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You may have seen reports that certain freelance hackers can earn a cool $500,000 or more by beating cybercriminals at their own game. So-called “bug bounty” firms 

Bug Bounty Specialist

This is the executive chiefly responsible for an organization’s information and data security; and the bigger the organization, the bigger the paycheck.

Chief Information Security Officer

This is described as a job for top coders and programmers with leadership skills, “a rare breed,” according to Cybersecurity Ventures, 

Lead Software Security Engineer

This job is listed as #4 among Best Technology Jobs and #40 overall by U.S. News & World Report, which cites a median salary of $95,510. 

Information Security Analyst

An information security or cybersecurity architect earns an average of $140,820, according to the InfoSec Institute, which describes the role as performing senior-level work 

Cybersecurity Architect

Also known as information security managers and information systems security managers, the professionals in this role earn salaries of between $125,00 and $215,000, 

Cybersecurity Manager

The professionals performing this critical job are often called “ethical hackers.” More and more large organizations are hiring full-time employees or third-party contractors 

Penetration Tester

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