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Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet software in the world. It is the most powerful spreadsheet software in the market. It is offering a massive number of features and functionality to its users. Google spreadsheet is trying to compete with Excel. But it is far better and more powerful than Google spreadsheet. Almost every small to medium or even large organization uses MS Excel in their daily operations. Most of us use MS Excel in our daily life. Likewise, the working professionals use it to make their daily schedules; students use it to plan their homework and calculate complex formulas with ease. But excel is more capable and powerful to perform various business operations. It is also considered one of the major business tools in the world. Let’s have a look at some of the regular uses of excel in our daily life.

Uses of Excel

1. Data entry and storage

Data entry is one of the most common tasks done with MS Excel. It can contain millions of data without any hassle. An average Excel worksheet contains almost 1,048576 rows and 16,348 columns. Now you can have an idea of how much data excel can hold. It offers the Data Form functions that is easy to be inputted and viewed. You can also create custom data entry forms as per your business needs. Millions of small businesses use Excel to build and maintain customer mailing lists, daily inventory management, employee roasters, and so on. 

2. Collection and Verification of Business Data

Nowadays the business relies on multiple systems to collect data of their potential customers. They use social media analytics, CRM, and their self-owned database. The business requires a platform where they can manage all the data of different platforms in one place. For this, MS Excel is the best among the best. It has some excellent features such as clean up data, removing incomplete or duplicate entries, etc. With MS Excel’s help, it becomes quite easy to remove duplicate entries and do the data analysis and reporting easily.

3. Accounting and budgeting

MS office offers a variety of features that can help in the accounting and budgeting of any organization. It has some built in templates that you can use in your accounting and budgeting. Excel offers a variety of inbuilt features of accounting and budgeting. Most of the small enterprises use MS excel as their accounting system. Most of the small and medium organisations rely on MS Excel to manage their accounting. It has more than enough features that can help you to manage your accounts easily and efficiently.


4. Data Analysis

Excel is one of the preferred software for data analysis. In data analysis, you can have a large amount of data and draw useful insight from the data. It can be quite complex for anyone to handle huge amounts of data without any prior experience. Excel is making it quite easy to do data analysis. Tons of features make it easy for beginners to work with data analysis. It has one of the most powerful features, i.e., Pivot Tables. Excel is quite easy to consolidate and focus on certain segments of data from a large data set. It is also quite easy to generate interactive summary reports using excel. You can perform various data analysis tasks in excel by applying filters, swapping data segments on tables to display desired data fields.

5. Visualizations

Excel is one of the leading software of data visualization. It has a massive number of charts and graphs. You can use the raw data as well as the pivot tables to create charts and graphs. Apart from that you can use these charts to create formal reports and presentations. You can either create the charts from scratch or use the prebuild charts and graphs. It is quite easy to provide a perspective on trends and performance. There are tons of premade charts templates in excel. It is quite handy to create data visualization in Excel even if you have zero knowledge about data visualization.

6. Manage expenses

It is quite easy to manage expenses with the help of Excel. There are millions of professionals, students, and workers who use Excel to manage their expenses. There are lots of options available in excel that can help you to manage your expenses. Sometimes, I also prefer to use Excel to make my weekly and monthly budget using it. If someone is earning somewhat 75k a month and wants to save nearly about 40k from their salary, they need to use MS Excel to know how much they are spending each month. They can write their expenses in the table of excel and then subtract all the expenses from their salary to control their expenses accordingly.


Let’s Sum Up

Now we have seen some of the basic as well as advanced uses of MS excel. To date, MS excel is the most powerful spreadsheet software in the world. Lots of spreadsheet softwares is trying to compete with Excel but cannot beat this super powerful software till now. The best part of MS excel is that it can be integrated with lots of applications and software and programming languages such as VBA. If you want to do the limited usage of excel, you need not require any training. But when it comes to the advanced use of Excel, you should take the training from a reliable MS official site.


The majority of businesses and people are performing their day-to-day tasks with the help of excel. It saves a lot of time and effort of the people to perform even the complex task. Most of the small and medium businesses use MS excel to store the data. Excel can handle massive amounts of data easily, and it can also analyze the data with accuracy. Excel is also a secure platform for the business to store and manage their confidential data. There are a lot more uses of excel. If you want me to mention them within this blog post, then comment below.

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