Most Popular Programming Language to Learn

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#1. Python

Python is the only programming language that doesn't require any in depth introduction to anyone. It is a the ancient programming languages ​​that was developed almost 30 years ago in 1989.

#2. Java

Java is another legendary programming language that doesn't require any introduction. In the past few years it as lost its stardom to be the #1 programming language in the world.

#3. JavaScript

JavaScript is a potent scripting languages ​. and regarded as the top web application development programming language. Or we can say that it is in almost every web apps and website.

#4. C++

It is another famous programming language almost every developer prefers throughout the world. It is very interesting and possesses a history of about 30 years which is why it must be learned

#5. C#

C# is an object-related programming language meticulously designed by Microsoft. It runs perfectly on the .NET platform and is mainly used for developing games and applications for Windows.

#6. Go

Go or Golang is the foremost programming language that has changed the world. Currently almost every website and web application are using Go as one of their primary languages.

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