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Ring Fit Adventure

Similar to Wii Sports, Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise video game that was released for the Nintendo Switch. You can complete many different challenges in Ring Fit Adventure

Creed: Rise To Glory

With the popularity of motion controls and virtual reality games growing, it's not too surprising that many motion control fighting games have been created. 

Carnival Games

Carnival Games is a party game that won't ever stop being fun, which is why it's been released for many different platforms over the past decade. 

Wii Sports Resort

If you enjoyed the original Wii Sports, then you're in for an even better exercise adventure with Wii Sports Resort. This game is fantastic, and it introduces a plethora of new sports

Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

There have been many versions of Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games released throughout the past few decades. However, all of them give you the same Nintendo charm 

Kinect Sports

The Wii has a large selection of sports games that feature motion control capabilities. However, the Xbox Kinect is also a great platform for motion control games,

Echo VR

A more modern and unique addition to this group of games, Echo VR is the most immersive Frisbee game that's ever released. In this virtual reality title, which is free on Oculus platforms

Sports Champions

Sports Champions is the PlayStation Move's version of Wii Sports, as it adds many unique sports and bundles them together for use with the PlayStation Move camera and motion controller

Just Dance 2021

Just Dance is a long-running franchise with many fans behind it, and it's even better in its most recent title. You have to dance along to its expansive catalog of songs

​​​​​Beat Saber

Hold onto your lightsaber because you're about to hear about what may be the most unique rhythm game ever released. Beat Saber is a VR video game 

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