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Top 8 Programming Languages for Android in 2022

Nowadays many students are searching for the best programming languages for android. But they are confused about which language to choose.

Android is one of the leading operating systems for smartphones. The majority of users have android smartphones. Nowadays, we are addicted to smartphones and check them many times a day. Android offers the best-in-class user experience to the audience.

Smartphone has become an essential part of our life. Nowadays teenagers are addicted to their smartphones. Apart from that, we all use the smartphone in our daily life. It is used to create connections, obtain information, and do a lot more with our smartphone apps.

Do you know how these apps are developed by programmers? There are lots of programming languages for android that can help you to develop high-end android applications. But there are multiple programming languages for Android.

Therefore it is quite important to select the best programming languages for Android. So without wasting further time, let’s have a look at some of the best programming languages for Android.

Best Programming Languages for Android


A few years ago Java was the official programming language for Java. It is also one of the oldest programming languages in the world. It is an object-oriented general-purpose programming language. It is widely used to develop high-end mobile applications and is also supported by Google.

Java offers the best community support to its users. Most of the Play Store apps are built with Java. If you have any problem with Java then you can take the help from Java community. Java is not an easy programming language to learn for beginners.

It has some complex topics such as constructors, null pointer exceptions, concurrency, checked exceptions, and many more. It also offers Software Development Kit for android that is quite complex for beginners. But after spending some time with Java, anyone can good command over Java.


Kotlin is now the official programming language for Android. It is declared the official language for Android App Development by Google in 2019. Now it can be used as an alternative to Java. Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that is quite useful to develop high-end Android App Development.

It was introduced as the secondary official language for Android in 2017. Kotlin interoperates with Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin is a modern-day programming language that removes the superfluous features of Java i.e. null pointer exceptions.

Apart from that it also eliminates the use of semicolons at the end of each line of code. It is quite easy for beginners as compared with Java. If you want to be an Android Programmer then you can start with Kotlin. 


C++ is also one of the best programming languages for Android development. It is a high-level programming language. It uses Andoird Native Development Kit to develop high-end Android applications. It is hard to create a full-fledged application using C++.

NDK is used to implement parts of the app in C++ native code. It helps in using C++ code libraries for the app as required. C++ provides less flexibility to develop Android applications. Therefore it leads to more bugs and increases the complexity. But once you get good command over C++ then you can develop a sophisticated Android application with C++. 

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C# is one of the most powerful programming languages for Android. It is quite similar to Java programming. It also offers garbage collection to minimize the chances of memory leaks. C# also has a cleaner and simple syntax as compared with Java.

That is why it is quite easy to code with C#. In the initial days of C#, it was only used for the Windows system to develop an application for .NET Framework. But now we can use C# to develop an Android application with Xamarin and Visual Studio. 


Python is one of the best programming languages for Android. It is a high-level programming language that is used to develop apps for cross platforms. But you can’t use Python code directly to develop Android applications.

But you can use Android App Development Kit to develop high-end Android Applications. There are lots of tools available that can be used to convert Python apps into Android Packages. Kivy is one of the leading open-source Python libraries used for developing mobile apps. It also offers rapid application development. 

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

We can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create android applications. But for this, we need to use the Adobe PhoneGap framework that is powered by Apache Cordova. With this framework, the developer can use develop cross-platform applications.

It is quite easy to develop a basic Android application using the PhoneGap framework. But if you want to develop a high-end Android application then you need to have a good command of JavaScript. But it will require a lot of effort to develop high-end Android applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you still want to develop Android apps using these technologies then you should learn React Native. It is an open-source framework that can be easy to develop high-end hybrid applications for Android as well as iOS. 


Dart is not a popular programming language for Android. The reason was that most of the developers were not aware of Dart. Other than that the dominance of Java programming also hides Dart from the developers. But it is one of the most powerful programming languages in the world.

It is an open-source programming language that powers the Flutter framework. Nowadays lots of developers are getting aware of Dart. It is the best programming language to develop beautiful and high-performance applications for cross-platform devices. The best part of Dart is that it is developed by Google and they also optimized it for rapid application development.

It is quite easy to create best in the class user interface with Dart and also develop a backend with some of the outstanding features such as hot reload and many more. Another best part of Dart is that it is quite compatible with ARM and x64 machines which means that you can create an application for almost every device using Dart. 


Corona! Yes, I am not talking about Coronavirus. Corona is not a programming language, but it is a framework. It is used to develop Android Apps using Lua. It works with two operational modes i.e. Corona Simulator and Corona Native.

Corona framework is used to integrate the Lua Code with an Android Studio project to build an Android application. Lua is not a powerful programming language and has some limitations. But it is quite simple as compared with Java and easy to learn.

It is a framework like WordPress that offers various assets and plugins to develop high-end applications. It offers best-in-class graphics capabilities to develop Android applications. 


There are multiple programming languages for Android. But these are the best among the rest. There are various types of Android applications on Playstore. Therefore all the apps are different from each other. Thus you can use any specific language to develop all kinds of applications and games for Android.

Therefore you should learn a couple of programming languages for Android. Because if you do so, then you can be a better Android developer. You select the programming languages based on your object and preference of your project.

In the end, I would like you to suggest that explore more of these programming languages for Android to be one of the finest Android developers. 

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