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High Authority Profile Creation Sites to Build Quick Backlinks

There are millions of profile creation sites over the internet. Let’s find out some of the leading high authority profile creation sites to make quick backlinks.

If you are a digital marketer or an SEO then you might be aware of profile creation sites. Although if you aren’t an SEO or digital marketer you come across plenty of sites in your daily life from social media to ecommerce, government portals, educational portals and many more. All of these sites ask you about your details including your personal or professional website. Thus profile creation sites are not new for us. We have been indulging with these sites since the origin of the world wide web. Nice Joke! Of Course not, in other words, whenever we start browsing the internet we come across these sites.

What is Profile Creation?

Profile creation is a method to create your personal profile or your company profile on different websites or the internet. It is one of the famous methods of digital marketing because it helps the website or brand to get an initial boost with minimal efforts. The basics of profile creation is similar to every website. But when we talk about the advanced methods then it is slightly different from site to site. Let’s move on to the next i.e. what is a profile creation site.

What are Profile Creation Sites?

Profile creation sites are those websites which help you to make your online presence in the world. It is one of the best ways to get do-follow backlinks from the high authority websites. Whenever you start your link building campaign then you should start with the profile creation. It is the easiest and most effective way to start. Profile creation sites are not limited to any specific niche or category, you can create your profile on business listings, social media websites, Q&A sites, web 2.0 sites, blogging sites and many more. Although these kinds of sites are endless in the world.  

Do follow profile creation sites list

How to create profiles on high pr profile creation sites?

Follow these steps to create high-quality backlinks from the profile creation sites:-

Select the best profile creation sites

It would help if you started with the high authority of profile creation sites. There are hundreds of profile creation sites over the internet. If you start with the high authority sites, it will help you create your website authority in less time. So be careful while creating your first few profile links.

Use Revant details

Don’t try to use fake identities on these sites. You should always use the relevant details of your blog, website, or yourself while creating the profile. Try to use the easy to remember username,  full name of yourself, your genuine email ID, and a tough password—the easy to remember username helps the visitors to remember your username on these sites.  For brand profile you need to add Company Name, address, phone number, official email address, official site link, company descriptions and social media links to showcase your popularity and availability.

Sign up and verify

I have mentioned that you should use the relevant information. Now use this information to sign up on profile creation sites. After that, verify your account with the help of emails or the registered phone number. 

Login and Edit your details

After verifying your details, this is the time to log in to your websites and start editing your profile details. In most of the profile creation sites, you can find the section to add your social media links, the description of your site, blog, yourself, and your website link. Also, add the relevant image of your business, blog, or yourself. Now save the details, and you’re done with the profile creation. 

What are the benefits of profile creation sites

Build Brand Authority

Having a solid profile over a high Pr profile creation site always leads you to build brand authority. The best part of these sites is that you can also build personal brands over there. But keep in mind that you need to be active enough on these websites to build your brand. You can’t stop after creating your profile. It is the initial stage to create a profile then you should engage with your audience for better brand authority.  

World Wide Presence

Almost every profile creation site is accessible all over the world. The traffic ratio on these sites can vary from country to country. But these sites are super helpful to build your online presence. The more you give the value from your profile to users. The more you have a chance to make your presence to the wider audience.

High Quality Backlinks

It is quite easy to earn high authority backlinks from the profile creation sites.  These sites are usually high authoritative sites. And some of the sites do follow backlinks to the users. All you need to search for the homepage section or the links section within profile creation sites.  Keep in mind that sometimes you need to go down deep in the settings for the link section. In some cases you can find the link insertion within the about  section.

Higher Conversion

Sound wierd? Maybe yes that if profile creation sites are that much powerful then why brands spend their time and money on paid ads and SEO? But you should know that if you build a personal relationship with your audience and you become an influencer for them then you can sell them anything with a higher conversion rate. Keep in mind that the product should be relevant to your profile. You can sell a deodorant from a tech based profile.

Free Traffic

We have seen that if you have a powerful social media profile then you have more chances to get free traffic from these sites. Likewise from Quora and Instagram you will always have a chance to generate free and valuable traffic from social media. All you need to have a decent profile over social media to get the traffic. The more users can trust you the more you have a chance that the users will click through your homepage link and navigate to your website.

Low Spam Score

Spam score is the term defined by Moz. It is not an official term provided by any search engine. But it is just a term that is used by Moz to showcase that the backlinks are earned from the low quality sites or the sites banned by Google search engine. There is not any proof that the high spam score will restrict you to rank higher, but in terms of SEO no one will try to get the backlink from your site because of the high spam score. In this way you can’t make a connection with the other sites. Therefore you should utilize the high authority profile creation sites to low your website spam score easily. Keep in mind that either it is a do follow link or a no follow link, all these links will help you to lower your spam score.

Things to avoid while creating the profile on profile creation sites

  1. Never create profiles on unauthorized and low quality profile creation websites, because it will affect your website badly.
  2. Never use fake details in your business or personal profile because it will affect your authority and trust.
  3. Don’t add irrelevant details on your profile. You need to add only those information which can be helpful for your audience.
  4. Don’t add too many links on your profile. Having too many links also misguides the users.
  5. Never connect with the irrelevant users over these sites.

Types of best profile creation sites

There are lots of dofollow profile creation sites in the world. But here we have categorized them into a few category:-

Social Media Sites

There are tons of social media sites and these sites always ask for your profile. Even you can’t do anything without having a profile over there. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit etc.

E-commerce sites

You can browse products on e-commerce sites without having a profile. But when it comes to checkout then you need to have a profile. Some of the popular ecommerce sites are Amazon, ebay etc.

Classified Sites

Classified sites are also a type of profile creation sites. Here the business and even the individual creates their profile to sell their products and services. Some of the most popular classified sites are Gumtree, Craigslist etc.

Q&A Sites

Q&A sites are the best profile creation sites where you can show your expertise by answering the relevant questions over there. Some of the best Q&A sites are Quora, Ehow etc.

Business listing sites

These types of profile creation sites are only for the business. Here the business creates their profile and lists themself to these sites. Some of the best business listing sites are Crunchbase, Clutch etc.


There are a lot of benefits of profile creation sites. Profile creation is the most reliable and trustable way to build high authority backlinks. It also helps Google to understand your active presence over the web. It also helps you to target a wide range of audience over multiple social media networks.Do you know that these sites help you to improve your social media engagements? 

Maybe not, but yes, these sites are super awesome to enhance your social media engagement with the help of new users. If some of the users of profile creation sites visit your social media account and find it interesting enough, then they would like to like, comment, and share your content with their friends and family. In this way, the profile creating sites enhance your social media engagement. Here is the complete list of profile creation sites for 2021. If you think that I’ve missed any high authority profile creation sites, you can mention it in the comment section below.

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