Top 5 Uses
of MS Excel

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Data Entry & Storage

Data entry is one of the most common tasks done with MS Excel. It can contain millions of data without any hassle. Excel worksheet contains almost 1,048576 rows and 16,348 columns.

Business Data Collection

MS Excel is the best among the best. It has some excellent features such as cleaning up data, removing incomplete or duplicate entries, etc. 

Accounting & Budgeting

It offers a variety of features that help in the accounting and budgeting. It has built-in templates that can be used in accounting and budgeting. 

Data Analysis

Excel is one of the preferred software for data analysis. In data analysis, you can have a large amount of data and draw useful insight from the data.

Data Visualization

Excel is one of the leading software of data visualization. It has lots of charts and graphs. You can use the raw data as well as the pivot tables to create charts and graphs. 

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