C++ vs Java | Which one to Choose?

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Java was developed in 1995 by James Gostling at Sun Microsystem. Java’s syntax is quite similar to C++. Even most of its syntax and functions are derived from C++. It is a better than C++


C# is an initiative of Microsoft to create their own version of C++. Thus C# was developed by Microsoft with its .Net framework in 2000. The development team of C# was led by Andres Heijnerg.


 C++ allows you to control memory management by using pointers manually.

Java has built in support for memory management.

Memory Management

C++ is not offering high-quality libraries to programmers.
Java is known for its high-level libraries support of extensive libraries to perform a variety of tasks. 


C++ uses the global file, namespace, and the scope resolution operator to access the methods and data outside the class. 

All the methods and data reside within the class in Java.

Program Handling

C++ code is not that portable because you need to recompile the code on different platforms. 

Java programs can be run on any device without recompilation.


C++ is mainly used for developing operating systems, games, databases, etc. 

Java is mainly used for application programming.

Mainly Used for

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