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Dying Light

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If you like Dying Light but could do without the whole zombie infestation problem, 2016's Mirror's Edge Catalyst should be on your radar. 

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Dying Light isn't a game that always demands calculated strategy, but Killing Floor 2(opens in new tab) downright discourages planning in favour of fervorous,

Killing Floor 2

State of Decay 2(opens in new tab) might be the closest thing to actually surviving in a zombie apocalypse without introducing the T-virus in real life. 

State of Decay 2

Far Cry 5

Where Dying Light succeeds in the high of triumphing over an insurmountable offence of zombies using nothing but a katana and pure will, Far Cry 5(opens in new tab) 

Mist Survival

As the name implies, Mist Survival tasks you with surviving - right from the beginning, but here your goal is not only to survive, but thrive in a zombie-infested world.


If you're in search of a more traditional, even old-school approach to Zombie horror, look no further than Zombi(opens in new tab), an intensely atmospheric

World War Z

If you prefer your zombie hordes fast and furious, with an eclectic team of survivors by your side, World War Z should not be overlooked. It's the only modern iteration 

Dead Island

Techland's first stab at the zombie apocalypse came by way of Dead Island, initially released in 2011. And while its rough edges don't compare favorably to Dying Light

Days Gone

There are two types of survivors in the zombie apocalypse: the teammate and the lone wolf. If you fancy yourself the latter, Days Gone(opens in new tab) offers a solely single

The Last of Us 2

If you haven't played The Last of Us or The Last of Us 2, let us tell you: it's incredibly important that you do. Whether or not you're a Dying Light fan

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