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Top 3 Best Guitar Tuner Apps To Tune Your Guitar

Hi there, Guitarist! Today I am going to share with you the top 3 best guitar tuner apps. It doesn’t matter if you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Professional level guitarist. If you want to tune your untune guitar.

Then you are going to need a guitar tuner for that. Nowadays, carrying a guitar tuner with you everywhere you go is just so overrated. The reason is everything is getting digital these days. From daily tasks to the things which are getting used regularly.

Like we use google maps these days to reach from point a to point b rather than asking from someone. It was just a small example. There are so many things that are getting converted to digital apps and all. And one of them is a guitar tuner, and these guitar tuners are now converted to mobile applications. So that we don’t have to carry guitar tuners with us all the time, and we can use these guitar tuners anytime, anywhere we need.

That’s a great thing that anyone can tune their guitar and all, anywhere they want. 

I’m also a Guitarist, and the ability to tune a guitar anywhere I like is such a great thing, and I love these apps. But the thing is that we have so many apps for tuning a guitar, Bass Guitar, or a Ukulele. Most of those apps are just garbage and a waste of time. 

So, here I’m going to tell you about the best guitar tuner apps. And I have personally used all of these guitar tuning apps, and I also have my personal favorite app in this list of best guitar tuner apps. 

So, here’s the list of best guitar tuner apps: – 

  1. GuitarTuna 
  2. Fender Guitar Tuner 
  3. Pitched Tuner

1. Guitar Tuna 


GuitarTuna is one of the best Guitar Tuner Apps available on Android and Ios. It is developed by one of the leading Music apps making the company, and that is Yousician. 

This app is one of my personal Favourite Guitar tuner app because of the best User interface this app provides to the users. It is just awesome.

GuitarTuna is one of the most popular tuning apps available on the Playstore and ios. This app provides you tuner for many strings instruments like Bass, Guitar, Ukulele and other Populer String Instruments. It also provides you with over 100 types of Tunings. 

It has over 100 million of downloads and is for Beginners and experts too. This app is so easy to use that anyone can use it, even beginners, and it’s so professional and perfect tuning app that experts can also use it.

2. Fender Guitar Tuner


Fender Guitar Tuner is one of the best essential Guitar Tuner apps from the top leading brand in the field of instruments, and that is Fender itself. 

So, don’t even think of doubting the tuning quality of this app. It is the best free Guitar tuning app available on the Internet.

You can also tune your Bass Guitar with the help of this app. Fender Guitar tuner app provides you with more than 20+ different modes of tuning. 

The best thing about this app is that it’s easy to use, and ti has an ad-free interface, which means no freaking advertisement while using the tuning app. And that is the best thing you can come across. 

It also has an Auto tuning option i.e., and you won’t have to select the string which you are tuning, and for the beginners, that is the best thing. It also has custom tuning modes.

So, this app hears the string you play and the guides you to tune that string on the perfect pitch. 

And these were the reasons because of which the Fender Guitar Tuner app has made it to the list of the best Guitar Tuner apps. 

3. Pitched Tuner


Pitched Tuner is also one of the best Guitar Tuner Apps available on the App Store. Because Pitched Tuner is designed by musicians to help everyone tune their guitars and other string instruments using the microphone of their smart devices. It allows anyone to tune their guitars and other string instruments on the go. 

The pitched tuner is developed by StoneKick, which is one of the best musical app developer companies in the Market.

This tuner app has two special modes, and those are : – 

  • Instrument Tuner 
  • Chromatic Tuner

In Instrument tuner mode, it will show you common tuning modes and will help you tune according to those modes and will accurately get your guitar in tuning. 

But in Chromatic Tuner mode, it will display the closest tuning to which the particular string you must be playing. If you play an A string, then it will automatically show the A in the tuner. 

This mode is useful for other instruments too, like if you are playing some note on Piano or other instruments and you don’t have any idea about that particular note. At that moment, this tuner will help you find the note you were playing. And that is a great thing. So, the Chromatic Tuner can help you in many ways.

So, these were some of the best guitar tuner apps available on the internet or Playstore. I personally recommend all these apps because I have used all of these apps for tuning the guitars. 

By using these apps, you don’t have to worry about the tuning of your guitars because these apps will help you tune your guitars with the best pitch and all sorts of other things.

You can download these apps because the basic tuning modes of these apps are free to use. Just download the apps and give it the microphone access. And you are good to go. Rest these apps will handle. 

Just Enjoy Playing your Guitars and Enjoy Jamming Session with your Friends.

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