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Top 7 Best Programming Languages for Data Science


Data science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. There are millions of students around the world who are enrolling in data science courses. But before the students get started with data science, they should know that there are a few programming languages for data science. And the students should master at least one of the data science languages.

If you are not well aware of these programming languages, then this blog post is for you. Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 10 data science programming languages in the world. All these programming languages are kept emerging; therefore, none of these data science languages will be outdated within a decade. Let’s start the blog post:-

Programming Languages for Data Science

1. Python

Python is considered one of the most effective programming languages for data science. It is one of the simplest programming languages in the world. Anyone can get started with Python easily with little to no knowledge of the programming language. It is an open-source programming language; thus, you need not spend a single penny to get started with Python programming.

It was developed in the year 1991, and it is a multi-paradigm and dynamically typed programming language. Most programmers use it as an object-oriented programming language. It is quite faster to perform data manipulations using Python. Apart from that, there are numerous packages for data processing and data learning in Python.


It is the best programming language that can be integrated with other programming languages easily. It is also quite a handy programming language to collect data from various sources and tools. Python offers numerous libraries for managing image and textual data, data mining, neural networks, data visualization, and so on.

Pandas is one of the best and free libraries in Python for data analysis and data handling. Apart from that, NumPy is used for numerical computation. SciPy is used for scientific computation, and Matplotlib is used for data visualizations. 

2. Java

Java is also one of the most powerful programming languages for data science. There are thousands of libraries in Java that make it the best data science language. It is a quite useful programming language to create dashboards and stunning data visualizations. It is a versatile programming language that is capable of handling multiple tasks at once.


You can also embed electronic devices, pos systems, IOT devices, and web applications. Hadoop is also developed and run on Java. By the way, data science companies are looking to create their Hadoop version, which is why the demand for Java developers is also getting a boost. Java is quite a secure programming language, and you can also scale up this programming language easily. There is many data science software such as Weka is also build with Java.


3. Scala

Scala is one of the modern programming languages for data science. The major motive of Scala design and development is to address the issue occurring with Java. Scala is one of the most powerful programming languages used for web development to perform complex machine learning algorithms. It is providing strong competition to Python programming.

Scala is an object-oriented programming language. You can also do concurrent and synchronized processing with Scala. Apart from that, it is also capable of handling big data queries. It is the best data science programming language.

Scala is an open-source programming language that runs on JVM. The data scientist uses this programming language to handle a huge amount of data. It is a strongly typed functional programming language. Apache Spark is one of the leading data science tools that is written in Scala.

4. R

Are you a statistics lover? If yes, then you probably love the R programming language. It is the first-ever programming language in the world that was built by the statisticians for the statisticians. It was developed to solve statistics programming faster with the help of programming. R is an open-source programming language.


And widely used for statistical computation. It also allows you to create almost every graph and chart; thus, it offers the best in class data visualization to the data scientist. There are many libraries for data science in R. You can perform almost any data analysis operation with R programming. R is not that easy to get started, but once you spend some time learning R programming.

Then it offers endless possibilities to data scientists and programmers. R has more libraries than any other programming language to manage and analyze the data. It also offers some of the most powerful libraries for machine learning. Ggplot2 is the leading library to perform data visualization in R. Apart from that, dplyr is the best package for data manipulation.

5. SQL

SQL stands for structured Query Languages. It is one of the best programming languages to manage data in websites, web applications, mobile applications, etc. It is also the best programming language for data science operations. There are numerous database applications in the world.

And the data scientist needs to interact with these database applications to get the data. That is why data scientists need to have enough knowledge of SQL to deal with database management systems. There are numerous SQL databases available globally, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.


6. Julia 

Julia is one of the best data science programming languages because it is developed to provide the best numerical computation speed. It is a high-performance language for computational science. Julia is developed to implement mathematical concepts such as linear algebra etc. Apart from that, you can also use this programming language to deal with matrices.

Julia can ve used for the backend as well as front-end development. When the data scientist has a massive amount of data and wants to execute it faster, the data scientist goes with Julia. It is even faster than C programming. Now you can have an idea that how faster Julia is as compared with R and Python. Even though it is 30 times faster than Python. Julia also offers one of the easiest syntaxes. It offers the best in class GUI to the programming to code easily.


If you don’t have any idea about MATLAB, you miss one of the best programming languages for data science. It is a multi-paradigm programming language. It was developed and distributed by MathWorks. Therefore it is a paid programming language. Apart from that, it requires a powerful CPU and GPU to work in its full potential.

It is the numerical computing language and used for academic and other industries. MATLAB is the popular programming language among mathematicians to perform sophisticated mathematical and scientific calculations using MATLAB. It is also an ideal choice for image processing.


That is why it is the best data science language for the data scientist. It has a wide range of functions for statistics and machine learning. There are numerous possibilities with MATLAB for data science.


Now you have seen some of the best programming languages for data science. All these programming languages have some pros and cons. But when we talk about the best data science language, Python is the best. It has a massive number of packages and libraries for data science.

A massive number of programmers also make their contribution to making this programming language more powerful every month. It has been observed that more than 80% of data scientists around the world prefer Python as their primary language to perform data science operations.


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