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Swift vs Java | Which is Making More Sense in Programming

Swift vs Java is one of the most asked questions by the mobile apps developers. Both of these programming languages are used to create mobile applications. In the early years of mobile apps development, Java was one of the most popular languages. But Java is used to create the android application.

After the launch of Apple devices, the new language came into existence i.e., Swift. Therefore swift is getting popular to develop IOS applications as we know that both of these programming languages are not similar. Both of these programming languages have different functionalities. Now let’s move on and discuss these programming languages one by one:-

Swift vs Java

Introduction to Swift

It is one of the best programming languages to develop apple-based device applications. It is the general-purpose programming language with a multi-paradigm facility. It means that you can use it as an object-oriented programming language or a procedural programming language. Apple Inc developed it on June 2nd, 2014.

It is a developer-friendly programming language and loved by many Apple developers. It is quite easy to code and compile the code on Swift. It is used to create applications for almost every Apple device i.e., IPads, iPods, IOS, macOS, and many more. The foundation of Swift programming language is objective C programming language.

Swift is an open-source programming language and can be run on any operating system i.e., windows, Linux, and macOS. Apple released Swift in Apache license; that is why it is free to use open source programming language.

Features of Swift

Open-source community

As I have mentioned earlier that Swift is an open-source programming language. That is the reason it has massive community support for the developers. In the swift community, the developer can ask other developers for help in his or her code. Apart from that, they can share their knowledge, share their experiences, and find the prewritten code that can be useful in their project. 


It is quite easy to code in Swift programming language. It is quite easy to write code in Swift. Apart from that, you can also read the prewritten code in swift easily. Thus any swift programmer can update the swift code that has been written by the other programmer. Swift also supports the C and C++ code. If you are quite comfortable with C, C++, then you will also find swift an easy programming language for you. 

Multi-Device Support

The best part of Swift is that you can use it to create applications for most of the devices. Swift is used to creating the applications of the apple-based product, but if you have a good command over it, you can also use it to develop other applications. Apart from that, you can also run Swift on any operating system. You need not have MacOs to code on Swift.

Fast and Portable

Swift is one of the fastest programming languages of the modern era. The speed of Swift is ultra-fast as compared with its competitors. Therefore it is getting in demand with every passing year. On the other hand, Swift is also a portable programming language. It means you can code a swift program on one computer and can run it on any computer or multiple computers.

To run java program on another computer, you need to take the code along with you in any external storage device and then put that device on another computer that already has Swift installed inside it. Then you can run the code on that computer.


Java is one of the simplest programming languages for most of the programmers. It is easy to learn and understand. If you already know the basics of object-oriented programming, you will find Java as one of the simplest programming languages for you. It has almost the same syntax that you can find on C++. It also has the same features that most OOPs offer i.e., class, object, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction.

Platform Independent

The platform-independent means that the programming language can be run on any hardware and operating system. You can run the Java code on almost every operating system i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac, and any other operating systems for computers. All you need to have Java installed on your system before you want to run the code.


Java is the distributed programming language. It means that you can run Java on the distributed systems. Apart from that, it supports many distributed applications, i.e, EJB, RMI, and many more. As I have already mentioned that you can run Java on a distributed system because it has extraordinary networking capabilities. Apart from that, you can also use it to create the distributed system network

Powerful and Reliable

Java is one of the most powerful and reliable programming languages. It has an automatic garbage collection that saves lots of memory while working with Java. But it some cases, you may face memory leaks in Java. It also has the exceptional handling functionality that shows you the error inside the program rather than stops executing it.

It also offers the code reusability functionality. It means that you need not code again and again to use the same code in your program. It has also had the multi-thread programming functionality that makes it a more powerful language. Besides, you can also find the rich APIs in Java.

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What is Java?

Java is one of the oldest general-purpose programming languages. It is quite powerful compared with other programming languages of its generations and is based on the object-oriented programming paradigms. James Gosling developed it in the year 1995 at the Sun Microsystems. Java is a platform-independent programming language that is the reason you can run it on any hardware and operating systems.

It is widely used to create desktop-based applications and games. The original name of Java was oak. But after a few years, it changed to Java. Now Java has different versions i.e., JE, SE, and ME. It is a high-level programming language; that is why it is quite easy to code in Java.

Features of Java

Simple and Familiar

Java offers clean and easy to understand coding style. It is quite similar to C++, but it has remove all the difficult features of C++. Apart from that it also has automatic garbage collector which automatically removes the unreferenced objects. It contains lots of similar features of C and C++ language. With the good knowledge of C/C++ you will find Java familiar for you.

Compiled and Interpreted

Generally programming languages are either complied or interpreted. But Java offers you the flexibility of interpreted language and the power of interpreted language. It works on the simple phenomena i.e. Java complier complies the Java source code into the bytecode. Then Java virtual machine executes this bytecode that can works on any operating system.

Platform Independent

Java is a platform independent programming language i.e. it can run on any operating system without any change in the code. Java is platform independent because it use the concept of BYTE code. It never converts the source code in the machine code directly. Java runs on WORA concept i.e. write once run anywhere.


Java is an object oriented programming language. Therefore it is quite easy to work in Java. Almost everything happened with objects in Java. Apart from that object oriented also offers lots of additional features in programming.


Now you have seen that Swift vs Java comparison. Both of these languages are quite different than each other. Swift is sed to create the application of the apple-based device; on the other hand, Java is used to create desktop applications, web applications, and lots more. It is also used in networking as well as IT operations. Apart from that Java is also playing a crucial role in Big Data technologies. Last, we can say that Java is quite better than Swift if we compare these programming languages on a large scale.

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