I mentioned above that some of the classified sites in India are high authority sites. It means that whenever someone searches for particular services over the internet. Then the classified sites appear at the top of search engines. It means that if you have posted your ads inside these sites, then you have a better chance to get in front of millions of visitors.

Free of Cost

Almost every classified site in India is free of cost. You need not pay a single penny when you are going to post inside these sites. You can create an ad for free in these sites. But remember that classified sites allow you to post ads for a limited period. It means you have to make sure that how long you want to put your ads on these sites.

Build High Authority Backlinks

Some of the classified sites in India also provide high authority backlinks. Remember that backlinks created on these sites are not permanent. But it is quite useful in event-based business and seasonal based business. Whenever the company expects that this is the time to boost to get more business, then they can build backlinks on these sites and increase their rankings for a limited time.


All these sites mentioned above will help you to make your local SEO more strong. We have tested all these sites, and all are in working condition. If you are also looking to get more traffic to your website or want to have more customers to your business, then start using these sites. Remember that all the websites are not free. But all the classified sites in India are quite useful. You need to pay some fee, and you will get the desired results within the quickest time. Did you know that sometimes classified sites work better than the PPC ads? If you invest some money in classified ads, then you can get the best ROI. So what are you waiting for start the classified ads now and see the quick results in no time?

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