How to Record Screen Videos: The 10 Best Screen Recorder Tools

Here in this blog we are going to share with you some awesome screen recorder tools that has changed the way of screen recording.

You have finally made up your mind. You too want to introduce the videos into your Web Marketing strategy in which you tell yourself and share your knowledge: you want to give tutorials, you want to sell courses online, and in short you want to take a further leap in quality.

But there is a problem: you don’t technically know where to start for. Don’t worry, because in these cases all you have to do is record the screen of your pc and it is easier than you think.

There are many tools that you have available to record the desktop of your computer, shooting in a video yourself or slides or whatever you want to show to those who see and listen to you.

Think, for example, of the possibility of concretely demonstrating the functioning of a program or of highlighting some parts of the screen to make what you are saying even more exemplary. The opportunities are many and taking advantage of them is simple.

So how do you record videos from the screen and thus introduce new communication tools and new content into your Web Marketing strategies for your Instant License site?

The 10 best screen recorder tools 

Here I suggest the 10 best tools (in my opinion, of course) that you have available. Let’s analyze them one at a time also with the help of videos and photos.

1. Camtasia

The tool is easy and immediate. It allows you to record videos, shoot the screen, record multimedia video tutorials with a few simple steps.

Camtasia is paid but you can try it for free and I recommend it because it allows you to select many options. Its graphic interface is also simple and intuitive and the section dedicated to editing is very accurate.

The cons? It requires a lot of RAM.

2. CamStudio

CamStudio is perhaps the easiest tool to use for recording screen videos. It allows you to record both audio and video files, to select and set different effects for recording and, very importantly, it is a free and open source tool.

3. VLC

Do you know it exclusively in its video player function? VLC is a program that also allows you to record videos from the desktop. How to do?

Click on Open , then Open acquisition device , in the drop-down menu Acquisition mode select Desktop , choose the recording frame and the buttons will appear to start it. 

4. Capture Fox

Capture Fox is the Firefox extension that, with a unique simplicity and naturalness, will allow you to install the extension in the browser menu and start recording your PC screen simply by clicking on it.

Capture Fox does not offer you great opportunities but its immediacy is not to be underestimated.

5. Free Screen Video Recorder

Free Screen Video Recorder is an application that allows you to easily record screen activities, including mouse movement.

With Free Screen Video Recorder, moreover, you can capture windows, objects, photos and you can resize, cut and rotate images. Read the tutorial to better understand how Free Screen Video Recorder works.

6. Open Broadcaster Software

With this tool you have an infinite number of possibilities. You can record a video from your desktop, you can start a live broadcast and you can also broadcast a live broadcast and, in the meantime, record it in real time.

Not only that, with Open Broadcaster Software you can also add voice comments to your videos, you can edit it or delete some of its parts, you can zoom the screen in some places.

In short, if you want a complete and open source tool to record the screen of your PC but not only, is this the best among the best screen recoder tools.

7. Jing

Even Jing is a very comprehensive tool to produce recorded content directly from your computer desktop, share content and images.

8. Screencast Capture Lite

Screencast Capture Lite is a light software, which takes up little RAM and works quickly. Practical and immediate, it guarantees high recording quality and supports recording on multiple screens.

9. Monosnap

Monosnap not only allows you to record the screen of your PC, to capture photos, to share images, but also offers you the possibility of unlimited online storage where you can save your files.

Numerous options allow you to set the frames per second, to decide the quality of the recording and to disable or enable sounds.

10. Icecream Screen Recorder

The peculiarity of this tool is that, in addition to allowing you to save screen images and record mouse movements in a video, it also offers you a useful drawing panel with which you can draw and annotate on the screen using arrows and highlighters.

How to record videos on PC

Obviously, even if selected, these are not all the screen recorder tools currently available for recording video from the PC. Do you have any other tool to suggest us to record the computer screen?

Comments are available to send your advice but above all the tools that we have not taken into consideration. In this way, driving can grow and improve over time.

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