Logan Paul
Net Worth

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Paul, Logan $245 million USD is the net worth. Through his boxing contests, Logan Paul has made more than $50 million dollars. Logan 2013 saw Paul acquire popularity after releasing doodles.


On August 29, 2015, Logan Paul launched the Logan Paul Vlogs YouTube channel, which has since grown to be his most popular channel.


In an amateur white-collar boxing battle, Logan Paul faced off against British YouTuber and rapper KSI. He also uploads videos on his own YouTube account.


Million-dollar Lamborghinis and Bentleys may be found in Logan Paul's garage. Recently, Logan Paul bought himself a Lamborghini Urus for more over $1 million USD.

Car Collection

One of the largest social media stars is Logan Paul, who has almost 20 million YouTube subscribers. Through YouTube, Logan Paul has made more than $120 million.

YouTube Income

Five pieces of real estate are in Logan Paul's ownership. In Ohio, Logan Paul is the owner of a 10,000 square foot luxury home. He spent more than $25 million on this house.


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