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Matlab vs Mathematica | Which Is Better And Why?

MATLAB vs Mathematica are not close competitors of each other. But the students are still confused about which one is better for them. MATLAB is one of the best programming languages for robotics and computational programming. On the other hand, Mathematica is the genetic programming language. In this blog, we are to clear your doubts about MATLAB vs Mathematica. Let’s start with the introduction to these programming languages. 

Introduction to MATLAB

 The full form of MATLAB is a matrix laboratory. It is widely used for numerical computation. MATLAB offers a multi-paradigm programming environment. You can use either an object-oriented programming language or a procedural programming language. It is widely used for matrix manipulation, algorithm creations, UI creation, robotics, and many other tasks.

MATLAB is used by more than 4 million professionals around the world. MATLAB was developed in the year 1970 by Cleve Moler at the computer science department at the University of New Mexico. The initial version of MATLAB was specially designed for the students. But later on, a massive number of people from applied math also showed their interest in MATLAB.

That is the reason Jacklittel, Moler, and Steve Bangert rewrote MATLAB in the C language. In this they founded Mathworks. Nowadays, Matlab is widely used for linear algebra, robotics, image processing, engineering, and scientific tasks. You can find both kinds of interfaces with MATLAB i.e., the command line and the graphical user interface.

With the GUI interface, no programmer can also operate MATLAB without programming knowledge because most of the task is done in MATLAB with the help of its toolbox. MATLAB functionality is not limited to the default toolbox. You can also extend its toolbox with the help of some additional packages.

Introduction to Mathematica

It is also known as Wolfram Mathematica. It is the most powerful software that is used to solve modern technical computing problems. It offers a complete environment for technical computing. It is widely used for neural networks, data science, data visualization, image processing, and many more. Apart from that, it is also used for scientific, mathematical as well as various computing fields.

Mathematica is software that runs on the Wolfram programming language. Mathematica is widely popular among students, educators, and innovators because of its computing environment. You can either run Mathematica on your computer browser or install the application on your computer.

In both cases, you can enjoy the full functionality of Mathematica. Mathematica offers 5000+ built-in features for technical computing. It is quite easy and convenient to accomplish lots of tasks in Mathematica, thanks to its powerful algorithms.

It also offers an automated work environment to automate repetitive work. There are lots of technical computing tools, but no other offers an easy-to-use interface like Mathematica. It is the only software that uses GPU computation, which makes the GPU utilization better.

There are more than 180 file formats supported by Mathematica. It also offers APIs and database integration, IoT integration, and cloud integration. You get the 360-degree technical computing environment with Mathematica.

Mathematica vs Matlab (Tublar Form)

Mathematics offers fast development.Matlab offers slow development. 
It is quite simple to write Mathematica code.Matlab code is quite complex and not beginner-friendly.
It offers slow code compilation. Code compilation is slow.Matlab offers faster code compilation.
In Matlab, the programmers have a notebook-like interface that is quite similar to the actual notebook.The Matlab interface is not even close to a notebook.
Mathematics does not offer the best GUI.Matlab offers a world-class GUI that is quite easy to use.
Mathematica uses its central database with Apla to perform complex queries. Matlab is quite independent to perform 
It offers a simple and convenient way to write mathematics functions.It is designed to do the parallel computation to do vector form operations.
Mathematica has a computer algebra system. Matlab has a two-dimensional array system.
Mathematica packages are not free to use for the users because these packages are built centrally. Matlab offers a large number of packages for free.
Mathematica is not good for simulations. Matlab is best for simulations. 
Mathematica code is quite complex enough and cannot be shared. Mathematica offers the best code readability and the ability to share the code.
Mathematica is quite good to solve matrix problems.Matlab makes it quite complex to solve matrix problems.
Mathematica offers infinite precision.Matlab doesn’t offer infinite precision.
Mathematica is the first choice for academics.Matlab is the first choice for industries.
It has a lazy expression and different language support. That is why it doesn’t go to the end any sooner. Matlab has lots of competitive open-source programming languages. That is why it is not attracting lots of users.  
Mathematica is a good choice for mechanical engineering. Matlab is a good choice for control systems and simulations.
Mathematica has decent documentation but it is not as great as Matlab.Matlab is well documented by the company. 
Mathematica is not offered combined design tools. Matlab has the best support for design tools like CAD/EDA. 
Mathematica allows the best support for data science and machine learning.Matlab doesn’t have the best support for data science.
Mathematica offers the best platform to write web applications.It is impossible to write web applications using Matlab. 
Mathematica doesn’t allow debugging mode.It is quite easy to debug the code in Matlab.
It is not possible to do code visualization in Mathematica.Matlab always offers code visualization. 
Mathematica offers the best support for hardwareMatlab offers a limited number of hardware options. 
It is not offering the best user support.It has the best user support.
Mathematica is quite complex. But once you master it as then you can easily solve any complex problems. Matlab is quite easy to master. As it offers the best documentation and easy to use interface. 
Mathematica can be used in many applications. Matlab is limited to a few applications. 
Mathematica doesn’t have the best support for prototyping. Matlab offers the best support for prototyping programs or algorithms.
Mathematica is not good for big data and analytics. Matlab is best for AI and big data. 
There is not a single alternative to MathematicaThere are a lot of alternatives to Matlab. 
It is not possible to call other language programs using Mathematica. It is quite easy to use other programs and languages using Matlab.
Mathematica is the best choice for experienced users and scientists. Matlab can be the best choice for students, industrial workers, designers, and many more.
It is written in C/C++ and Java.Matlab is written in many languages and also with itself.

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What is Mathematica vs Matlab?

Here is this blog post we are going to compare Mathematica vs Matlab. Although they are best at what they offer to the users. But still, some students are not able to pick the best one between them. Therefore we are going to introduce the difference between Mathematica vs Matlab. Here we go:- 

MATLAB vs Mathematica


MATLAB is powerful as compared with most of the software and programming languages. But when it comes to the comparison between MATLAB vs Mathematica, MATLAB is not that powerful. 

On the other hand, Mathematica is one of the most powerful software in the world. It is used for almost every activity in the computing field. It has a huge number of algorithms that make it more powerful than most computing software in the world.


Matlab is one of the best programming languages for image processing. It offers the best programming environment for image processing and robotics.if you want to edit the programming code of Matlab, then you need the external code editor.

On the other hand, Mathematica also offers the best programming environment for numerical work. You can also use Mathematica for more programming work. You can edit code in Mathematica using its built-in code editor.

Learning Curve

It is quite easy to learn MATLAB as compared with Mathematica. But when it comes to advanced programming in MATLAB using a command line, MATLAB can be quite hard to learn. But if you want to learn MATLAB, then their official site provides you with some resources to get started with MATLAB, such as documentation, tutorials, examples, videos and webinars, and training.

On the other hand, learning Mathematica is quite steeper as compared with Matlab. There is lots of online learning material available for the programmers to get started with Mathematica. Likewise, Matlab, their official site, provides the best resources to learn Mathematica, such as documentation, introduction to Mathematica, videos, books, webinars, training, and summer programs.

Programming Paradigm

Both of these programming languages provide a multi-paradigm environment for the students. But the programmers prefer procedural programming in MATLAB. On the other hand, the programmers use Mathematica as the procedural, functional, modular, and object-oriented as per their requirements.


MATLAB offers the best user interface to its users. It offers a toolbox where you can find lots of tools that can help you to perform almost every task in MATLAB. But the toolbox makes the UI of Matlab quite complicated for the programmers. On the other hand, Mathematica is not offering any toolbox because its interface is quite cleaner than Matlab.


It is the end of the battle between Matlab vs Mathematica. I would like to say that MATLAB and Mathematica both have their pros and cons. But when it comes to graphics, both of these programming languages offer the best in class graphics. You can also run these programming languages on any operating system.

So, in the end, I would like to say that Mathematica offers more functionality than MATLAB. It is quite slower than MATLAB, but you can wait for some time to get the benefits of all the functionality of Mathematica. MATLAB is also one of the most expensive programming languages. It also costs you more than MATLAB with less functionality. 

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