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Top 5 Stunning Video Calling Apps for Mobile Phones

It is a common scenario that the majority of people live abroad for work or study reasons. They want to get connected with their friends and family. So how can they do that? The most straightforward answer is with the help of video calling apps. Video calling apps not just use for personal uses. It also helps the Business to get connected with their team members and customers. 

Nowadays, most of people are using smartphones in their daily life. We use lots of apps on our smartphones daily. Majority of people use their smartphones for the internet. Smartphones also allow us to connect with our friends and family with the help of a video call.

There are thousands of video call apps for smartphones. However, only a few works better in any network connection. Today, I am going to share with you the most popular and reliable video call apps for mobile devices.

These apps also allow you to do group video conferencing with your friends and family. In the early days of internet video conferencing was a hick. It was too hard to do video conferencing with another person. Let me know that in that era there was Skype for video conferencing.

Skype was for the desktop, not for mobile devices. However, after the evolution of technology, anyone can have a video conferencing with their smartphone at any time anywhere. Smartphones have a high-resolution front-facing camera. That has taken the video calling experience to the next level.

Video Calling Apps


As I mentioned earlier, Skype is one of the oldest and popular video call app to get connected with friends. Skype is the product of Microsoft. That’s why they have launched their official app for smartphones to lost every platform.

You can also find the official Skype apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. Nowadays, you can also find Skype on smart TVs and gaming consoles. It is not just a video calling app, but it also allows you to send text, images, and other stuff without any hassle.  You can also do group video calling on Skype; it is a mind-blowing feature. Skype is having millions of users base.

It is one of the simples video calling app. You need to sign in on skype, and there is a list of all your contacts who are using Skype.  You can video call up to 25 people at the same time on Skype.

There is also the best feature of screen share. You can also find the Skype for Business version. Skype for Business allows you to show on your screen that you’re busy, in the meeting, etc. But video call on skype can last for only four hours.


Billions of people around the world recognize messenger app. Nowadays there is also a lighter version of messenger known as messenger lite. Facebook has launched a stunning video calling app for both android and ios. Even you can use it on windows phone too.

Messenger is simple to use and most reliable video calling app. You need to tap on the video button within the conversation to start video calling with your friend.  It is free, and you need to have a secure data connection to enjoy the video calling on Facebook messenger.

The best part of this app that you can use both mobile cameras the front one and the rear one. You can also do group calling in the messenger app. All you need to do is creating the group conversation on messenger. Than start group video chat with the group members. You can do video call with up to 50 members at a single time. 


The Line is the most popular video calling apps for both iPhones and android. You can do face to face video calling in this app. In this app, you need to tap on the contact and then tap on the camera icon to start a video chat with your buddies.

The Line is offering 100% free video calling. You can chat up to 200 friends simultaneously on group video call on Line. You can also do audio call on landline numbers by paying some extra fee to Line. The Line has more than 600 million users base. This app is providing the best and easy to use interface. Anyone can make a video call without any hassle on this app.


Viber is also a great video calling app for almost every devices and operating systems in the world. You can use Viber for photo sharing, contact sharing, messages, etc. You can do group video calls for up to 40 participants. It has more than 11 million downloads on Play Store.

It has more than 660 million users across the globe, and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. This apps is offering the HD quality video calling with HQ sound quality. None other video calling apps meet this precision. You can also connect your friend with their mobile numbers.

This app works on mobile numbers.  Viber is offering unlimited video calling for free to the users. It is offering more functionality than other video calling apps. You need a phone number to get started with this app. Viber also offers the end to end encryption for chats and video calls.


It is also a fantastic video calling app available on Android, IOS, and windows. We use this app for voice calling, video calling, chatting, and send files. The best part of the Tango app is the Mini Games. You can play the Mini Games while having a call with your friend.

You can challenge the player during the call. Tango has more than 400 million user base. It is more than any other app in a shorter period. You can also watch and create your live streaming video on this app. It is also known as the FaceTime alternative for android devices. This video is excellent for video calling. You can also apply filter during the video call on this app.

 Google Duo

Google duo is the best official video calling app Launched by Google. It is simple to use video calling app in the world. You need to register yourself on this app using your phone number, then verify your number and start doing the video calls. This app can be run on IOS devices too. You can also check the details of the person before picking up the call on Google Duo.

Faster video calling app even works in slow networks. It is a successor to Google hangout where you need to sign up with the Google account. It is also much quicker than Google handout. You can also do a group video call on this app with up to 8 people at a single time.

Moreover, Google Duo is the best answer to Google to Apple’s faceTimeapp. It automatically fetches your mobile number and shows them on your friend’s list. You need to tap on the contact name to start video calling with them. It also offers the incredible feature known as “knock-knock.” If you use this feature to make a video call, then the user of other ends can see your video call even before tap to the answer button.

Lets Sum Up

Video calling is not just a fun today. In fact, it is becoming a priority for the businesses to have a video conversation with their audiences. The more they connect with their audiences, the more they can need their customers. If the Business provides the video calling customer support to their audiences or customers then the customer also trusts the Business more then the other Business.

All these apps mentioned above are the great apps for video calling. You can connect with your friends, family, and customers anytime, anywhere. Click on the camera icon to get connected with them. The experts test all these apps mentioned above.

Also, these apps are offering by some of the tech giants. You can trust these apps easily. They also protect your data so that no one can steal your video calling data. I want to recommend you to use these apps at least one time.

Moreover, I swear that you will fall in love with these video calling apps. So what are you doing? Install these apps now to get started. We will also suggest you the more video calling apps in future. So stay tunedwit us for more mobile apps that you love.

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