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Web Developer vs Software Developer | Which One Has Better Scope And Why?


There are lots of careers in the field of IT. Web development and software development are the most popular among all. The reason being that both of these are in trends and have better future scope. But most people always get confused about which one is the best for them, between web developer vs software developer.

Here in this blog, we will discuss both of these professions based on some parameters. This blog will help you to choose the best between web developer vs software developer. Let’s get started:-

Is a software developer the same as a web developer?

No software developer is the same as a web developer. The main difference between them is the type of projects they work on in their daily routine. A web developer works on web-based technologies to develop websites and web applications, such as eCommerce websites and mobile applications.

On the other hand, a software developer is centric on creating full-fledged software for an operating system, network, or platform. In other words, Software developers are handling more work as compared with web developers.


Is Web development easier than software development?

In simple words, web development is quite easier as compared with software development. Because in web development, you need to work on easier tools and techniques compared to the complicated ones in software development. Apart from that, software developers also need an in-depth understanding of good software tools and methodologies. 

Who earns more software engineer or web developer?

A software developer needs to perform a variety of tasks as compared with a web developer. That is why software developers earn less money as compared with software developers. According to the survey of PayScale, the average pay of software developers starts somewhere between $70k per annum. On the other hand Software developers salary starts somewhere around $60k per annum. Now you can see the clear difference between the salary of a web developer and a software developer or engineer. 

Can you go from a web developer to software engineer?

Yes, it is not rocket science to switch your career from web developer to software engineer. Web developers already work in the ecosystem to develop websites and web applications. That is why they are quite familiar with the basic skills of software development. Therefore it is quite easy for the web developer to switch from web developer to software engineer. 


Who is a Web Developer?

A web developer works to develop websites and web applications. They are responsible for managing the coding of the website and web application to run them smoothly. The web developer is not a single thing; it consists of multiple tiers.


The web developer works on the logic and data layer to build the backbone of the websites and web applications. Keep in mind that web developers are not similar to web designers. Therefore, they don’t have any concern about the look and feel of the websites and web applications.

Their work is to ensure the smooth functioning of the websites or web applications. They also provide clean code to web designers. We can also consider them as a full-stack engineer who works on the front and back-end of websites and web apps. They also manage how the websites and web apps gather and process data. 

Roles and Responsibilities of Web Developers

  • Web developers develop the prototypes of websites and web applications and coordinate them with clients and business leaders. 
  • Testing websites and web application functionality in every condition and situation. They also offer technical support for websites and web applications.
  • Ability to code on most of the server-side scripting and programming language to work with it. 
  • Providing the best in class integration to various content such as images, video, audio, graphics on the websites and web applications.
  • They are also responsible for providing high-end security elements for the websites and web applications to protect them from hackers.
  • Sometimes businesses need to measure their website traffic, performance and sales. For this, they usually require a custom admin panel. Web developers develop custom admin panels to measure all this with efficiency.
  • They are also responsible for developing web applications and hosting them on a web server. 
  • Build the process and simplify it to transfer data between the browser and server.
  • Work along with the web designers to make the website efficient for the end-users.
  • They are also responsible for the routine maintenance of the website when needed. 

Types of Web Development

There are three types of web development in the world. And all these types are based on professional interest, skill sets, and areas of expertise. Let’sLet’s have a close look at these three types of web development:-

Front End Web Development

Front-end web development is also web designing. But it is more than web designing because they deal with the look and feel of the websites and web applications. They are responsible for providing the best-in-class user interface from the user’s perspective.


Front-end web developers manage access to the content, ease of navigation, elegant functionality of the website’s elements, and more. 

These developers deal with overall front-end functionality. They also make the content easy to access and browse for the users. While developing the front-end of the website, they keep the beginner users in their minds. They also ensure that the website should work seamlessly on any browser, system, mobile device, and operating system without any error. 

Back End Development

Back-end developers work for the back-end functionality of websites. They deal with the technicalities of the website and web applications. These technicalities include database handling, creating the logic, integrating API, and creating new API if required.

They also build the overall architecture of the websites and web applications. Back-end developers ensure basic as well as advanced functionality. Back-end developers should have extensive knowledge of back-end programming languages as well as database languages.


Full Stack Web Development

As the name suggests, full-stack developers manage both the front and back end of the websites and web applications. Front-end developers need to have proficiency in both front-end and back-end development tasks. The developer needs to have extensive experience in user experience, programming and application design.

They should have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, MySQL, and so on. Nowadays, there are Mean Stack Developers as well as MERN stack developers. These developers can work as full-stack developers, but they work on specific technologies to work efficiently.

Key Web Developer Skills

Attention to detail

Web developers should work on every single detail of the websites and web applications. Although these features go through several rounds of testing to help eliminate errors. And provide a seamless experience to the users. Apart from that, web developers should have problem-solving skills to identify and resolve problems related to the code, layout, and overall design structure of websites and web applications.


Web developers should have creative skills to find creative solutions for websites and web applications. Web developers need to face many design-related challenges, and they need creative solutions to solve these problems. Web developers should meet the exception of the clients by their creative solution.


They must balance the functionality while keeping the aesthetics remain true for the company’s core brand identity. Or we can say that it is all about branding. This branding includes colors, fonts, graphics with the corporate guidelines.

Content Management

Content management is the main motive for web developers. For this, they usually develop content management systems. These content management systems manage blog posts, videos, audio, and all the online material essential for ranking competitively in search engines. Therefore web developers should have extensive experience in popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, etc. 

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What is Software Developer

Software development is all about developing software for desktop and mobile devices. In other words, they are responsible for inventing, managing, and optimizing applications for various devices. Software developers use many high-end programming languages such as Python, C#, Java, SQL, and many more.

Software development is not that easy because it governs end to end functionality of the software. Software developers work on the next level. Some of the top-end companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Google, and many more have designed and developed lots of products that help build user interfaces, create applications, bugs, and errors detection to ease the steps in designing. 


Roles and Responsibilities of Web Developers

  • Designing and developing software based on users’ needs.
  • Should have collaboration with experts to recommend software updates to exist systems.
  • Complete documentation of new applications and system design for future reference.
  • Create an overall detailed model of the programs and its functionality
  • Should have extensive knowledge to merge existing systems with the new software.
  • Software engineers should review the current working of the system. And need to identify the new opportunities for the systems along with the cost proposal to the clients.
  • They are also responsible for identifying the weakness in existing programs, systems or applications. 
  • Software developer works closely with web designers, web developers and business analysts.
  • Testing the entire program to ensure that it works according to a design created in the requirement phase. 
  • Develop a thorough plan to create software or program from scratch to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

Types of Software Developers

Software applications developers

These developers usually work to design specific desktop and mobile applications, tools, and games for consumer audiences. They have worked on the same project for many years. Or we can say that they work on projects for a long time. And they are responsible for ensuring that software should be functional, engaging, and efficient. 

Software Systems Developer

These software developers work on the design phase at system-level software for enterprise customers rather than the public. They have extensive knowledge of programming languages that are used to create computing applications. Their software is used in top-level industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, networking, database management systems, and many more.

Key Software Developer Skills

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are the key skills for software developers as we know that the user’s behavior and preference are constantly changing. That is why it is quite difficult for software developers to create high-end desktop and mobile applications. Therefore software developers must analyze user trends and make the recommendation as per their analytical skills to meet the user’s expectations.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is quite similar to problem-solving skills. It means that software developers should have critical thinking to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the software. It also requires finding alternatives to the problems. Apart from that, they should have the ability to select the best approach to the given problem of the software development profession. They also can share creative recommendations with web designers and web developers.


Interpersonal Competencies

Software developers need to work with a team. They can’t work individually to develop an entire software program. They need to interact with their team as well as stakeholders. For this, they rely on their interpersonal skills that are engaged in large projects. Software developers work closely with computer science experts, professionals, and many more with having different ideas and selecting the best idea to work on the project. 

Difference between Web Developer vs Software Developer

ParameterWeb DeveloperSoftware developer
HostingAny web application or website needs to have hosted over the internet or intranet to work flawlessly.Software need not get hosted anywhere either on the internet or intranet. The software can work on any desktop or mobile apps without or with the internet.
PlatformWebsites and web applications need to have browsers as their platform to run smoothly. Nowadays websites and web applications are compatible across all browsers.Software developers can work on any Operating System easily.
SalaryWeb developers usually earn approx $80,000 per year in the United States.Software developers earn nearly $110,000 per year in the United States.
Key PointsWeb DevelopmentSoftware Development
AbilityWeb developers should have only technical skills to develop websites and web applications only.Software developers should have interpersonal skills to work along with different team members and clients.
ArchitectureWeb Developers create desktop applications for creating client-server architecture.Software develops the software architecture for client-based systems.
Easy to LearnWeb development is quite easier to learn as compared with software development. Because the tools and techniques related to software development are quite easy to learn.Software development is quite tough as compared with web development. Because it involves lots of complex methodologies and philosophies that govern good software.
Programming LanguagesWeb developers should have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, and other similar programming languages and frameworks.Software developers should have extensive knowledge of C++, C, Java, Python, Go, Perl, and many more powerful languages.

Web Developer vs Software Developer Trends

In the above graph, the red line is indicating software developers and the blue line is indicating web developers. From this graph, we can clearly see that both of these careers are giving neck-to-neck encounters to each other.

Key Differences Between Web Developer vs Software Developer

Key Roles

Web developers usually do the coding for creating high-end websites and web applications for clients and businesses. At the same time, software developers are quite professionals who create software for various computer hardware for clients and businesses. It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer.


We have already discussed software developer vs web developer salary. But in this context, we can say that web developers earn lower amounts than software developers because of their job responsibilities. It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer


Future Scope

Both of these careers have a decent future scope. But keep in mind that software developers keep developing high-end applications that can replace the entire website designing and development process with the help of AI.

Therefore we can say that web developers may not have a solid future scope compared with software developers.  It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer


Nowadays, websites developed by web developers can be run on any operating system, browser, and hardware. Although software developers also develop applications and software for all the operating systems. But most of the time, they develop software and applications for specific operating systems.

For example, you can find lots of applications for iOS as compared with Android.  It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer


Ease of Work

Web developers can work remotely because they can work individually and don’t need to rely on anyone to perform their tasks. Therefore they can work remotely. On the other hand, software developers manage so many things that they need to work with the team. Therefore they need to work on the premises. It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer

Ease of Learning

As we can see, web developers need not learn so many technologies and skills. That is why web development is quite easy to learn as compared with software development. On the other hand, software developers need to work on various technologies and have lots of skills.

That is why software development is quite hard to learn. It is the major aspect to compare web developer vs software developer

Which is a better career option?

We have compared web developer vs software developer on almost every aspect as we can see that both of these professions have their advantages and disadvantages. We can’t underestimate any of these professions. These professions are playing a crucial role in this technological world. 


Becoming a web developer is always easy because anyone can be a web developer just by attending a coding Bootcamp. Or with the help of any online courses. On the other hand, software developers are trained professionals. They need to go through computer science courses to have extensive knowledge of every aspect. 

From the above comparison, between web developer vs software developer. We can say that if you want to start your career in web technologies quickly, then the web developer profession is always the best option for you. Or if you want to have a bright career in web technologies and have enough time to invest in your learning. Then it would be best if you went with the software developer profession. 

Now you may choose the best profession for you between web developer vs software developer.


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