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Top 5 Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

There may only a few amounts of the population are not using social media. Majority of the population use social media in their day to day life. Thus integrating the social sharing plugins for WordPress Plugins in your blog is crucial.

These plugins are quite helpful for you and your readers. In other words, these plugins allow you to show your social media profile icons on your blog. On the other hand, it also helps the readers to quickly share your blog post on any social networking platforms. It will help to generate lots of relevant traffic from the social media networks and also help you to increase your website rankings.

Don’t you ever try to excessive use of social sharing buttons in your blog? Because the use of excessive social share buttons not just damaged your blog designs but it also quite overwhelming for the users. So always use useful and relevant social sharing buttons.

I would like to suggest you that you should only use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Pinterest share buttons. You can also embed LinkedIn and Reddit share buttons as per your blog requirements.

In this blog, I am going to share with the best among the best social media WordPress plugins. Have a look at these plugins.

Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social Snap

It is the newcomer in the world of social media WordPress plugins. This is the most powerful and best social media sharing plugin. It offers a well-designed interface along with the great looking sharing buttons.

It offers lots of features to the users. The best part of this plugin is that it offers multiple social media buttons along with various placements options. You can also add analytics, UTM tracking, and lots of more other functions. This plugin has both the free as well as the paid version on WordPress.org. .

You can also choose between various button shapes, size, and colors. It also supports both individuals as well as total share counts. You can also set the minimum share counts and recover the old share counts if you are moved to the new domain. With the help of metadata, you can control the looks of your content on social media. You can see your best performing content on this plugin dashboard.

This plugin also supports the vertical image format for Pinterest images that help you to get more shares.

Here are the key features of this plugin.

Click to Tweet boxes:- Click to tweet is the most popular way to share the content on Twitter. You can quickly add these box on your content to drive more shares on Twitter.

Social media auto-poster – No worry to share your content on your social media profiles. This plugin allows you to share your old and new content automatically on all the major search engines.

Boost old posts – You can also reshape your old content to Twitter and Linkedin whenever you want.

Social login – It also allows you to enable social media login credentials. It is quite useful if you have a login section on your website.

Device targeting – You can also adjust the social share buttons as per the device screen. For example, you can add an email button on desktop devices. But replace this email button with the WhatsApp button.

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare is another features rich social share plugin for WordPress. This is not a free one, it is a paid plugin which cost you around 29$. It is a not an expensive plugin, in fact, it is a value for money plugin. It offers lots of feature to the users.

Basic Features of this plugin

  • Plain social share plugins
  • Support all the major social media networks.
  • Multiple placement options.
  • Share count
  • Frame buster
  • Excellent online support
  • WhatsApp button support

Highlights of this plugin

Pinterest-specific images

You will never find this feature on any other social sharing plugins for WordPress. We know that taller images do well on Pinterest apart from square and rectangle. Social Warfare allows you to add a special image for Pinterest. Whenever someone shares your blog post on Pinterest then your post will be published on Pinterest with that image.

Minimum Share Count Display

This is also an incredible feature of this plugin. As we know that if your post has not got so many shares than it is not good to show few amounts of share. In other plugins, you can do so by the turn of the social share count features. But in that case, the plugin will also not show the social share of the maximum numbers of the socially shared post. Social Warfare overcome this problem with its special minimum social count features. With this feature, you can set in how many shares the plugin should display the share counts.

Tweet Customization.

Social Warfare offers you the full customization of the Tweets when your post gets shared on Twitter. You can add extra information with your blog post. In other words, you can control that view of your blog post when it is shared by the users on Twitter.

Share count Recovery

A Few years ago social count recovery was an impossible task for any plugin. But now a day almost every plugin offers the share count recovery. If you change your domain from HTTP to HTTPs or you completely change your domain name. In both cases you can recover your share count with the help of your social Warfare plugin account.

Analytics and link shortening

Links shortening works best on social media. This plugin automatically creates short links from your bitly account. It also links with the Google Analytics UTM and Event Tracking so that you can track how your content is performing after social shares.

Easy Social Share Plugin

Easy social share is one of my best social share plugins. It is also a paid plugin, but it is cheaper than the social Warefare plugin. It cost you around 19$. After purchasing it, you can install it on multiple websites. Now it is offering many cutting edge features to the users. It is used by thousands of websites and blogs over WordPress.

This plugin offers many advanced features such as A/B testing on your social media button placement. Here how it works first you define a placement for your social share icons, then you can trigger the user’s action on the social sharing buttons.

Basic Features Of Sassy Social Share

  • 50+ social Media Network Support
  • 28+ different positions
  • 52+ pre-made templates
  • 25+ animations

Key Features

Twitter Customization.

In this plugin, you can customize your Tweets as per your choice. So that your blog post generate more engagement over Twitter. Minimum share counts: Only shows those social share counts which are above your minimum share count.

After share actions

To create more engagement with your visitors, you can display a custom message to them, when they share your content on social media. You can print a simple text message or an email opt-in on your display message.

Analytics and A/B testing

It offers you the full analytics of your buttons. You can check which button is performing well and which not. On the other hand, you can also do A/B testing on your social sharing buttons.

Popular posts (by shares)

It also allows you to share, popular post by social shares.

Share count recovery

You can also recover your old social shares. If you’ve moved to a new domain.

Live chat

It also allows you to add the Facebook messenger chat button or skype chat button.

Monarch by Elegant Themes

If you want a paid plugin instead of a freemium plugin than you should go for Monarch. This plugin helps you to encourage your visitors to share your blog post. It helps you to add your social sharing button on various area of your blog.

The most incredible feature of this plugin is that it allows you to add your social sharing button as flight. Another great thing with this plugin is that I allow you to add social sharing buttons on mobile sites. It will help you to get more social shares even on mobile devices.

Monarch is not an individual plugin to buy from WordPress store, If you want to have this plugin, then you need to buy the subscription for Elegant Themes. It helps you to access all the features of Elegant theme as well as a few more premium plugins.

Features of this plugin

  • Social sharing buttons of over 35 different social networks.
  • 5 Different placement options i.e above/below the post, floating sidebar, popup, fly-in, on images and videos.
  • Placement of social media plugins using shortcode or widget.
  • Customize the style of social sharing buttons.
  • Also offers the share counts.

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Share Buttons by AddToAny are the best and most advanced social sharing plugins for WordPress. It provides lots of customization option to the users. The best part of this plugin is that it offers you responsive social sharing plugins that works best for mobile devices as well.

AddToAny allows you to add over 100 social sharing buttons. It is more than enough. You can also track your social media sharing using Google Analytics with the help of its Google integration features. AddToAny offers a single universal + icon that allows the visitors to share your content on popular social networks.

Basic Features

  • 100+ social media network sharing
  • Various placement options i.e before or after the content, vertical alignment, and horizontal alignment, shortcodes, widgets or template bars.
  • Lightweight and ultra fast.

Key Features

  • Share count
  • Responsive design
  • Amp Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Link Shorter integration


In this blog we’ve gone through the top 5 social sharing plugins for WordPress. Pick one of them and start using it into your blog and see the the impact of this social sharing plugins for WordPress. In ,fact you will see a big amount of social share after using these plugins.

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