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Top Most Reasons on Why to Learn Python

Nowadays, Python is a boom in the programming industry. You can find Python almost everywhere, from website development to machine learning, data science, and many other technologies. Python is the first programming language that opens the doors of coding for many people around the world. Lots of people are showing their interest in learning Python. Python is a multi-paradigm open source programming language.

It is also one of the simplest scripting languages in the world. Python has existed for more than two decades; that is why it has lots of support from its open source communities worldwide. Nowadays, Python is capable of solving almost any problem in the world of programming. You can find it almost everywhere in the world. Here in this blog post, we will discuss some points which will showcase why to learn Python. Let’s get started:

Why to Learn Python?

Python for Data Science

Python is the leading programming language for data science. Almost every data scientist prefers Python to perform day to day data science operations. Python has gained sudden demand because of its use in data science. It is the most straightforward but most powerful programming language with the best support of its vast community.

Python has almost every tool, library, packages, and modules required to perform data science operations. The data scientist and data engineers’ glue’ systems together to maintain high efficiency with Python. Another best part of Python is that its libraries and packages are kept updated by a group of open source developers. It is the most advanced programming language for both scientific and statistical analysis.

Python Pays Well

In the initial days of Python, nobody liked Python because Python was one of the slow programming languages. It had little to no chance to stand against the faster programming languages such as C and C++. It was also not secure enough like Java.

That is why Python developers were not getting the high pays in the initial days of Python. But when things get changed and Python has become one of the leading programming languages for modern technologies. Nowadays, Python programmers are getting higher pay than other programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and even JavaScript. 

Demand for Python Developers Is Growing

Learning Python programming can never be a wrong decision for you. Do you know why to learn Python? The reason is, it is a general-purpose programming language as well as the scripting language. Therefore it can be used for software development to web development. Python is almost everywhere and easily integrates with the latest technologies and programming languages.

That is why when someone learns Python, they have more opportunities than other programming languages. A report has already shown that the demand for Python developers is going at a rapid pace. Web development agencies to the data science agencies are looking for Python developers. If you have an excellent command of Python, you can easily find a good opportunity for you as a python developer.

Millions of Python jobs are posted in a year around the world. And this number is massive. Python is not oriented to a specific domain. That is why it has the largest number of job opportunity as compared with any other programming languages. You can use any job application to find Python jobs near you with decent salary packages.

Python Saves Time

Everyone knows time is money. And when it comes to programming, then time is the key. Every programmer tries to write short and efficient code to minimize their efforts and save time. It can be challenging in some of the traditional programming languages such as C++ and Java. But Python has developed to save programming time to avoid writing lengthy codes to perform even simple operations such as print something on the screen.

Here is an example to print hello in Python without any declaration of a class and complex syntax. It is just like plain English with parentheses.

Even the classic “Hello, world” program illustrates this point:

print(“Hello, world”)

Python Is Beginner Friendly

Python’s primary objective was to offer the cleanest, readable, and easy to use the syntax for programming. That is why Python has become a newbie-friendly programming language. A Python program is as simple as it looks like an algorithm’s pseudocode. The simplicity of Python has attracted most nonprogramming background personals to try their hand in the world of programming.

Some learn Python as their hobby; some learn it for fun; and some learn it for the future. You can have any motive to learn Python. But remember that it is relatively easy to get started with Python with little to no programming background. Nowadays, Python has become one of the leading programming languages taught in schools and colleges around the globe. 

Tech Giants use Python

I have mentioned earlier that Python is everywhere. So how can the tech giant ignore Python? Python is the leading technology in Google for its Google drive and data science operations. They have also hired the creator of Python as their employee. On the other hand, Facebook is also using Python for its data science operations.

And it has also become the backend technology of Facebook apps and websites. Apart from Google and Facebook, Netflix is dependent on Python for its backend operations. Some of the other popular tech companies such as IBM, Yahoo, Dropbox, Quora, Mozilla are also using Python to run their operation smoothly. 

Python Has an Amazing Ecosystem

Believe it or not, Python is known for its fantastic ecosystem. It has the largest community in the world where you can meet lots of experienced and highly skilled Python developers. Python is kept updating at a regular interval. It also offers some of the most potent frameworks that help programmers perform various tasks with ease.

Django is the most commonly used Python web framework, but you can also use Flask, Pyramid, web2py, Zope 2, and more. Python has almost every package and library for the latest technologies. You can also use it for artificial intelligence. Apart from that Python also supports third party packages, libraries and modules.

Machine Learning

Python is one of the most advanced programming languages in the world. It is compatible with the latest technologies, such as machine learning. Nowadays, machine learning has a significant impact on our lives and is changing the world at a rapid pace. You can find machine learning everywhere, even from search to electric cars.

Machine learning algorithms have become more sophisticated to solve users’ queries. For example, Google is using machine learning as the core part of its search algorithm. It allows Google to show those results to the users that they are expecting from Google. There are millions of chatbots around the world that are working on machine learning algorithms. Python has made it relatively easy to implement machine learning algorithms. 


Python is one of the leading programming languages for automation. It is relatively easy to implement automation algorithms using Python modules. It is also time-saving for the developers to write automation codes in Python with minimal effort. We all know that JavaScript and PHP are widely used for automation. Python is one of the most powerful scripting languages to write automation codes.

Sites like Netflix, Facebook, and lots more other websites are using Python to perform automation in their backend. Python has the support with lots of database applications. That is why it is quite easy to do automation in Python as compared with other scripting languages. It not only support automation for websites and web application. Even you can implement automation in mobile apps using Python.


Cybersecurity has become one of the essential needs of the world. The government loses billions of dollars because of cybercrimes. That is why cybersecurity has become one of the leading technologies in the world. Python is one of the leading programming languages. Python offers numerous third-party libraries for cybersecurity.

It can respond to security threats faster as compared with any other programming language. It is relatively easy to do penetration testing to detect system breaches using Python. You can also use a strong typing script, rapid prototyping, and iteration capabilities of Python to avoid cyber exploitation caused by hackers.


Python is a fantastic programming language. It gives you a lot more opportunities as compared with other programming languages. Some of the latest programming languages are starting to compete with Python, such as Julia. But Python is improving with time because of its ecosystem, where millions of developers and programmers contribute to making it faster and better.

If you get started with Python, you will never find yourself helpless because millions of professionals and experienced Python developers help you. Python is a simplest programming languages and inspire so many developer to switch with Python. Apart from that it also encourages newbie to start their career in coding.

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