Top 10 Games Like Shadow of Colossus 

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Darksiders 2

Death, one of the fours horseman of the apocalypse,is on a journey to to prove his brother’s innocence of crimes. Ride Despair across the vast open areas of the worlds


A land without light is where Ashen takes place. Wander the barren land and make relationships to grow the size of your camp. Fight monsters, cooperate with others and forage new items


150 foot giants threaten the land, it's your job to defend mankind. Rescue refugees and defend cities from destruction as you fight off the giants and their minions.

Monster Hunter: World

Create your characters and take part in exploring the land for the research commision. Go on quests to collect items and fight monsters of many kinds both docile and aggressive.

Shadow of Mordor

You and your family were captured and sacrificed, although you survived by merging with someone else. This is the story of getting revenge for your family.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Being sleep for 100 years, you wake up to Ganon causing destruction across the land. Journey to all four of the major nations and gain tools and abilities

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The land has robotic creatures at every turn, as a hunter, it’s your job to take out as many as you can. Of course, you can loot them for valuable resources to craft many items.

The Witcher 3

Hunt down fiends as Witcher the monster hunter. Make use your magic spells to inflict status or damage foes alike. Slay humans and monsters with your powerfully equipped swords

Dark Souls 3

The age of dark is about to fall upon the land of Lothric. A chosen one must journey to perform a ritual to rekindle the first flame and keep the age of fire alive. 

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Choose between Alexios and Kassandra and enter the world of ancient Greece. Try to piece together your family after being abandoned as a child.

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