Linux vs Ubuntu: Top 10 Reasons on Which Is A Better Option


Do you want to provide security to your system from the hackers’ attack? 

Yes, who doesn’t want this!!

Then you must have comprehensive information about the best options (like Linux vs Ubuntu) available in the market. 

But due to the availability of a number of options in the market can confuse you.


But not anymore. I am here with the best guide on Linux vs Ubuntu. This will definitely be going to help you with your OS queries. Apart from this, I have mentioned which would be the better option for you between Linux and Ubuntu.

So let’s begin with a new concept of Operating Systems. And first, get details about Linux and Ubuntu.

First understand: What is the role of the operating system?

There are three main purposes or the role of using the operating system:

  • It helps manage the resources of a computer system like memory, printer, CPU, and disk drive.
  • OS supports better execution for application software.
  • To establish the UI (User Interface), OS is used.

Overall, we can say that it uses for the better performance and working of a computer system.


What are the top 5 options available in the market for OS?

As I have mentioned, there are several OS, but in my opinion, the top 5 are Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 8, macOS, and Chrome OS. 

Below is a comparison of the top 5 OS. And it is clear that Linux is more popular than other OS. macOS is at the second position, followed by Ubuntu, windows 8, and ChromeOS. 

This data is of the last 5 years at a worldwide level. Apart from this, here is one thing that you have to notice: all of these OS are reducing their popularity in comparison to previous years. And the most drastic fall is noticed in Window 8 popularity.

Let’s get a short overview of Linux and Ubuntu.


It is one of the open-source OS. This implies that the code, that comes with the OS when the user downloads, can be modified. Linux is used for making the changes, customizations, and updations of the code that would be the best fit for your system. 


It is also possible that you can adjust the codes on your own (only if you have enough programming knowledge). Linux considers being one of the most secure OS. But because of the complex details, it makes it less accessible to the users.


Ubuntu was designed for providing a free platform to users and developers. It is also easier to get the Ubuntu’s copy to the user. 

Ubuntu enables its user to use it with another OS without creating any problem. It means suppose you are a Windows computer user, even then you can easily use Ubuntu without switching your Windows software to Ubuntu. Apart from this, it also offers high security to your computer. 

In short, Ubuntu is one of the best options for OS available in the market. Now, let’s check the differences between Linux vs Ubuntu.


Are Ubuntu and Linux the same thing?

No, both (Linux vs Ubuntu) are different OS but some of the features match with each other. The similarities between both are:

  • Both support multithreading and multitasking.
  • They enable multiprocessing.
  • Both are highly secure.
  • They support multi-user access.
  • Both are open-source and free.

Now, the difference between both is Ubuntu belongs to Linux’s Debian family or we can say that it is a Linux-based OS. Being Linux-based, it is accessible at zero cost. 

On the other hand, Linux is quite complicated to use for beginners. Also, the navigation is more complex as compared to Linux. 

But both OS provides high security. Therefore, it is not incorrect to say that both are different OS but have some similar features. You can adapt them as per their functionalities.


Now, let’s check the major difference between Linux vs Ubuntu in the section below.

Linux vs Ubuntu: Major differences in tabular form

OS TypeIt is one of the core Operating Systems.It is one of the distros of Linux.
NavigationFor home users, navigation of some distro of Linux can be complicated.Its navigation is easy and straightforward for end-users.
Best Suited ForMiddle and advanced professionals.Ubuntu is best suited for beginners.
Initial Version ReleasedLinux was released in 1991.It was published in 2004.
DistributionLinux’s distros are mostly based on Linux Kernel.It is one of the Linux Kernel’s distros.
VariationsThe availability of various embedded-based servers is there.There are core, embedded, servers available in Ubuntu.
SecurityLinux offers less security as compared to Ubuntu. But overall both provide higher security than other OS).Ubuntu is the most secure OS.
RobustIt provides more robustness because it has Unix-based architecture.It gets crashed because of the misbehaving of any element.
FlexibilityThe integration and replacement of components are easy.Ubuntu offers more flexibility than Linux.
Community SupportWide community support is available for Linux users.The community support of Ubuntu needs to be developed more.
ReliabilityIt provides more reliability that is why it is popular among businesses.It never shut down even after several times of usage. Therefore, it is quite reliable to use.
Developed ByIt was developed by Linus Torvalds.It was developed by Canonical Ltd.
Need of Coding KnowledgeLinux users must have some prior knowledge of Coding.There is no need for prior coding knowledge.
UsageUsed for desktops, servers, embedded systems, personal computers, and game consoles.Used for server, IoT, and cloud computing.
Ease of UseIts command lines are quite complicated.It is more user-friendly.

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Detailed difference between Linux vs Ubuntu

At the core, Ubuntu is one of the Linux OS. It has changed with GUI, which looks the same as other OS like Windows, macOS, and smartphone systems. 

On the other hand, Linux focuses on the code without the interface’s help. If you want to use Linux, then you have to deal with code that has command lists. Linux is not developed to be user-friendly. It has more barriers as compared to Ubuntu.

If you like to use Ubuntu, go and download it for free at any time and from anywhere. Linux can also be available online so that users can easily download it for use.


Which is better, Linux vs Ubuntu?

Some users are comfortable using Linux as they want to experiment with the command options available in Linux. Meanwhile, others might like Ubuntu as it provides the same experience as that of other OS like Mac and Windows.

The most common and difficult thing that the users face with both OS is the difference in the interface. If you are not much familiar with the style, it takes a while to get adjusted with the things.

Overall, I can say that Ubuntu would be a great option (among Linux vs Ubuntu) for beginners who want to invest in the customization of things. It is quite easier and simpler to make it as you want.

Ubuntu is also useful as it offers security, efficiency with execution, and needs fewer resources to work. In contrast, Linux needs a little knowledge of OS. After this, you can work with code and make changes as per your need.


Finally, I can say that it depends on you and your requirements. Decide your purpose and then go as per the necessity.

Now, look at some questions that might be striking in your mind about Linux vs Ubuntu.

Is there any renowned company that is using Linux and Ubuntu?

Yes, there are various companies that prefer Linux or Ubuntu or both. Some of those are:

What are the tools that can easily integrate with Linux and Ubuntu?

Well, because of the adaptability of both OS, it is quite easy to integrate them with other tools. So, below are some of the tools that can integrate with Linux and Ubuntu.


Are there any alternatives to Linux vs Ubuntu?

Yes, there are!!

Sometimes, there is a need to change the OS. The reason for this can be the complicated interface, complex functionalities, inability to understand the method to use, and more. That is why I have listed some of the alternatives to Linux vs Ubuntu.


And what about the job opportunities and salary package?

Many of you might be thinking what would be a better career option among Linux vs Ubuntu? The simple answer is that both offer various job opportunities and a handsome salary package. Below, I have provided the details about jobs and salaries offered in the UK for a better understanding.

Job opportunities (Linux vs Ubuntu)

Salary packages (Linux vs Ubuntu)

Reviews (Linux vs Ubuntu)

If I talk about the reviews given by several people, Ubuntu is quite preferable as compared to Linux. Even the queries and solutions of Ubuntu are discussed on different platforms (except Linux on StackOverflow). This means people are using Ubuntu more than Linux. Some of the stats of both Operating Systems are as follows:


Final words!!

If we compare Linux vs Ubuntu, then we can say that both are masters for their own purposes. Linux does not require any anti-virus installation as it is the most secure OS. On the other hand, Ubuntu is much easier to use for beginners that come along with security functionalities.

Therefore, it depends on you what would be the best for your project. I have detailed all the necessary information about both Operating Systems. If you still want to know about this comparison of Linux vs Ubuntu or other OS, comment in the below section. 

Apart from this, if you want to get a review of any software, let me know through your email. I will be happy to provide you with the best guide that can solve your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu for gaming?

Linux Mint and Ubuntu offer similar gaming experiences. But Linux Mint needs fewer resources that is why it provides better performance than Ubuntu.


What are the disadvantages of Ubuntu?

Sometimes, there is a problem with Ubuntu OS while playing modern games.
Ubuntu is less popular with new technologies. 
There is less hardware support for Ubuntu Operating System.

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