Programming Languages for Hacking

Powerful Programming Languages for Hacking in 2020

There are a large number of programming languages for hacking. But here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss ethical hacking. It is the most demanded profession of the 21st century. Hackers are becoming more dangerous with every passing year. We always come to know about the system being hacked by hackers.

Nowadays, hackers are targeting social media networks of well-known personalities around the world. The hackers also try to hack the database system of massive websites and large firms’firms’ company database. That is why medium and large corporations worldwide are investing massive amounts of money and time on their web securities. That is why the demand for ethical hackers has gained a particular boost.

Ethical hackers are those hackers who prevent the system from being hacked by hackers. They usually do penetration testing to find the bugs and loopholes in the security systems. The most common operating systems used for this testing are Kali and Parrot. Ethical hackers should also have the knowledge of scripts and programming language for hacking. Let’sLet’s get started without wasting more time.

Programming Languages for Hacking

1. Python

Python is a general-purpose programming language. Many of you may be aware of Python’s crucial uses for data science, machine learning, and modern technologies. But only a few know that it is a leading programming language for ethical hacking. It is known as the defacto hacking programming language. Python is also a scripting language, likewise PHP.

That is why it is used for writing hacking scripts, exploits, and malicious programs. Python offers a massive number of tools that are known as offensive tools. These tools help ethical hackers in the rapid development of the prevention software and testing of web applications, networks, and systems. It is a relatively easy programming language to start ethical hacking and fulfill all ethical hackers’ requirements.

Python offers a massive number of modules for hacking that are ready to use by hackers. It also provides the OS module to target a specific operating system. The ethical hackers also prevent the ip address from being hacked by the socket module, scripting modules, and other ready-made modules by Python. If you want to learn programming languages for hacking, then go with Python straightforward.

2. Java

I have heard that Java has lost its legacy in many programming debates because of the modern and high-performance programming languages. But Java is one of the evergreen programming languages in the world. It has extended itself, and now it has become one of the leading general-purpose programming languages. Java has come with a motto that writes once and runs anywhere.

It means that you need to write a java program on any system, and you can run it on any different system. In other words, it is offering cross platforms capabilities. Due to its flexibility, it has become one of the leading programming languages for hacking. Java is also a leading programming language for android; that is why it is also a crucial language for hackers to target or prevent android devices and apps.

It is also a leading programming language for web servers such as Apache Tomcat and Spring MVC, and many more. Java is one of the most powerful programming languages for hackers to perform identity thefts, create botnets, and even perform malicious activities. Java is the best programming language for hackers to target mobile devices.

They use social engineering to read confidential information like messages, contacts, call logs, and even send messages from the phone. Java is quite complex to learn, and you need to invest your time to learn Java for hacking.  Once you invest your time to learn Java for hacking then you can hack almost every devices that is running on Java.

3. Ruby

Ruby is one of the leading programming languages in the world. It is as simple as Python and offers almost the same syntax as Python. It is widely used for web development. Ruby is one of the leading programming languages for scripting, and it can be used to write small and large scripts. The Metasploit penetration testing framework is also based on Ruby.

It has become one of the most popular programming languages for ethical hacking. It is influenced by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp. It is quite an easy and powerful programming language in the world. That is why ethical hackers prefer Ruby over other programming languages for hacking such as Python, Java and C++.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript has become one of the most powerful scripting languages in the world. In the initial days of JavaScript, it was used as a client side scripting language. But after the development of Node.js, it is now widely used in the backend development of websites and web applications. JavaScript offers a higher privilege in web explorations.

And it is used to hack the web applications because JS is now a standard backend scripting language for most web applications. It is the most popular language that is used in cross-site scripting attacks. Apart from that, lots of hacking tools such as Burp Suite is also based on JavaScript. JavaScript has become one of the leading programming languages for hacking because of its flexibility. It is quite challenging for beginners at the initial stage, but when they spend some time with JavaScript, they can even master it.

C Programming

C is an ancient programming language of the world. It is known as the mother of all modern programming languages. It is a low-level programming language that is the most critical in the hacking community. C is the foundation of almost every operating system in the world. C language works on the hardware level. It means with the help of C programming, you can control practically every hardware of any device.

It allows hackers to manipulate security and machines. It is a highly portable programming language and can be used on multiple platforms. It is also used in Exploit writing and development. To be an ethical hacker with C programming, you need to understand the essentials of C programming.  Once you understand it then you can hack almost any hardware level machines.


SQL is the abbreviation of Structured Query Language. It works with the database to insert, delete, and modify data in the relational database systems. Some of the popular database softwares are MySQL, MS SQL, DB2, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. It is one of the favorite programming languages for hacking. SQL has made it super easy to query and fetch information from the database systems.

SQL has direct access to the database where the company stores valuable information such as credentials and personal data. It is quite hard to attract SQL without the complete knowledge of SQL. The most common hacking practice using SQL is SQL injection. With this techniques the hacker can easily get into the database that is accessible with SQL.


PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. It is one of the leading scripting languages in the world. Some of the modern-day CMS, such as WordPress and Drupal, are also built on PHP. PHP is used with the MySQL database. If you have in-depth knowledge of PHP, you can do a lot more with this programming language. Most of the personal websites in the world are based on WordPress.

PHP is also a leading programming language for hacking. It is a server-side scripting language that is why it allows hackers to build server hacking programs. It is used for server manipulation. If you have in-depth knowledge of PHP, then you can easily hack WordPress based websites. It is quite easy to hack those websites which are still running on the older version of PHP.

C++ Programming

Likewise, the C programming language, C++ is also the leading programming language for hacking. Millions use it for ethical hackers around the world. C++ is having the capabilities of both the low-level and high-level programming languages. That is why most ethical hackers around the world love it. The hackers need to do some reverse engineering to bypass the C++ activation schemes.

There are millions of hacking softwares build with C++ programming language. You can also build your custom hacking program with the help of C++. Almost all the activation removal tools are made with the C++ programming languages that bypass the activation of the paid softwares or even in Windows operating systems. 


Perl is one of the most preferred programming languages for corporate tools. Perl is not the most popular programming language for hacking. But still, it is used to hack some of the old systems that are running on Perl. It is also used to hack Unix based software.

It is used to build exploits in building payloads and backdoors. Perl can also be integrated with some of the most popular databases. That is why it can be used to hack database applications. Perl is also used to manipulate Linux text files. 

10. LISP

Lisp is an excellent programming language for hacking of all time. It is popular among the old school ethical hackers. LISP is not an easy programming language to learn; that is why modern day hackers don’t prefer LISP and start learning Python and Ruby for hacking. But LISP is the most significant programming language, and if you know LISP as a hacker, you will have great respect among the hacker’s community.

It is a machine independent programming language. Therefore, you can curate the hacking programs without worrying about architecture. It provides the best implementation of convenient macrosystems and to develop powerful exploited and payloads. Apart from that, the complete I/O library and extensive control structures of LISP allows the hackers to build compelling hacking tools.


These are the topmost programming languages for hacking. But keep in mind that ethical hackers should not stick with a single programming language. You should know a couple of programming languages to be an advanced ethical hacker. Apart from that, you should also have intensive knowledge of computer technologies such as networking, databases, and many more.

Every system has its different concepts to be getting hacked by someone. That is why ethical hackers should be aware of computer technologies to prevent the system from getting hacked. Apart from that the world of hacking is keep changing with every passing years. Therefore the ethical hackers should update their skills every the new technologies.

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