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How to Learn Coding for Free? Top 7 Resources for Help

Programming is one of the most popular and in-demand industries of all time. The need for programmers will not get down because their evolution in technology will never stop. Because of the popularity of the programming, many students have enrolled in many reputed universities and colleges. But joining a programming course in universities may not be the best option until you get the experts’ best guidance.

But remember that everyone is not able to join the expensive courses in universities and colleges. Even some of them are also not able to pay for the online coding course. That is why they are searching for how to learn coding for free. But wait if we want to be a programmer or coder then this is the only need to learn coding?

Maybe not, because coding helps us to improve our logical thinking. And logical thinking allows us to make better decisions. Most successful entrepreneurs worldwide have some coding knowledge and even keep trying to solve coding problems to sharpen their logical thinking. Lets’ get back to our topic again: how to learn coding for free. Let’s get started:-

How to Learn Coding for Free?


Whenever someone wants to learn coding for free with the best in the class learning experience, then the first thing in their mind is Codecademy. Yes, it is the leading and highly interactive coding platform. You can learn to code with hands-on experience to run your code without installing any software or programming language on your system.

It has a built-in coding workplace where you can run your code during your course. You can learn almost everything for free in CodeCademy from HTML to Python, JavaScript and lots more. You need to pay for the advanced courses. But for the foundational courses, you need to pay nothing to Codecademy.


Coursera is one of the most trusted online course platforms in the world. It is offering numerous courses for free from the leading universities and colleges across the globe. It is the leading platform where the users can find almost any course they are looking to get enrolled. It has observed that they are offering more than 1000 times from 119 reputed institutions around the world.

You can learn the fundamentals of anything for free from Coursera because they have numerous free introductory courses of the top universities such as Stanford, MIT, UCLA and many more. In other words whenever you enrolled in Coursera courses then you always get the teaching from the skilled and experienced professors of reputed universities.


EdX is another name of the most trusted and reputed platform to learn online courses for free. It is an open-source platform where the students explore numerous courses for free. EdX was founded by two leading universities, i.e. Harvard and MIT, in the year 2012. There are thousands of online courses that can help you learn cutting-edge technologies without paying a single penny to anyone.

The introductory courses in EdX are available for free. Today edX has more than 53 schools linked with it. You always have a chance with Edx to learn and improve most demanding skills in industry for free. The quality of edX course is up to the mark and the support from the experts anytime without any hassle.


Udemy is the largest online platform in the world. It is offering millions of courses to the users. Their courses are cheap in terms of cost, and sometimes you can enroll in the courses for free. Udemy offers the video courses to the users, and it has the most extensive programming courses collection that is quite helpful for the beginners and the professionals. 


Github is the treasure for programmers, and it is the world largest community of programmers and coders. Whenever any professional or beginner coder is stuck with a problem, they head over to Github to help the other professional coders and programmers. It has over 31 million developers, coders and programmers.

They are always ready to solve any code challenges given by other programmer or coder. They reviews the code, manage the project, work in collaborations to build software. If you are a complete beginners and want anyone to help you in your programming project then GitHub is the best destination for you. Even here you can learn the different ways to solve the same problem.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the largest not-for-profit organisations in the world that is offering the best courses for free to students worldwide. It has the most extensive collection of free video tutorials that help you learn anything with a step by step approach. Here you can learn from basic HTML to the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence codes.

There are lots of introductory courses that are also available at Khan Academy for free. You can easily clear your basics of programming from Khan Academy for free. It is the most trusted website in the world which has served million of students across the world. It also offer coding challenges to the learner to test their skills.

Free Code Camp

If you want to learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, React.js, Node.js, and many more sophisticated and modern technologies, you should join the free code camp. You can find thousands of tutors and professionals who can work together with you to improve your coding skills to build projects for free. In this, you will also learn to solve real-life problems and sharpen your skills to solve the problems.

It is an interactive coding platform where you can learn almost any programming languages and computer technologies for free. Since 2014 more than 40,000 graduates from Free Code Camp and have gotten the job in reputed companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify and many more.


When we talk about how to learn coding for free, there are hundreds of online resources. Some are reliable enough, and some are not, Here in this blog post, we have mentioned the most reliable sources to learn coding for free. You can try any of these resources or group of resources. But keep in mind that don’t try too much at the same time.

You can take your time to try the one resource and then other. I would like you to recommend that you should try the sources within a couple of weeks. Don’t take too much time in the trial period. Try to choose the best resource as soon as possible. All these resources reliable and highly trusted by the students and people around the world.

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