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Uses of Java | Top 10 Uses to Showcase Value of Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Sun Microsystem developed it in 1995. It is one of the most popular programming languages of all time. There are lots of new and emerging programming languages that have come into existence. But still, Java is popular among developers. More than 3 billion devices are running on Java.

Now you can imagine how vast are the uses of Java. Still, millions of developers and computer science students don’t know what the uses of Java are. Here is the blog post we will explore the main uses of Java. Let’s start with the basic uses; then we will cover some of the advanced uses of Java that you might not be well aware of. Let’s get started.

Uses of Java

Mobile Applications

Java is one of the finest programming languages to develop mobile applications. It was considered the best programming language for android app development. It works well with Android Studio and Kotlin. Java code runs on the Java virtual machine, and Android uses Dalvik virtual machine.

These files are further bundled as android application packages i.e., APIs. Java is an object-oriented programming language. Thus it is quite easy to write lengthy mobile application code in Java. Apart from that, it also offers better security and is easy to use for android developers. Lots of mobile application developers are still using Java to create mobile applications.

Desktop GUI Applications

Java is also useful in developing desktop-based applications. There are millions of desktop applications already created and running on billions of desktops. Java has the best-in-class feature of GUI development. Many Java tools help you develop desktop applications, i.e. Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX.

JavaFX is also offering the best set of graphics and media packages. It also provides the best 3D graphics features along with While AWT and many more. Apart from that, Java also offers some of the best components to develop GUI with a menu, list, and button. Swing is a GUI widget toolkit. You can also find some other tools like trees, scroll panes, tables, tabbed panels, and lists. 

Web-based Applications

You can also develop web-based applications using Java. It has the best support for web applications with the help of Servlets, Struts, or JSPs. It is the most powerful technology that can help you develop almost any web-based application. Java is the most secure programming language that can easily help you make the most secure web application.  

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Enterprise Applications

Java is one of the best programming languages for developing software. Java has a special edition, i.e., known as Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). Java EE offers the best API and runtime environment for scripting.

Apart from that, it is also useful to create network applications and web services. Most of the popular software companies use JAVA to create banking applications. Most banking applications are built with Java. 

Scientific Applications

Java is not limited to web applications and desktop application development. It is also used to code programs that can perform scientific calculations and mathematical operations. All these programs are quite powerful, secure, and lightning-fast.

These programs also require low maintenance and are highly portable. Java also intergrades with some of the powerful scientific software such as MATLAB. 

Gaming Applications

The majority of game developers don’t prefer Java for game development. But Java is offering the best support to the open-source, most powerful 3D engine. It is quite handy to develop 3d games with JMonkeyEngine.

In the older version of JVM, the developers found latency issues because of JVM’s garbage collection cycle pauses. But the newer versions of JVM make it quite handy to develop the game using Java.

Big Data technologies

The majority of Java developers may not be well aware of Java’s uses for Big data technology. But you should know that Java is playing a crucial role in Big Data technologies. Hadoop is one of the best data warehouses for Big Data.

But with the help of Java technologies, you can develop your own data warehouse. Big data technologies have raised the use of Java to the next level. 

Business Applications

Java EE is used to develop large-scale and multi-tiered scalable, reliable, and secure network applications. There are millions of business applications created with Java. And these applications are used to solve the complex problems faced by the organization. Java is one of the most secure programming languages.

Therefore the applications created in Java are also secure, reliable, and powerful. It is quite easy to develop complex business applications in Java as it provides the development API and runtime environment to help the development pay more attention to functionality. 

Cloud-Based Applications

It is quite convenient to develop cloud-based applications using Java. Cloud-based applications require better infrastructure. Apart from that, these applications should be responsive enough. Java helps to develop cloud-based applications that can be used in SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. All the cloud applications developed in Java are secure enough.

Millions of Cloud-Based applications have been built with Java and offer the best-in-class services to users. BroadLeaf is one of the best open-source eCommerce websites, and it is also based on the uses of Java. 

Java Enterprise Applications

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a popular platform that offers API and runtime environments for scripting tasks, including web services and network applications, to name a couple. According to Oracle, Java runs on 97% of enterprise-owned computers.

Java is also recognized as the foundation for many banking applications that use Java in their entire process, from front-end users to back-end servers. Lastly, Java’s capacity for sustaining high performance makes it a smart choice for high-frequency trading systems like Murex.

Java Scientific Applications

Science-related mathematical operations and calculations require developing apps that are extremely fast, highly secure, easily maintained, and highly portable. Java fills this need nicely. Powerful scientific applications like MATLAB rely on Java as part of the core system and interacting user interfaces.


I have seen that most people say that Java is no longer in use or becoming outdated. They may have that opinion because they are not well aware of Java’s actual uses. With the growing IoT technologies and big data technologies, Java is getting a boost. And the requirements of Java developers are also getting the boom.

Like Python programming, Java is also getting widely recognized, used, and a popular programming language. According to a recent study, Java is one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages that can fulfill almost every purpose that the developer can think of.

If you are one of those who are looking to have a career in Java programming, then you should start learning Java. It will not get outdated for a few more decades. There are also lots of job opportunities and earning opportunities with Java Programming.

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