How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Wondering how to clear clipboard on Android? Or are you now guessing what a clipboard is? Well, it’s a makeshift storage area where material cut or copied from any application is kept safe for pasting into another file. Copy-pasting a single item for once is fine, but if you cut or copy something important – it’s gone forever. The clipboard is pretty handy when you need to copy a few texts and paste them often.

That’s where the problem arises. A lot of things are stored on the clipboard, including password and credit card information (if you still copy it the unsafe way). Clearing the clipboard once a while will posses no harm. So, let’s see how to clear clipboard on Android.

How to copy-paste on Android

Before jumping directly on how to clear clipboard on Android, we’ll first do a crash-course on how to copy-paste. It’s a relatively easy function that is similar no matter what Android device you are using right now. Go to the text you want to copy. Select the appropriate content and long press on it. You’ll see a small pop-up that has COPY, PASTE, SELECT ALL options. Observe the short video below:

How to clear Clipboard on Android

Assuming that you are now well accustomed to copy-pasting, I’ll tell you how to clear the clipboard on your Android phone. The stock Android doesn’t have a dedicated app that shows the copied items but you are free to download third-party apps from the Google Play Store.

Note that stock Android automatically deletes lumps of data stored in the clipboard so when you copy any next text to paste, the last item that you had copied will be deleted from history.

As the stock android only has the last item you copied and paste, the previous chunk of data is automatically cleared out. After copying any new text to paste, the last item is automatically deleted from history. Now, Samsung and a few other Android phones have an option to open the clipboard. It appears in the same pop-up menu as the COPY, PASTE.

How to clear Clipboard on Android

Another simple method of accessing and clearing out the clipboard is through your keyboard. All the popular Android keyboards have a clipboard option built-in. Let’s take Gboard as an instance. Go to your preferred note-taking app and tap on the clipboard icon that looks like a writing pad with a few lines on it. You’ll see all the recently copied content in it. Click on it once to paste it or long-press on it and select the bin icon to delete it. You can even tap on the pencil icon to delete the items in the clipboard.

Your phone’s stock keyboard, as well as Swiftkey and other keyboards, can execute the same command so you don’t need to scurry and download Gboard.


Where is the clipboard located?

As I have mentioned in the article, there isn’t a location for a clipboard on stock Android phones. However, third-party clipboard apps and keyboards let you access the clipboard.

How do you access the clipboard on Samsung?

If you use a flagship Samsung phone, there’s a Clipboard Edge Screen option for it. Download it from the Galaxy Store. You can also access the clipboard on the stock keyboard. Tap the Customizable key and select the Clipboard key. Long-press an empty text box to get the Clipboard button. Click on the Clipboard button to see the texts you’ve copied.


This is how to clear clipboard on Android. If you own a stock Android phone, third-party apps and keyboards are your only option. You can also check if the stock keyboard has a built-in clipboard option. If you are worried about deleting the clipboard items, do not! Android clears it more often than not.

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