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Jenny LeClue – Detectivu

When her mother gets accused of murder, it’s up to Jenny LeClue to do whatever it takes to clear her name. The style of the game reflects a slightly-cutesy hand-drawn imagery


When your parents have been experimenting on chaotic servants, wouldn’t your first choice be to run? Not Clea. Especially when those Chaos servants get loose in the building


This game marks the end of the “Devil Came Through Here” trilogy of horror games by Harvester Games, the first one named, “The Cat Lady” and the second one being “Downfall”.

Rescue Lucy 2

In this sequel game, aside from several years passing and the protagonist girl is now all grown up, the basic premise didn’t change much. Girl lets dog Lucy walk outside,


In this supernatural thriller, you play Alex, who takes a small group of her friends (and her new stepbrother) to an island. You then accidentally reopen a ghostly portal

Hello Neighbor

Ever had a creepy neighbor before? You know, the kind across the street, kind of paranoid and strange looking? Well, little Nicky does. And he knows his neighbor is hiding a secret

Night in the Woods

Returning home when you quit is hard enough. But, when the old friends aren’t the same anymore… and neither is the town… And, what’s that figure in the woods?

Little Misfortune

When you constantly find bad luck, you’d say it’s UNfortunate. However, in this game, you play as the character MISfortune. Misfortune is a little girl. Her quest? Listen

Sally Face

Meet Sally Face, a little boy with a prosthetic face whose tragic past and nightmarish fears follow him anywhere he goes. Released in a series of chapters

Fran Bow

Seeing horrifying nightmares jump to life everywhere you go? Dismembered bodies? Malevolent creatures attacking you? Ghosts floating through walls at the moments of least expectation? 

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