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Go vs Swift | Top 7 Comparison to Know for Better Coding

Go vs Swift are the biggest rivals of each other. Both of these programming languages are created by the tech giants. Swift is created by Apple Inc, while Google creates go. That is why the comparison of these programming languages can also be known as Apple vs Google. We know that both languages are modern-day programming languages that are powerful and faster enough to perform programming operations. The uses of these programming languages are quite different.

Swift is the programming language that Apple develops for its ecosystem and frameworks. It means that Swift can only be used to develop softwares and applications for Apple OS, i.e., iOS, macOS, and Watch OS. In some cases, Swift can also be used for Linux operating systems. It is a multi-paradigm programming language. It is an object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming language.

On the other hand, Go is a programming language that anyone can use. It is also known as Golang. Google developed it to offer a versatile programming language to the world. Likewise, Swift is also a multi-paradigm programming language, i.e., procedural, functional, and concurrent. Go Syntax is quite similar to the C language but is a great successor to the traditional C programming language in simplicity and safety. Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison between Go vs Swift:-


Swift is the leading programming language to create applications and softwares for the Apple ecosystem. It has many versions of the latest version of this programming language in Swift 4. It is considered as a successor of Objective C programming languages. However, it adopts the best features of the C programming language and Objective C.

It runs on the same runtime environment created for the Objective C system on Mac OS and iOS. With the help of this Swift can easily create apps for the older iOS and macOS versions. Swift doesn’t offer a separate library import used to support functionalities like string handling and input and output of values. It has a unique feature that is used to write and execute code to see immediate results. ‘

It was developed and released in the year 2010 by Apple Inc. To access the playground feature in Swift the developer needs to have Xcode software. It is relatively easy to get started with Swift if you have programming experience with any scripting language. Swift is offering lots of power-packed features.

That is why it is becoming the most emerging programming language in the world. It was created to offer the most powerful programming languages that can cover the significant features of Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Python, and C#. It offers the best feature of modern programming language, i.e., safe programming patterns.

It is relatively easy and efficient to write iOS and macOS apps with Swift. It is providing seamless access to existing Cocoa frameworks. Apart from that, it is also relatively easy to combine object-oriented and procedural programming using swift language.


Go has become one of the leading programming languages for many websites and web apps across the world. Google developed it to offer the powerful and fastest programming languages to fulfill the modern-day web development requirements. Go is also considered as the successor to the traditional C programming language.

It uses a similar syntax to the C programming language but keeps the code more readable and compact. It offers the literal Syntax that allows programmers to facilitate interaction over collection data structures such as strings, maps, etc. The programmer need not get worried about the programming structure with Go.

They can focus on developing the logic in their program because Go and its integrated tools follow the UNIX pattern. Go saves time for the programmers because there is no need to compile the code to run it. The code compilation is the automated process in the Go language. The automation of compilation makes it one of the fastest programming languages of all time.

Nowadays, it has become the first choice of many web developers; they write lots of scripting using Go language. Apart from that, it has also become the leading choice for mobile development. When it comes to web development, you can do many operations with Go compared to any other programming language.

Key Differences Between Go vs Swift

Have a look at the comparison between Go vs Swift programming language. Let’s get started:-


Swift is derived from the Objective C language. It is one of the most complex programming languages because it is built for the Apple ecosystem. It may require more time to learn and master the Swift programming language. On the other hand, the intention behind the Go programming language development is to build a simple and easy to use programming language. Go is one of the simplest programming languages if you are well aware of scripting languages.

Garbage collection

Swift doesn’t have any inbuilt garbage collection feature. But it uses a reference counting mechanism instead of a mark and sweep strategy for garbage collection. On the other hand, Go has automatic garbage collection that makes it the best programming language for beginners.


Swift’s libraries are built for the Apple ecosystem. That is why these libraries are Apple-centric. Swift is also supported by the Linux operating system because of the official Linux port. But there is no official support for Windows. That is why Swift is not a platform-independent language in the world.

On the other hand, Go is an open-source programming language that anyone on any operating system can use. It makes it the platform-independent programming language. You can run it even on a basic desktop computer.


Swift was designed and developed for writing the iOS, macOS, and Watch OS applications. The developers can create any application using swift for the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand, Go is used to develop for writing server scripts and web development. It is used by millions of web developers around the world. And has become one of the major web development programming languages in popular web applications.


Swift syntax is based on objective C, and there is still a possibility that the Syntax will change soon. This language is not in its final version; developers put their efforts into making it easy to use and faster programming languages. Therefore it has more chances to get the more straightforward Syntax in the future. On the other hand, Go Syntax is based on the C language. And it is already on its 1.3 version. If you are well aware of the basic programming syntax, then you may find Go more stable.


The playground is the feature that allows the programmers to compile and run their code at the same time to see the instant results. If we talk about Swift, it has a built-in playground that is quite similar to iPython’s Notebook. On the other hand, Go also has an online Playground that allows programmers to run limited Go programs online subset.

Futuristic Design

Swift is a futuristic programming language. Apple developed it for the long run for the development of iOS and macOS applications. That is why it embraces modern ideas from a programming language design and research. As I have mentioned above, developers are also working on its Syntax to make it easier and faster for programming languages in the future. On the other hand, Go language is based on the past Syntax and rejecting the modern ideas of language design. There is less chance that Google will work on it to make it a futuristic programming language.


Swift was created for the limited and specific use, i.e., only for the Apple ecosystem. It is used by iOS and Mac developers to design and development different applications. On the other hand, Go was developed to offer a faster language for web development and other backend tasks. The use of Go language is more generic as compared with the Swift.


The declaration syntax of the Swift programming language is close to the Rust language. In other words, the declaration syntax of the Rust programming language is quite similar to Rust language. On the other hand, the Go programming language’s declaration syntax is close to Python for the short form and close to the C++ programming language in the long-form.

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We have seen that the comparison of Go vs Swift. Both of these programming languages are the best in their domain. Both of these programming languages have merits and demerits. The programmers can choose one of these programming languages based on their goals, skills, and ability to learn and master the programming language.

If we talk about Swift, then it is the top-down and bottom-up programming languages based on its supported programming paradigms. It would be best to go with Swift when you need a powerful programming language to develop iOS and macOS applications. It has lots of general-purpose libraries that make it the best programming language development by Apple. Go offers the best in class ecosystem for the programmer to write different programs. It has good support for concurrency.

On the other hand, Swift doesn’t have good concurrency support. Swift has lots of type-level features that are similar to C#, Java, and C++. Go offers plenty of generics for maps and arrays and little else in providing only traits for polymorphism. Now it’s up to you to select the best programming language as per your requirements and goals.

You can pick Swift if your goal is to create applications for the Apple ecosystem. On the other hand, if you want to develop web applications, you should choose the Go programming language. Apart from that, Go is more flexible because it is not oriented for any ecosystem. 

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