Types of Coding languages | Everything You Need to Learn About It


These days coding languages are quite popular because everything around us is working on the technology. And to make all technology work smoothly we need to write code. That is why the demand for coding language gained a massive boost in the last few years.

Technology is everywhere from our bedroom to our electric cars. Therefore the demand for coders is everywhere in the world. But it is quite hard for the students to select the best coding languages for them.

For this, the students need to learn the types of coding language. Most of the students are well aware of some of the coding languages i.e. Python, C++, Java, and C#. But they don’t know what the types of coding language are because it helps them to choose the best one.

Here is this blog I am going to share all the crucial types of coding languages that will help you to pick the best one. It will also help you to know what the uses of these coding languages are. 


Stay tuned with me and I will explain all types of coding language.

What are the 4 types of programming language?

There are basically 4 types of Programming Language. These programming languages are:-

  • Scripting Programming Language.
  • Functional Programming Language.
  • Procedural Programming Language.
  • Object-Oriented Programming Language.

What are the types of coding?

There are four types of coding:

  • Data compression (or source coding)
  • Cryptographic coding.
  • Error control (or channel coding)
  • Line coding.

Overview of Different Types Of Coding Languages?

There are a lot of coding languages that help to write the code of various digital devices, apps and websites. Keep in mind that it is quite complex to use a single programming language to meet all kinds of goals. Therefore computer scientists have divided the coding languages into some categories to meet specific goals. 


Likewise, most of the assembly languages are used to create device drivers, work flawlessly with embedded systems and real-time systems. On the other hand, low-level languages are quite similar to assembly languages.

They also work close to the hardware and are used to write programs for specific hardware architecture. Apart from that, high-level coding languages are used to create apps, software, websites, etc. 

Assembly language and low-level language are quite hard to learn for anyone. While high-level languages are quite easy to learn and implement for anyone. Now let’s have a close look at major types of coding languages in detail:-

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Major Types Of Coding Languages

Generally, the primary language that computer-speak, which is just zeros and ones, is far too complex to use alone. That’s why there are various different types of programming languages. At present, we require some type of in-between language that human beings can use to provide effective orders to computer systems in an acceptable amount of time. 


As different programming languages are just in-betweens, that’s why there are various types of Coding Languages that provide multiple levels of functionality. One of the most essential parts to be considered when organizing these languages is low-level and high-level. 

Low-Level Coding Languages

Low-level coding languages are also known as assembly languages. These languages usually contain a lower level of abstraction. Apart from that these coding languages are also known as the parent of all modern coding languages. In addition, it works close to machine hardware.

These coding languages are also quite harder to learn as compared with high-level coding languages. The reason is that these languages are based on old programming paradigms. These languages offer more functionality and direct control in the computer system. Apart from that, these languages are quite fast and efficient.

High-Level Coding Languages

Modern languages are high-level languages and these languages contain a higher level of abstractions. These languages are quite easy to learn for anyone. And these coding languages need an intermediate to work on the machine hardware. In other words, these languages are not closer to machine languages.


It means that the coder doesn’t have a full or desired contract over the computer system. These languages mostly tend to be highly automated. Thus it allows the coder to write the program more efficiently and effectively.

As you can see, I have mentioned the coding paradigms in the above paragraph. Let’s talk more about them likewise what is the coding paradigm and its types. Let’s get started:-

What is the Coding Paradigm?

The coding paradigm defines the nature of coding languages. It means that the coding paradigm decides the potential, style, and uses of the coding languages. Let’s have a look at types of coding languages:-

  • Procedural programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Functional programming
  • Logical programming
  • Database programming

Types of Coding Language

In this blog, I have categorized the types of coding language on the basis of their uses. It will also help you to select the best coding languages for you. Let’s have a look at types of coding languages from the frontend to the backend. 


Front End Development Coding Languages

Front-end is to develop the user interface and user experience for the end-users. Therefore front-end development is all about creating UI and UX for the end-users. Some of the great examples of front-end development can be seen in many apps, mobile UI, games, web applications, web development, etc. Now let’s have a close look at these types of coding languages.

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JavaScript is the leading programming language for front-end development. It has lots of functionality that makes it the best choice for front-end development. Nowadays the coders can use it to create stunning UI and UX for websites and web applications.

These days JavaScript is on another level because of its most powerful frameworks and libraries. One of the most powerful front-end JavaScript frameworks is React.Js. 


Without HTML we can’t create a website or web application. It means that HTML is the basic coding language to create the front end of web applications and websites. HTML is the only language that can show text, images, and media on web pages and web applications. It directly communicates with the browser by a series of elements and attributes.


Nowadays HTML has become more powerful than ever before. With the massive evolution in HTML, you can host sound, videos, images, and much more on web pages. But it can not be used to create a fully functional website or web application.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is one of the coding languages to design and decorate web pages and web applications. But the problem is that we can’t use this coding language alone. We have to use it with HTML. Both of these coding languages work seamlessly with each other.

We can say that HTML is a skeleton of websites and web applications. On the other hand, CSS is the skin of web applications and web applications. Cascading Style Sheets can decorate any website or web application such as images, color, videos, and much more stuff.

In contrast, CSS makes the website and web application to make it look more appealing to the target viewers.  


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Back End Web Development Coding Languages

Backend development is all about the functionality that works behind the scenes. It means that the backend developers control everything that works in the background of a website and web apps. These types of coding languages are also known as server-side coding languages. Let’s have a close look in these types of coding languages:- 


Python is the leading coding language for back-end development. Because it has opened lots of possibilities for the coders to develop high-end websites and web applications. Almost every high-end website and web application is using Python programming for backend development.

Apart from that, this programming language is the first choice for new developers. Python is the leading programming language for backend, server coding, and much more. Most of the well-known websites are using Python such as Google, Netflix, Dropbox, and many more. 

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Java is a well-known programming language. But most people know that it is just for developing desktop applications. But it also works seamlessly for back-end web development i.e. J2EE. Java is quite flexible for coders. It also works on the principle i.e. “write once, run everywhere”.


It means that you need to write Java Code one time and you can run the same code on any computer system. Java is the most suitable programming language for cross-platform and it is the backbone for most of the Android web applications. 


If you have ever heard about backend coding languages then you may be familiar with Ruby. Although Ruby does not directly work on the backend for websites and web applications. Ruby offers the most powerful framework i.e. Ruby on Rails.

The syntax of ruby on rails is quite easy to understand. It is also quite easy to implement for the coders. That is why most of the world-class websites are running on Ruby on Rails i.e. Shopify, Twitter, Airbnb are also running on Ruby and Rails. And this coding language is becoming popular with every passing year. 


PHP is the best coding language for backend development. It is loved by most coders. PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is the leading coding language that allows the best platform for backend development. That is why most of the websites and web applications are still using PHP.


Apart from that PHP also offers some of the best frameworks to the coders. It is quite easy and efficient to do coding with these frameworks. Therefore Facebook and WordPress are still using this coding language in their backend development. 

Sum Up

Now we have seen all the types of coding languages. In the end, I would like to tell you that JavaScript is not just a front-end development coding language. It has become more powerful than ever before. Now you can develop a fully functional website and web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

This blog may help you to choose the best types of coding language for you. But I would like you to recommend that you should learn MEAN stack, MERN Stack, or even Full Stack to get the best jobs in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of coding languages are there?

There are almost 700 programming languages in the world. Therefore we can’t mention every single programming language here. But we can mention a few most of the coding languages i.e. Python, Java, Go, PHP, Swift, etc.


What are the three languages of coding?

Basically, the three languages of coding are assembly language, machine language, and high-level language. These languages allow the users to interact with computers easily and efficiently. 

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