Excel vs Minitab | Top Which 7 Key Point to Choose The Best


When it comes to statistics software, then we have two rivals, i.e., Excel and Minitab. Most of the time, the students search for Excel vs Minitab to find out the most suitable software.

The reason being that there are lots of similarities between Excel vs Minitab. Therefore it always becomes a tough job for the students to pick the best one between Excel vs Minitab.

If you are also having the same issue, then don’t worry anymore. Because in this blog post, we will share with you the best difference between Excel vs Minitab.

What is a benefit of Minitab over excel in creating bar charts?

Although most of us know that it is quite easy to create bar charts, Excel is far behind Minitab when it comes to Minitab. It is quite easy and flexible to create bar charts using raw data. 


We should also not need added calculations to create bar charts. It has a built-in tool for complex calculations in statistical and graphical analysis.

What are the advantages of using Minitab?

Minitab offers lots of benefits to perform statistics and data analysis operations. It is user-friendly software with lots of additional features. It also provides best-in-class customer services. 

Data analysis is also quite easy with this powerful statistics software. It has the best-in-class user interface that allows the users to draw data from anyone, even without having advanced knowledge of statistics.


This blog will help you to choose the best statistics software without having second thoughts. Let’s have a look at this detailed comparison:-


Excel vs Minitab Comparion in Tublar Form

Base of ComparisonExcelMinitab
Ease of LearningQuite easy to learn Hard to learn
CostCheap as compared with MinitabExpensive as compared with Minitab
Graphical CapabilitiesBest in class graphical capabilities but not good for raw dataWorld-class graphical capability and easily work with raw data
Job Opportunities A large number of job opportunitiesJob opportunities are not as good as excel
PopularityVery popular among usersLess popular among users

Excel vs Minitab


Introduction to Excel

Whether you are a statistics student or enrolled in any other course, we all know Microsoft Excel. However, most of us are not aware of Microsoft Excel. But let’s have a look at an overview of Excel. 

It is the most popular spreadsheet software in the world. It is widely used statistics software by students, working professionals, and small and medium businesses. It is also used for data analysis and data science. 

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It is quite easy to use for beginners. Although for the advanced uses of Excel, you need to have some training. 

Excel also offers the best support to insert all sorts of data easily. Apart from that, you can also perform various calculations in Excel, i.e., financial, statistics, and mathematics. 


It is quite easy to record and analyze numerical data using different functions in Excel. It is the most powerful spreadsheet software with thousands of rows and columns. 

Rows are denoted by numerical values such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. On the other hand, Columns are represented by Alphabets or Alphanumeric values. In addition, the intersection of row and column is known as a cell.

Every single valuable formula is stored in a cell. Apart from that, the cell’s address is denoted by column and row number with a hyphen between them. 

Microsoft itself does not create Microsoft Excel. But later on, Microsoft acquired it and released its initial version in 1987. From its initial release to the current scenario, it is the most popular spreadsheet software globally. 


Even most spreadsheets came into existence in the last few years, but it is still not offering neck-to-neck competition to Excel.

Features of Excel

  • PivotTables
  • Paste Special
  • Absolute References
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Add Multiple Rows
  • Flash Fill
  • Filters
  • Print Optimisation
  • Extend formula across/down

Introduction to Minitab

Minitab is not as simple as Excel. That is why it is not the best software for all the users. The users need to have some training to work with this statistics software. 

It is the best statistics software for six sigma professionals. Six Sigma professionals are most important for the business. Minitab offers the best seamless experience to analyze data. 

Based on their analyses, the company can take the best action for its process. In other words, Minitab is based on quality management techniques. 


For this, the main motive of Six Sigma professionals is to find defects in the product and services. Minitab was released in 1972 by a group of researchers. 

Barbara FR developed it. Ryan, Thomas A Ryan Jr and Brian L Joiner at Pennsylvania State University. 

Minitab Features

  • Extensive preferences and user profiles
  • Measurement systems analysis
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Contour and rotating 3D plots
  • Binary, ordinal and nominal logistic regression
  • Linear and nonlinear regression
  • Random number generator
  • Measurement Systems Analysis
  • Chi-square, Fisher’s accurate, and other tests
  • Exact failure right-, left-, and interval-censored data

Excel vs Minitab Cost

Excel Cost

Microsoft Excel is becoming expensive with every new release. But keep in mind that MS Excel is not a single product to buy separately. It is a part of Microsoft office. 

Therefore in the initial days of Microsoft Excel, it was nearly impossible for anyone to buy it separately. But these days, it is possible to purchase MS Excel separately. 


Now you can purchase MS Excel for somewhere around $129.99 for one PC activation. Apart from that, you can also have a yearly or monthly subscription to the MS office that costs you less than the one-time payment. And you also get free updates with online subscriptions. 

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But keep in mind that you can use Excel on only one single PC at a single time. Although they also have plans for multi-users. 

There are still limitations to restrict unlimited usage. Experience the highest level of spreadsheet software now with a free trial of MS Office.

Minitab Cost

Minitab cost is quite different as compared with Excel. It offers two types of licenses. The first is an annual network license, while the second is a single Named user subscription. 


The Single Name User subscription also offers upgrades to new versions with no extra cost during your subscription. It will cost you around USD 1610. 

Excel vs Minitab Interest Over Time

Blueline is showcasing their interest in Excel. At the same time, Blueline is showcasing the interest of Minitab.

The above graph shows that MS Excel is more popular than Minitab over the last year worldwide. It will remain the same for the upcoming few years.

Excel vs Minitab Ease of Learning


When it comes to ease of learning with Excel, you will find Excel quite easy for beginners because it offers the best in the class user interface. 


Even non-professional users can easily operate it because of its world-class interface. 


When it comes to the ease of learning with Minitab, you will find it a lot, though, because it is not as simple as Excel to perform several tasks. 

Minitab is a lot tough, but you will find it quite easy for you when you start working on it. Keep in mind that it is built for Six Sigma professionals. 

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Excel vs Minitab Training

Excel learning

When it comes to performing basic formulas in Excel, then it is quite easy to achieve. But when it comes to completing advanced Excel formulas, then you need to have some training. 


However, it is quite easy for anyone to start learning Excel for free with the help of some platform such as YouTube. Apart from that, Microsoft also provides the best in class training to its users. 

But it is not completely free, and it is a freemium training, i.e., the mix of free and premium. It means that you need to pay some amount to Microsoft for the activity. 

It is one of the best ways to learn MS Excel because you will find the best support from experts. Apart from that, you can also learn from experts directly with the help of YouTube. 

Minitab Learning

When it comes to Minitab Learning, you will find the best training support from Minitab itself. It is a popular software among Six Sigma Professionals. 


Therefore it is not for an ordinary person, and you need to have six sigma training to start with Minitab. In other words, you need to have prior training with it. 

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For this, Minitab is officially offering many courses to users around the world. And these courses are divided into 2 Categories i.e., Manufacturing and Services. 

You can get onsite training or have online training from the Minitab itself. It also offers E-learning to its users all over the world. Users can also have access to this E-learning platform at any time and from anywhere. 

Excel vs Minitab Online Support

MS Excel Support

Microsoft is a tech giant in the world. And they are known for their impressive online support to their users. Therefore Microsoft also provides the best online support with MS Excel. 


Thus you can experience world-class support with Excel anytime and from anywhere. Their experts are always ready to help with the problems you are facing with Excel. 

Apart from that, they also offer best-in-class community support where you can ask questions and get the best answers to fix your issues by the experts as soon as possible. 

Minitab Support

It is truly unbelievable that Minitab offers better support as compared with MS Excel. It provides the best-in-class support to its users. 

Therefore the users can get the best solution within a short time. Minitab offers support in the form of data set, documentation, downloads, video, webinar, blogs, etc. 


Excel vs Minitab Jobs

Excel jobs

  1. Financial Analysts
  2. Administrative Assistants
  3. Retail Store Managers
  4. Project Managers
  5. Business Analysts
  6. Data Journalists
  7. Accountants
  8. Cost Estimator
  9. Sales Manager
  10. Information Clerk

Minitab jobs

  1. Quality Manager
  2. Project Development Engineer
  3. Sales Management Advisor
  4. Data Analyst
  5. Manufacturing Engineer
  6. Power Supply Quality Analyst
  7. Design Engineer
  8. Process Improvement Manager
  9. Quality Assurance Specialist
  10. Senior Automotive Engineer

Excel vs Minitab Companies Usage


  • Zoteca
  • Softtech Ventures
  • Acho Studio
  • Rosenblatt Securities Inc
  • Quote Software, Inc.
  • Tender soft
  • Conversion Tools


  • 3M.
  • Accenture.
  • Adidas.
  • Adobe.
  • Allianz.
  • Amazon.com.
  • American Express.
  • Anheuser-Busch.

Excel vs Minitab Conclusion

In the end, we can see the comparison between Excel vs Minitab. Both of these are world-class statistics and business software. 

Now you can choose the best one between Excel vs Minitab. We have found that MS Excel is quite popular for Small and Medium Enterprises. 

But Minitab is well suitable for educational, small, medium, and large enterprises. Minitab is so powerful compared with Excel as it offers lots of additional tools. 

Apart from that, when it comes to pricing, then excel is a lot cheaper as compared with Minitab. Excel is used in small and medium enterprises, but it is still used widely and offers many job opportunities. 


You need to have excellent command over Excel. On the other hand, Minitab also offers decent job opportunities. Now take the right decision to choose the best one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of Minitab?

You can use Excel instead of Minitab. The reason being that Excel is quite a powerful spreadsheet application.
And it is the statistics software for data analysis. Anyone can get familiar with excel because of its quite easy-to-use interface.

Can you use Excel instead of Minitab?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that yes, you can use Excel instead of Minitab.
Although Excel is also a paid software, you can have a free version of Microsoft Excel that can be a great alternative for statistical analysis for Minitab.
Excel offers plenty of data analysis Tool-pack Plus. Apart from that, it also has lots of built-in templates for various operations.

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