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Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2021


Programming is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. There are hundreds of programming languages in the world that offer unique features to programmers. We can’t use all the programming languages to fulfill our programming and development needs because every programming language provides specific features to the programmers and developers.

As a new programmer or developer, everyone is looking for the most popular programming languages to learn first. Here in this blog post, we will look at the most popular programming languages in 2021. In this blog post, we have listed the programming languages based on the number of job opportunities and the pay scale for the programmers, coders, or developers. Let’s have a look at these programming languages.

Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages


Python is now one of the highest-paid programming languages in the world. It is the only programming language that offers you lots of jobs that you can expect from a programming language. After the boom in data science, Python has become one of the most in-demand programming languages, and data scientists are willing to learn this programming language.

That is why Python has become the most popular programming language in the world of data science. Apart from that, Python has also great integration with the latest technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and many more. It also allows the users to integrate with some other programming languages such as C, C++, and Java.


Python is quite simple and easy to use; it is another reason why Python has become the most popular programming language among beginners. It is an open-source programming language and offers plenty of libraries for free. That is why it has become the first choice for startups, and they are hiring Python programmers and coders at a decent pay scale.

Python is becoming more popular with every passing year. Nowadays, almost every tech giant is using Python as one of the core elements in their Backend. Python has opened lots of ways for programmers. You can either be a web developer, data scientist, software developer, ethical hacker, or many more with Python’s help. And you will surely get a decent pay scale with the Python background.


JavaScript was treated as a standard client-side scripting language for many years after its launch. But soon, JavaScript has become one of the leading scripting languages for both the client and server sides. JavaScript offers various FrameworkFramework that is used to create web applications, games, and most influential websites. Some of the popular JavaScript frameworks are Node.js, React.js, angular.js, etc.


JavaScript also offers a variety of add-ons that extend the functionality of JavaScript. Because of its powerful frameworks, the demand for JavaScript is getting higher than ever before. If you have a good command over any of the javascript Frameworks, you can have a good pay scale. Nowadays, JavaScript is used to create mobile applications, web applications, etc. Apart from that, with the help of Node.js, you can also create browser-based applications easily.



JavaScript is still one of the most popular programming languages. It is the most powerful and highly secure object-oriented programming language. It is still popular because it is quite flexible and can fulfill many programmers’ requirements. Java is used to create client-server applications that are used by large corporations. The program written in Java can be run on any system that supports Java.

Java is based on the phenomenon that is “write once, run anywhere. Java is also used to create business applications, desktop applications, android applications, and many more. Nowadays, the demand for Java programmers certainly has gained a boost. Because it is used to create a custom data warehouse like Hadoop, that is why the companies are hiring Java developers to develop and maintain their data warehouses. Apart from that, it is also used to perform a variety of data science tasks.


C# is the customized version of C programming developed by Microsoft. It is the faster and most secure version of C. It is used to create Microsoft’s .NET framework applications such as browser plug-ins and mobile devices, and many more. C# has enough data types that are used to perform a variety of operations efficiently.  It also offers a codebase that is a library of massive numbers of codes.

C# is Microsoft oriented programming language that is why Microsoft provides a decent pay scale for C# developers worldwide. It has one of the steep learning curves while dealing with errors is quite complicated in C#. It is also not flexible for non-windows-based platforms. But keep in mind that it is the programming language use to create apps and games for Microsoft. And we know that Microsoft has one of the largest user bases in the world.



When it comes to hardware-based programming or coding, then no one is better than C programming. C is known as the mother of programming languages. It has also offered the foundation for modern programming languages such as Python, Ruby, and PHP.  It is one of the fastest programming languages in the world. You can easily debug, test, and maintain C programming code.

C is a procedural programming language. That is why you may not find comfort with this programming language because it is different from the modern programming language. C can be run on any platform, i.e. any electronic device in the world. It is used to create embedded devices for automobiles, medical devices, home appliances, etc.

Nowadays, most automobile companies are switching to electric cars and electric two-wheelers. That is why C programmers’ demand is back in trend and makes it the most popular programming language. 


C++ is the first object-oriented programming language in the world. It is the extension of the C programming language. It is an exceptionally flexible programming language that can be run on multi-platforms systems. With time programmers have developed a large set of libraries and compilers for the C++ programming language.


It makes C++ more useful than ever before and makes it easy to use programming language. That is why C++ has become the leading programming language. It is use to create desktop applications, sophisticated computer games, and mathematical simulations. C++ is still the first choice of many corporations to develop their system applications. And they are paying decent salary packages to the developer.


Go is developed by Google as its leading programming language. It is quite an efficient, readable, and secure programming language. It is known as a system-level programming language. Go is the preferred choice for the distributed system. Go has a massive number of libraries and extensive documentation.

It is the leading programming language to develop those applications which are used to process massive amounts of data. Some tech giants such as Google, Netflix, Twitch, and Uber are using Go in their Backend where they need to process massive payments of data within every microsecond. It makes Go one of the most popular programming languages in the world.


R is the first-ever statistics programming language in the world. It is best for statistical computation, statistics analysis, and machine learning applications. R is also the preferred programming language for data science by Microsoft. It is an extensible programming language that can extend itself with libraries, packages, and modules.


R is the leading programming language in most companies to analyze massive amounts of data sets. That is why the demand for R developers is getting higher. You can perform almost any statistical operation with the help of R programming. It is the programming language that is created by the statisticians for the statisticians. In the world of statistics, the popularity of R will remain the same until the next and better programming language is developed.


Swift is the modern programming language that is developed by Apple using objective C. It is widely used to create apps for Mac and iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch. Swift offers a highly readable syntax, runs code quickly, and is used for both the client-side and the server-side development.

Swift doesn’t provide a massive number of resources to work. But it is the preferred choice by Apple for iOS and macOS apps development. Apple is hiring Swift developers with a decent pay scale. Apart from that, small companies also hire swift developers for macOS and iOs development. That is why it is on the list of the most popular programming language.


PHP is the leading scripting language in the world. It offers a variety of frameworks that are making it a more popular choice among web developers. PHP is one of the oldest scripting languages in the world. It offers a large ecosystem with a massive number of libraries and automation tools that make it easy to use.


It is also easy to debug PHP code. Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, etc. use it. If you have a good command of the PHP framework, you can have a better PHP opportunity. Some of the most famous PHP frameworks are Laravel, cake. Zend etc. The demand for the Laravel framework is higher than any other PHP framework.


Now you have seen some of the most popular programming languages in the world. This list can be long enough to put Scala, Ruby, Matlab, and other popular programming languages in this list. But for now, all the programming languages mentioned above not just offer you a decent pay scale, but these programming languages will remain in the terms for many years.

Be ready to learn any of these programming languages to start your journey as a coder, developer or programmer. Keep in mind that programming languages are keep developing to fulfill the needs of modern day technologies and upcoming technologies. That is why you should develop your skills with your preferred programming language.


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