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How to Learn Python For Free From the Scratch

How to learn Python for free is one of the most searched queries by the people. Because Python is one of the simplest and most powerful programming languages of all time, it has opened the ways to learn to program for the newbies and experienced programmers to learn a programming language from scratch.

Because of Python’s simplicity, lots of people show their interest in programming and start learning Python for various reasons like web development, machine learning, data science, and so on. Python is also one of the leading scripting languages globally and is used by millions of people for writing scripts to automate boring work. Python offers various kinds of libraries that are used to perform plenty of tasks easily. 

That is why lots of people are starting to learn Python. But learning Python can be quite challenging and expensive if you don’t know the free resources available to learn Python for free. Here in this blog post, we will go over the best ways to learn Python for free. All you need to be passionate enough to learn Python for free.

I have already mentioned earlier that the students can get plenty of resources for free to learn, but it is always hard for them to get the perfect path to arrange all these resources to learn Python for free. Therefore in this blog, we will share you with the topmost blogs that will help you to learn Python for free.

Some of the websites that i am going to share may not be fully free to you. But I am quite sure that all these sites are offering freemium Python courses to the students. If you are looking for a free resource to learn Python from scratch, this blog post will help you explore Python for free. Let’s get started without wasting your time.

1. CodeCademy

Whenever we want to learn coding for free with a highly interactive interface, then the first website that comes into our mind is CodeCademy. It makes the learning of any programming language highly interactive as compared with any other website. Those experts have the most straightforward approach to teach your Python.

First, they start with the simplest theory of Python concepts; then, they ask you to write code using the same concepts within the inbuilt coding interface. In other words, you need not install Python on your system if you want to learn Python from Codecademy. You need not complete your Python course before writing the code in your browser.

Whatever you have learned, you have learned in Python. You can also make small changes, execute the code, and try some changes to learn more about the concepts. It helps you to learn in a fun way. You can easily cover Python basics from Codecademy for free. Still, if you want to learn the latest Python version, i.e., Python 3, you need to pay a nominal fee to Codecademy to access the course.

2. Udemy

Udemy is not as great as Codecademy. But it is one of the leading online course providers in the world. It has the biggest collection of online courses than any other online course providers in the world. Udemy is offering lots of free courses to the newbie and you can also search for the Python free courses in Udemy. It is quite easy to find an online course on Udemy.

All you need to have a free account in Udemy to access the free courses related to Python. You can easily enroll in the course without paying a single penny to anyone. Udemy is the leading platform for online courses. It allows experts to sell their courses easily. Most of the experts try to keep the course charges free of cost in their initial days to respond from the users, i.e., reviews and social share of their courses.

In this way, you are more likely to get the best quality Python course for free. It is not a platform based on coding, It is an online platform where you can have free and paid video courses, Thus if you can learn from the video content, then Udemy is the best place for you to learn Python for free. You can also have the Python Bootcamp course for Python 3 with spending a few amounts for Udemy.

3. Google’s Python Class

Google is offering free Python tutorials for beginners, and it is known as Google’s Python class. Did you know that the founder of Python is an employee at Google? Yes, Guido van Rossum is working for Google. Now you can have an idea of what Google can offer you in Python with their Google’s Python class. They offer free of cost courses to people who have a little bit of Python knowledge and want to learn Python from scratch.

The course is full of valuable resources; here, you can find well-written tutorials, lecture videos, and lots of coding exercises to practice your Python coding skills. The course is well structured, and also the exercises are based on the level of expertise in Python, likewise you can start practicing the basic concepts of Python like strings, lists, arrays, loops, conditional statements, and lots more.

After that, the next stage of exercises is a deadline with the program, text files, processes, and http connections. Once you get started with the Google python class, then you will start enjoying the course. Google also recommends and uses Python for its projects. Python also uses the same course material to give the training to junior graduate engineers.

Now you can have an idea of what you will learn with the help of this course. Google also updates its course at regular intervals with the new trends in technologies. Of course, all the video is available at Youtube for free, and you can access it anytime. You need not have any specific account to access the course.

You can enroll yourself in the Google Python class with the help of your Google account. In this course, you also learn a Python development environment that is quite complex for beginners, but you can use it for the long run once you get started with it. All over Google Python class, answering how to learn Python for free without spending a single penny.

4. Microsoft’s Free Python Course

Microsoft is the leading competitor of Google in most areas. Therefore if Google is offering the free Python course to beginners, how can Microsoft be left behind? Google is offering Google Python class on their official sites without involving any third party. On the other hand, Microsoft is offering a Python course on Edx.

Edx is one of the leading platforms to provide free and paid courses all over the world. Microsoft’s Python course is known as Introduction to Python” Absolute Beginners. It is a completely free course taught by Eric Camplin, Senior Content Developer.  The course is based on the Jupyter Notebooks that is a browser-based coding editor for Python.

It means that you can practice Python within your browser and during the course, likewise in the Codecademy course. It is a five-week course, and you need to spend 3 to 4 hours of study every week to finish the course within the given deadline. The same course is used to train the entry-level Python developers in Microsoft. If you want to get certified in Python then you need to pay Microsoft for your certification. 

5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the highly trusted online course providers in the world. It is linked with the world’s top universities like Stanford, INSEAD, NUS (National University of Singapore), and many more. It is offering both free and paid courses to people. Coursera is offering free Python courses with highly trusted course material. You can start learning Python with courses like Programming for Everybody and Getting Started with Python.

These courses will help you to learn Python 3 from scratch. You need to have any programming experience to get started to learn Python from Coursera. The majority of students have already enrolled in Coursera to Learn Python. You can also enroll yourself in a Python course. For the quizzes and assignments, you need to pay free to Coursera; apart from getting certification in Python, you also need to pay some amount to them.

Bonus tips

Nowadays, YouTube has become a sensation to get free knowledge anytime and anywhere. Therefore you can also learn Python from Youtube for free. All you need to search for the best Python tutorials on Youtube. Please make sure that the Tutorials are in the series and covers from basics to the advanced concepts.

Lots of Programming channels are emerging that provide free python knowledge to people. I want to say that you need to focus on your skills, not on the certification. In other words, you can grow your Python skills with the help of YouTube videos without spending a single penny. They also allow you to clear your doubts in the comment section.


Now it’s up to you to enroll in any of the courses given above. Some courses are completely free, and some are freemium. So be wise while selecting the best Python course for you. But i would like to suggest that you not need to enroll in all these courses at once. If you do so, then it will be time-consuming and overwhelming for you.

Please choose the best one to power your convenience and learning ability. If you have the prominent learning skills of video content, you should go with UIdemy or prefer YouTube. Moreover, if you want to get educated from a leading university with an online medium, Coursera is the best option. If you love interactive learning, then go with Codecademy.

Apart from that, if you can learn from various resources like text-based content, video, and Q&A sessions, you should go with Google or Microsoft’s Python courses. If you find some problems while learning Python, you can also clear your doubts with Python online communities. In these communities, lots of experienced and skilled programmers help each other to solve problems in Python.

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