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Python vs Go | Which is The Best Modern Programming Language

Go vs Python is the most searched term over the internet because both of these programming languages are contributing to modern-day and future technologies. Let’s find out the difference

Python vs Go is a crucial comparison for the students who want to choose the best programming language between these programming languages. Python is one of the oldest programming languages globally, but it is still popular and widely used by programmers. On the other hand, Go is a modern programming language. It is also known as Golang. It is used for system applications and programming.

On the other hand, Python is used for web-based applications and database applications. It is widely popular for data analytics and data science. Python is a multi-paradigm programming language, while Go is a functional and procedural programming language. Apart from that Python is also an imperative and reflective programming language. In contrast, Go is a strongly typed programming language. 


It is one of those programming languages that doesn’t need any introduction. The initial version of Python was released in 1991. It was designed and developed by Guido van Rossum. The intention behind the Python development was to develop the easy to improve code readability. That is why the Python Syntax is easy to read and understand without any special symbols.

It is a dynamically typed and interpreted programming language. Python is an open-source programming language. It is a multi-paradigm high-level programming language. It has been observed that Python has motivated lots of people to learn to code. Python syntax uses indentation to indicate code blocks.

Go Lang

Go is the short form of Golang. It is one of the most popular modern-day programming languages. It was designed and developed by Google in the year 2007. The co-founders of Go programming languages are Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is a statically typed programming language that helps to catch bugs at compile time. There can be some chances that the code can contain bugs, but it eliminated serious bugs in later production.

It is a compiled programming language and also an open-source programming language that is maintained by Google. Go is derived from the C language which is why it is a part of C-Family programming languages. It has an in build garbage collector that is used to handle memory leaks. The intention behind the development of Go is to offer the most readable and faster programming language. It supports Procedural, functional, and concurrent programming paradigms. Go syntax is based on the opening and closing braces.

Should I learn Go or Python?

There can’t be a straightforward answer to this question. Because you may know that Python is quite slow as compared with Go. Apart from that Go is also a modern programming language. However, Go came into existence because of slower programming languages. But there is a problem with Go that it is quite stricter with its syntax and formatting. On the other hand in Python, you can have slow speed but it is quite easy to learn a programming language.

Python is a versatile programming language. Therefore it allows more opportunities for better career options. And also quite easy to learn as compared with Go. On the other hand, I can’t neglect Go. You can also learn Go if you want a faster programming language. And have enough patience and skills to learn C-like programming languages. It also allows for some great career opportunities. 

Go vs python speed

Go is the fastest modern programming language. It is based on C programming. That is why it offers a faster speed as compared with Python. In most cases it offers 40 times faster speed than Python. There is a reason that Python is an interpreted programming language. Whereas Go is a compiled programming language and its code compiled rapidly. 

Go vs python performance

From the performance point of view, both of these programming languages provide the best performance. Although Go is almost 40 times faster than Python. But it is not all about speed. It is also about the various tasks you perform in these programming languages. Some tasks can be performed efficiently in Python while some tasks can be easily done with Go. But if we talk about APIs responses then Go is a clear winner in this comparison of golang vs python.  

Go vs python web development

Both of these programming languages offer the best in class web development. These programming languages offer concise and readable code. That is why it is quite easier to do web development in both of these programming languages. Although these programming languages aim at problem-solving rather than wrangling with the code.

Python is a dynamically typed programming language and it increases developer productivity. While Go is more verbose and runs more characters of code to achieve the same functionality. Although the bugs can be caught at compile time in Go rather than at execution. The developer can select the best one at their convenience. 

Go vs Python Trends

Go vs Python Popularity

Companies Uses Python

  • Uber Technologies
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Shopify
  • Spotify

Companies Uses Go

  • Uber Technologies
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Shopify
  • Slack
  • Robinhood
  • Twitch

Pros of Python

  • Great libraries
  • Readable code
  • Rapid development
  • Large community
  • Elegant
  • Great community
  • Dynamic typing
  • Great standard library
  • Scientific computing
  • Great documentation

Pros of Go

  • High-performance
  • Simple, minimal syntax
  • Fun to write
  • Easy concurrency support via goroutines
  • Fast compilation times
  • Statically linked binaries that are simple to deploy
  • Simple compile build/run procedures
  • Backed by google
  • Great community
  • Garbage collection built-in

Cons of Python

  • Still divided between python 2 and python 3
  • Performance impact
  • Poor syntax for anonymous functions
  • Package management is a mess
  • Too imperative-oriented
  • Hard to understand
  • Dynamic typing
  • Very slow
  • Not everything is expression
  • Explicit self parameter in methods

Cons of Go

  • You waste time in plumbing code catching errors
  • Verbose
  • Packages and their path dependencies are braindead
  • Dependency management when working on multiple projects
  • Google’s documentations aren’t beginer friendly
  • Automatic garbage collection overheads
  • Uncommon syntax
  • Type system is lacking (no generics, etc)
  • Collection framework is lacking (list, set, map)

What tools integrate with Python?

  • Django
  • PyCharm
  • Flask
  • Sentry
  • CircleCI
  • Datadog
  • Rollbar

What tools integrate with Go?

  • Sentry
  • Datadog
  • Rollbar
  • Auth0
  • Hugo
  • Bugsnag
  • Traefik

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Python vs Go Comparison Table

Below is the list of points, Describe the comparison Between Python vs Go

Go offers procedural and functional programming paradigms. It is also a concurrent language. Python offers multi-paradigm programming. 
Go is a statistically typed programming language. Python is a dynamically typed programming language.
It is more system language that is used to write system programs. But nowadays it is used for web applications for better performance.It is used to write web-based applications. Other than that it is also used in data science, machine learning, data analytics, and many more. 
It has great support for memory management.Python lacks proper memory management.
Go also offers great support for debugging to find the bugs in web programming.Python only checks the bugs at run time because it is a dynamically typed programming language. 
It is not an object-oriented programming language that doesn’t support classes and objects. It is not a fully object-oriented programming language but it supports classes, objects, and other OOPs functions. 
Go programming is quite similar to C++. That is why it requires more code to perform the same number of actions. Go syntax is based on the opening and closing braces.Python does not require a large amount of code. It can perform the same functions with fewer code as compared with Go. Python syntax is based on the indentation to indicate code blocks.

Python vs Go

Below is the top 6 Comparison Between Python vs Go:


Python is quite a slow programming language because it is a scripting programming language, and it needs to be interpreted before the execution of the code. On the other hand, Go is developed for faster speed. It doesn’t require anything in the run time. It is offering a similar speed to C/C++ programming languages. Now you can have an idea of how much faster Golang is.


When it comes to simplicity, then both of the programming languages are close enough. Python is known for its simplicity, and it offers easy-to-understand syntax that makes it more readable. It is also a flexible programming language, which means that you can easily modify the Python code without any hassle.

On the other hand, Go is a modern programming language that comes with clear syntax. Google launches it with proper planning; that is why it doesn’t contain any unnecessary components. 


If we talk about security, then Python has a better security feature than Go. It is a strongly typed programming language. That is why it is a compiled programming language and comes with a security layer. The code written in Python is quite secure.

On the other hand, Go is not a secure programming language. Every variable in Go must have a type associated with it. It means that the details can’t be let away by the developer. Therefore it leads to the changes for bugs in the final code.


Python is one of the well-known programming languages in the world. There are tons of libraries available in Python for different purposes. You can also have the third-party libraries supported in Python. It has libraries for machine learning, data science, web development, data analytics, and many more.

And the best part is that the new and improved libraries are kept adding in Python. Go is a modern programming language, and it has a limited number of libraries. But as soon as Go is going to be popular, then Go will also have enough libraries for different functionality. However, Go is improving every passing year.


Python is the leading programming language to solve data science problems. It is also used in modern-day technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more. It is also the preferred programming language for web application development. On the other hand, Go is the best programming language for system programming.


Python is a simple programming language when you use it for some basic to intermediate programming tasks. But it becomes more complicated when you need to build a complex system with Python. Even in some cases, if you are stuck in a problem with Python then it can become more challenging for you to get out of this problem. Sometimes the simplicity of Python makes it more complex.

On the other hand, Go can never become complex because it is specially designed for simplicity, and you can use it for complex projects without having any trouble. You can build a complex project rapidly with Go.


In contrast, both Python and Go have some pros and cons. It depends on your understanding ability and your area of interest. These programming languages are quite readable. Even beginners can easily understand these programming codes.

These programming languages also offer cross-platform compatibility. That is why you need not have any special operating system installed on your computer.  Python is a general-purpose programming language used for various purposes such as web development, animation, graphics, machine learning, and data science.

On the other hand, Go is used for networking services. Python is quite similar to pseudocode; that is why it is used for algorithms and data structures. Go is one of the fastest programming languages in the world. It is easy to write and comes along with Go doc to automatically generate documentation that making it quite easy to use for the programmers.

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