What Are The Astonishing Uses Of Java In Real Life?

Are you planning for a space flight? 

Sorry! Did I read it correctly? 

Yes, you did. 

So, what is the logic behind this question, and how is it related to the uses of Java?

Well, many websites have only explained the uses of Java. But my friend, we(Techbiason) are not the same one. In this blog, I have detailed the topmost apps that are developed using the Java programming language.

Before discussing the thing, let me answer the question asked in the beginning. 

If you plan a space flight, then you must require the tool from

It is one of the US aerospace contractors. It supplies engineering services and products for defense industries and civilian space agencies.

JavaFX Deep Space Trajectory Explorer is a company’s product that develops using Java. It provides the trajectory designs to calculate deep space system orbits and paths. 

With the help of it, users can develop multidimensional models and views for asteroids or planet-moon systems.

This is just one of the tons of uses of Java that provides new dimensions to space flights.

Let’s find out some other astonishing uses of Java in this blog. But before that, let me give a quick overview of why Java is still useful to learn in 2021 as there are several programming languages to learn. 

Should I prefer Java over other programming languages in 2021?

Well, Java is considered to be the second most demanding programming language in 2021 and the first in the last 20 years.

Because of this, the demand for Java-skilled people takes a boost. And this leads to a better salary package and excellent job opportunities. That is why you should prefer it from a career perspective.

If we talk about it in terms of features, then Java always wins the race as it has features like platform independence, security, excellent rich APIs, and more. These make Java a great option to go with.

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That is why it is always better to learn Java even in 2021.

What are the main uses of Java?

Mobile Applications

Know the official programming language for mobile applications development? Well, it is none other than Java. It is most compatible with software like Kotlin and Android. 

Now, the question is why only Java? Reason- it can run over the platform JVM (Java Virtual Machine). To execute the class files of the Android, Java uses DVK, which is Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Therefore, Java is always the better option that provides simplicity and better security with Android.

Web-based Applications

Java is always preferred by web developers for developing web applications. It offers wide support to web applications using Struts, Servlets, or JSPs. 

Because of the high security and ease of coding, developers use Java for developing a variety of applications for social security, insurance, health, and education.

Gaming Applications

Java holds the support of the jMonkey engine that is the most powerful 3-D engine. This engine has unmatched abilities in terms of 3-D designing games.

But there is a drawback with the engine that is it causes an occasional latency issue. But do not worry, this issue can be solved using the new JVM version.

Cloud-Based applications

Several cloud computing means offer unbeatable solutions to IT infrastructures at lower prices. Java offers features, which support applications building, which can be used in IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS developments. 

Java also supports companies to share the data with one another and in developing applications remotely.

Big Data Technologies

Big data technologies such as Hadoop have become a reality just because of Java. Moreover, Scala programming languages have come into existence because of Java.

That is why I can say that it is quite clear that Java is the backbone for Big data technology developments.

Scientific Applications

Java is being considered a weapon for software developers. They always prefer it for mathematical operations and scientific calculations. The programs can be designed with lightning-fast and high-security codes.

Using Java, the programs need less maintenance. The mathematical computational tools like Matlab, are being designed using Java.

Desktop GUI Applications

Java has the GUI development abilities that are provided with the means like Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), JavaFX, and Swing. 

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AWT has pre-assembled elements such as a list, menu, and button. On the other hand, Swing is the GUI widget kit that offers advanced elements. These elements are like scroll panes, tabbed panels, trees, tables, and lists.

A quick overview: Where is Java best used?

Below, I have provided a quick overview of the sectors where Java is being used. Let’s check them one by one.

RetailThe store or the restaurants that have billing systems are using Java-based applications.
Financial servicesJava uses in server-side applications.
BankingJava uses for dealing with transaction management systems.
Information TechnologyFor solving the implementation dependencies, Java is used.
Research and scientific communitiesJava helps in dealing with large data to get desired information.
Stock MarketJava has algorithms that help in developing investment applications.
Big dataThe Hadoop MapReduce framework is possible because of Java.

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Is there a big name that selects Java for their software products development?

Yes, there are!

There are numerous best-known brand names that are using Java as the technology for the software products. Some of the major names are listed in the image.

Besides that, there are countless brands that use Java. Some of them are:

  • Uber.
  • Airbnb.
  • Pinterest.
  • Instagram.
  • Snapchat
  • Trivago
  • Glovo

What are Java based applications?

Well, there are numerous Java-based applications. Below, I have categorized some of the applications that are developed using Java.

Final Frontier

NASA WorldWind: NASA has released the open-source WorldWind for all at zero additional cost. It enables programmers to add the geographic rendering engine of the US space agency to their web, Java, or Android apps.

As per the official website: “Organizations around the world use WorldWind to monitor weather patterns, visualize cities and terrain, track vehicle movement, analyze geospatial data, and educate humanity about the Earth.”

Data Intensity

Wikipedia Search: It is known that an encyclopedia is for the people and is also somehow run by the people using open-source software. This software supports search engine features that are powered by Java.

 In 2014, Wikipedia changed the Lucene engine with another search engine, Elasticsearch. It is also written using Java.

Worlds of fun

Minecraft: This game has a peaceful environment that comprises people, biomes, and abodes that are made using blocks. Minecraft always fascinates children and adults. It is one of the games that have created a history in the world of fun.

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It was developed using Java and released in 2009. Minecraft has a 3-D universe with never-ending creative sources.

Code of honor

Byte Buddy: An open-source Java library “Byte Buddy ” was created by Rafael Winterhalter an Oslo-based software engineer. The Byte Buddy Manipulating libraries and runtime code generations are used in various Java tools. 

The Java tools that are using Byte Buddy are Mockito and Hibernate. And it has been downloaded by several programmers to date. 

Mapping Genome

BioJava: It is an open-source library that uses to process biological data, the field called bioinformatics. This library is used by scientists who work with nucleotide sequences and proteins. This project is supported by the Open Bioinformatics Foundation.

In 2019, as per Aleix Lafita and colleagues, “BioJava is a popular option for method and software development thanks to the tooling available for Java and its cross-platform portability,” 

This project has gained 270 stars and 224 forks on Github and got more than 20,000 downloads in the previous year.

Favorite ‘things’

SmartThings: SmartThings has contributed to the IoT (Internet of Things) applications. These applications allow you to automate and control everything from locks, thermostats, household lights, and coffee makers to home security systems using tablets and smartphones. 

These applications use a Java-based Micronaut framework. 


If we talk about the uses of Java, then it is quite clear that Java has countless uses in this technological era. The uses start from building the applications and platforms to making the path trajectory from earth to the moon. 

That is why it is also beneficial if you learn the Java programming language as there is always a scope of Java-skilled people. In this blog, I have detailed the astonishing uses of Java along with the best apps developed using Java. 

I hope you like the blog. Want to get blogs like this of other programming languages? Comment in the below section. And I will provide you with useful details. 

Keep learning and stay in touch with Techbiason from more technological blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Java have a future?

Well, there is no doubt that Java has a future. It has earned the status of one of the leading programming languages. Nowadays Java power most of the software to accomplish difficult tasks with ease and facilities also. Java to stay have an excellent future.

What is the use of Java in daily life?

Some of the most common daily life examples of Java usage are:-
Blu-ray players
Medical monitoring devices
Lottery terminals
Gaming consoles
Car navigation systems
Parking meters

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