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Top 100+ Most Reliable Infographic Submission Sites


Do you know that infographics get more social shares than any other kind of content over social media? Apart from that, Infographics also allow you to get quality backlinks from the high authority websites. Infographic submissions sites play a crucial role to build and optimize the online presence of blogs, websites, and businesses.

Suppose that someone has arrived on your blog and find the exciting infographic at the top of your blog post they will have a look at your infographic. After that, they will read the entire bog based on the infographic. In the end, they will definitely share the blog post.

What is an Infographic

Infographic is nothing by the graphical representation of your blog and article. Anyone can understand an Infographic. It represents the textual information in the form of graphs and charts. The infographic helps the company to keep its users’ interest in their content.

It helps you to create a long message into the short one and its exciting manner. You can convert any boring piece of text into the interesting visual with the help of infographics. Moreover, Infographics are easy to read and eye-catchy. That’s why it is loved by millions of people across the globe.


Human brain processes images 60,000X faster than text. Plus, 50+% of people respond to visuals.

According to Psychology, the human brand finds the visual content more engaging as compared with the text-based content. That’s why we love to see an infographic rather than reading a long blog. As a business, you should use the infographic to showcase your products, services, or expertise. As a business, you want to convey your message to the audience in a more effective way. Infographics help you to achieve it.

What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission is considered as one of the most effective SEO strategies. If you are a digital marketer, then you should know that infographic is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy. Infographic is best for link building.


It does not help you to build backlink instantly. Rather than it helps you to influence someone’s else audience to gain extra attention, it also creates the chance that someone will link to your infographic to grab their audience attention back to their blog. If you create a stunning infographic, then you just nailed the SEO world.


You should keep in mind that you’re going to create an infographic for your audience, not for the search engines. Always generate the infographic that builds a relationship with your viewers. Creating a stunning infographic is a half job done. The next and most crucial thing is to promote it. Promotion helps you to increase your infographic reach to the maximum number of audiences.

So how can we promote the infographic effectively? You can take the help of infographic submission sites. These sites help you to promote your content across the world. Today, I am going to share with you the best among the best infographic submission sites in the world.

Infographic Submission Sites

How To Submit Infographics To Infographic Submission Sites:

Infographic submission is one of the tedious processes. You need to fill up and complete form to submit your infographic in the infographic submission sites. It helps you to distribute your infographic in these sites more effectively. 

  • At the top of every infographics submission sites, you will find a place to wite the title of your infographic. You should be careful about the title. Because in most of the infographic submission sites, the users can only see the thumbnail. After clicking on the thumbnail, they see the entire graphic — that why we have to make sure that our tile is appealing.
  • Then write the unique description of your infographic. Don’t you ever try to copy the description from other sources because most of the infographic submission sites disapprove the copied content? Also, try to write a long description of at least 200 words. 
  • After that, select the category of your infographic. Make sure that you’re selecting the right category.
  • Then click on the submit button to submit your infographics.

Benefits of Infographics

Attract More Traffic

If you create a stunning infographic, then you increase your chance to get more quality traffic to your website.

Social Shares

Infographics also help you to get more engagements over social media. Users love to share the infographic on social media than any other stuff.

Create Backlinks

If someone likes your infographic and embed it into their website. Then you can get a backlink from their websites. Sometimes high authority website embeds the infographic fro other websites. So be careful about the Infigraophic quality.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Sometimes users bounce back from your website because of the boring text-based content. If should have the infographic at the top of your blog post. It helps you to stay your users on your blog post. It also increases the chances that they will read the entire blog post.



Infographic submission sites are quite helpful to promote your infographics. All the website webmasters access these sites to submit their content. If you submit your content on these websites. Then there is always a chance that your content will get noticed by them and they will provide you the quality backlinks.

On the other hand, it also helps to get connected with your audience. Whenever you launch a product or services, then you can create an infographic on it. It helps your targeted audience understands your products and services. Use these infographic submission sites today to get started.


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