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Python vs Scala | Top 5 Points to Select The Best Programming Language for Beginners


Python vs Scala is not a very popular comparison because Python is a simple programming language, whereas Scala is quite hard to learn. But the reason to compare both of these programming languages is that both are quite powerful. So here in this blog, we are going to cover a depth comparison between Python vs Scala.

Which is better to learn Python or Scala?

Python is always better to learn as compared with Scala. It offers less typing, new libraries, fast prototyping, and several other new features. On the other hand, Scala is an object-oriented programming language with all object-oriented functionality. 

Is Scala a dying language?

No, Stata is not a dying language; instead, it is one of the growing languages. It is not as rapidly growing as Python, but its growth pace is steady enough. Scala is improving at a rapid pace, and its users love the updates provided by Scala.

What is Python?

Python is the best among the best programming languages in the world. It is a multi-paradigm programming language with dynamic semantics. It has best-in-class built-in data structures, libraries, modules, and packages. Python is the leading programming language for Rapid Application Development.


It can easily interact with other high-level programming languages and modern programming languages. It can also work as a scripting language in web development technologies.  It has best in class framework such as Django, Flask, Zope etc.

Python is quite popular among programmers. It offers simplicity, best-in-class support, and many more other facilities for free. Once a programmer starts working on Python, they don’t want to switch to other languages.

What is Scala?

Scala is the most powerful high-level programming language in the world. Scala is the acronym of Scalable Language. It is a general-purpose programming language. It combines the features of functional programming and object-oriented programming. The best part of Scala is that it runs on Java Virtual Machine, i.e., JVM. And it incorporates existing Java code and Libraries.


It is simple to use because it is quite easy to find errors in Scala. Apart from that, it is concise and provides code readability. It is quite easy to debug, compile and run programs in Scala as compared with other languages.


Scala developers elaborate on these concepts quite easily. As a result, it is quite easy to avoid bugs in complex applications, and you can easily build high-performance systems. Scala also offers a best-in-class ecosystem of libraries to perform various operations.

Python and Scala Comparison Table

Have a look at some of the best points of comparison between Python vs Scala.

Point of ComparisonPythonScala
ScalabilityPython doesn’t have best-in-class scalable feature support. But you can divide the larger projects into small segments to work on large-scale projects with Python.Scala offers best-in-class Scalable feature support.
Machine learningPython has libraries for Machine learning and proper data science tools and Natural Language Processing (NLP).Scala doesn’t offer any tool for machine learning.
TestingIt is quite tough to do testing in Python because it is a dynamically typed language.It is quite easy to do testing in Scala because it is a statically typed language.
CommunityPython has a larger community as compared with Scala. There are millions of developers working with Python to make it more powerful. Its open-source community allows the developer to interact with each other easily.The Scala community is quite compact as compared with Python. Scala also offers an open-source community. But it has fewer members than Python in its community.
Data ProcessPython is not good at processing huge amounts of data. Because data type is decided at the run time and consumes lots of time.It is quite easy to process huge amounts of data using Scala.
TypedPython is a dynamically typed programming language. Therefore no need to specify objects in Python.Scala is a statically typed programming language. Therefore you need to specify objects in scala.
Ease of LearningPython is quite easy to learn because of its simple syntaxScala is quite tough to learn as compared with Python
PlatformPython is full of interpreters. It has a separate interpreter for every OS system call and library.Scala code is always compiled before execution. Therefore it doesn’t require any interpreter for system calls. Scala is based on JVM therefore its source code is in Java bytecode. That can be run on almost every system which has Java installed.
SimplicityPython is quite a simple language as its syntax is quite similar to Plain English.Scala is quite difficult for programmers as it is not as simple as Python’s syntax.
ConcurrencyPython does not have very good support for multithreading and concurrency.Scala has best in class support for multithreading and concurrency because of its asynchronous libraries and reactive cores
Type of SafetyPython is dynamically typed and highly prone to bugs because it shows all the errors after interpreting the code. Therefore whenever you make changes in the existing code then there is always a chance that you will get bugs. It is the best choice for small-scale projects. Or you can divide the large projects into small ones to use Python.Scala is a statically typed language. That is why it is quite easy to catch the errors at completion or compile-time errors. Therefore you can easily work on the existing code to make it better using Scala.
PerformancePython is an interpreted language therefore it puts an extra burden on interpreters at runtime. It needs to decide which type of data types are used in the program.Scala is a compiled programming language therefore it doesn’t put any extra load on execution time and offers almost 10x faster speed than Python.

Python vs Scala Popularity

In this image we can clearly seen that Python is remain #1 programming language whereas Scala is on 20th position and it is slipped almost 3 position in past one month.

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Python vs Scala Interest

In this image blue graph is indicating Python and red graph is indicating Scala. From above image we can say that Python is more popular than Scala.


Python vs Scala

Python vs Scala performance Performance

If we talk about performance, then Scala is quite powerful as compared with Python. It is estimated that Scala is almost 10 times faster than Python. Moreover, Scala uses JVM during runtime, giving it more speed than Python in almost every case. 

Python is a dynamically typed programming language that reduces its speed. Most of the compiled programming languages are faster than interpreted languages. Python spark libraries need lots of code processing to perform operations. Therefore it offers slower performance as compared with Scala. Scala works best in class performance with limited cores. Scala is native to Hadoop as it is based on JVM. 

Learning Curve

If we talk about the learning curve, then Python is quite better than Scala. As we know, both of the programming languages offer functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. Therefore they have quite a similar syntax in other support communities. But Scala is quite complex as compared with Python because it offers top-end high-level functional features.

On the other hand, Python has simple syntax to perform almost every operation. If you want to perform basic to medium-level operations, then you can use Python. On the other hand, if you want to perform complex functions, you should go with Scala. it is one of the major point to compare Python vs Scala.


Python vs Scala for data science

When we talk about data science in Python vs Scala then Scala has the edge over Python. It has multiple standard libraries and cores that allow easy and efficient database integration in the data science ecosystem. In addition, it is quite easy to write code with multiple concurrency primitives. On the other hand, Python doesn’t support concurrency or multithreading. 

Data Science operations always require better time management because it deals with massive amounts of data. For this, Scala is better than Python because it supports multithreading and better data processing. However, Python has poor memory management as compared with Scala.

Python vs Scala for machine learning

Machine learning is not a one-time process. It is one of those technologies that keeps mutating. That is why it requires a programming language that can fulfill all the requirements of machine learning easily. And offers the best in class prototyping and full-scale production code.

In the past few years, we have seen that Python is on another level. But Python doesn’t support prototyping and full-scale production code. That is why Scala has an advantage over Python for machine learning.


Scala has best-in-class support for Scala’s open-source statistical learning, information theory, and AI stuff. But when it comes to working seamlessly with machine learning, then Python is the best choice. Python has best-in-class libraries and frameworks for machine learning and NLP. it is one of the major point to compare Python vs Scala.


In terms of usability, then you should go with Python. It offers high-end functionality and best class user interface. But when it comes to the framework, libraries, implicit, macros, etc. Scala works efficiently with the MapReduce framework.

Its developers need to learn the basic standard collection to allow the users to easily work with other libraries. Spark is also written in Scala. Therefore the developers can easily edit Scala functionality. On the other hand, when it comes to GraphX, GraphFrames, and MLLib. it is one of the major point to compare Python vs Scala.


From the above comparison between Python vs Scala. Python is quite easy to learn, but it is not as fast as Scala. The ease of use of both of these programming languages is quite similar in these programming languages. If you select Scala, then you can access the latest features of Apache Spark because Apache Spark is also written on Scala.


However, you can also choose Python to work with Apache Spark. Python is more analytic oriented while Scala is more engineering-oriented. If you are going to work on Apache Spark, then you should go with Scala. But if you want to work with modern-day technologies, then you should go with Python.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Scala and Python?

Key Differences Between Python and Scala is that Scala is a statically typed compiled language, whereas Python is interpreted. Therefore Python is more productive, and there is no need to spend time on the compilation. That is why Python offers rapid development as compared with Scala.

Is it worth learning Scala in 2020?

There are lots of easier and popular programming languages than Scala. That is why most of the beginners have a question that is it worth learning Scala in 2020. In simple answers, Scala is quite powerful, and in trend, so you can learn it in 2021. 


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